Aug 162017

There is a reason why the Press Tribune is read by few if anyone. That newspaper is a joke and the quality of their news may be better described with by notes scribbled in a padded cell with fingerpaints from the McCourtney Road Asylum.

If your name is Larissa Berry, you can call Andrew Westrope and have him fire up his Commodore 64 and write up a story about your deepest, darkest paranoid fantasy as if it were fact. I am wondering if Westrope, cheat-shot artist turned editor of the Roseville Press Tribune believes his path to a Pulitzer Prize is working with the mentally unstable Granite Bay NIMBY’s.

Larissa Berry was once a friend of Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler’s. Similar to Vicktor Bekhet who enlisted Uhler’s help splitting his lot (for his double-wide), Berry asked Uhler for help getting traffic control devices set up in her Granite Bay Neighborhood… once she got what she wanted, she began to show up to planning commission meetings advocating against any development whatsoever.

Now Larissa Berry and Victor Bekhet have gone full social justice warrior working tirelessly to keep everyone out of Granite Bay with their new NIMBY organization pictured in this post.

Enter Andrew Westrope, who was enlisted by Larissa Berry to write a partial birth abortion of Journalism in 2016 that was later used as the spiritual basis of the Bekhet for Supervisor campaign. Berry and Bekhet exploded their suicide campaign somewhere near one of the then-undeveloped parcels (that are now being developed, how sad).

Despite Westrope’s best efforts to smear Mr. Uhler and the support of the CRA’s Pol-Pot Bellied Information Minister Thomas N Hudson, the Proprietor of the McCourtney Road Asylum, the former Treasurer of the Placer GOP who could not be bothered actually doing real work for the party and the aforementioned three left-wing liberals… Uhler was re-elected by 19% in a terrible year for Republicans (even by California standards).

To no one’s surprise, Westrope re-emerged from the journalism waste dumpster behind the clinic known as the Press-Tribune, this time hiding behind a “reporter” to write another story worthy of the New York Times (who has retracted a record number of stories in 2017 for falsehoods, un-vetted anonymous sources and the like…)

The headline was sensational; “Conflicts of interest alleged for Kirk Uhler on fairgrounds votes”

OMG – what did that Uhler do now??? The article references “many complaints against uhler over the years”. I wonder if the extreme left-wing environmentalist Andrew Westrope learned such buzzwords from the ANTIFA / Greenpeace Saul Alinsky school he went to when he was out trying to save the environment as a green warrior? (You can learn interesting things about people when you do research – kind of like how I learned that one of Westropes’ editor predecessors was a convicted Cocaine Dealer) If Westrope was interested in Journalism, he’d realize that FPPC complaints are a dime a dozen and whiny wackjobs are about a nickel a dozen. However, when you live in a sad, shrinking left-wing bubble your own ideological harlotry overrides better judgement. (He ought to ask Hudson, Campbell and Jackson what their excuses were…)

Larissa Berry was grasping at straws and filed an FPPC complaint because Kirk Uhler does charitable work and also owns a business. In her mind and the mind of the neurotic Victor Bekhet (who has been running around with a similar emotional wound as one of Donald Trump’s vanquished foes) this means he had to be corrupt. Westrope may as well have had the crazed former Placer GOP Chairman write his story from his warden’s den at the McCourtney Road Asylum.

The FPPC responded to Larissa Berry’s psychotic fantasy in record time and they nuked her. Now – I am informing the world about Andrew Westrope because he is a coward and a left-wing cheap-shot artist… at least that is what I think of him and when I am done writing about him for a few years, everyone else will also. Westrope will never publish this humiliation of Berry – so leave it to your intrepid blogger whose traffic is greater than the Press Tribune’s Circulation:

Dear Ms. Berry:

The Fair Political Practices Commission’s Enforcement Division has reviewed your sworn complaint regarding Kirk Uhler. After review, staff found the complaint contained insufficient evidence of a violation of the Political Reform Act (“Act”). We will, therefore, not pursue the matter further.

You alleged Kirk Uhler abused his political/county positions and failed to disclose personal involvement and to promote/secure funds for the benefit of Up Pageantry Inc. at the March 21, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting, and failed to disclose his interest in the pageantry on his statements of economic interests.   Under the Act, public officials are prohibited from making, participating in the making, or in any way attempting to influence a governmental decision in which he knows or has reason to know he has a financial interest.  (Section 87100.)  Mr. Uhler has a financial interest in any business entity in which he has an ownership interest valued at $2,000 or more, and in any source of income of $500 or more, including his pro-rata share of his wife’s income. (Sections 87206 and 87207.) It appears that Up Pageantry Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which is not considered a business entity under the Act.  In addition, there is no evidence either Mr. Uhler or his spouse received income of $500 from Up Pageantry Inc.  Therefore, Mr. Uhler does not have a financial interest in Up Pageantry Inc. under the Act.

As for the allegation against Casting Calls America, LLC, there is insufficient evidence that it was reasonably foreseeable that Mr. Uhler’s decision at the March 21st meeting had a material financial effect on his financial interest.

This complaint was so retarded mentally challenged that even Thomas N Hudson would not have filed it.

And for the final irony, the photo on the home page of Defend Granite Bay (embedded in this post) depicts a man-made pond in Hidden Lake Estates. Hidden Lake Estates was built by Lewis K Uhler, Kirk Uhler’s Father. If any of these nimrods actually did research or had heritage in Placer County, they may have picked a different photo (say of a toxic waste dump) for their social justice group.

Aug 152017

I am learning that there is a movement afoot to allow Chad Mayes to resign and keep his ego in tact. In essence, it is to be a soft landing allowing him to resign without having to acknowledge the disastrous consequences of his tenure – including losing AD60, AD65 and AD66 in 2016. This leads right back to a post from a week ago about the coronation of Jay Obernolte.

The consensus appears to be avoiding conflict at all costs – similar to the feckless pattern I’ve seen in Republican ranks for years – even if it means retaining the mortally wounded Chad Mayes for a few extra face-saving months. Some members are alleged to be privately telling potential suitors for leadership positions that they will vote to retain Chad Mayes if there is a fight versus a peaceful transition.

The situation is complicated as Mayes is alleged to have a cadre of sycophants helping him hold together amidst the firestorm related to his personal and leadership failures.

Melissa Melendez is making calls as well as Jay Obernolte to members of the Assembly in an attempt to see if they can get critical mass to be selected as the next caucus leader.

If you want to call some of these folks to register your opinion, their office numbers are simple to derive. Dial 916-319-20XX. XX=District Number. For example Chad Mayes is 916-319-2042

All this said, Here is my take and where everyone stands as of now: Click here to see the caucus webpage

CHAD MAYES Assembly Republican Leader, District 42 – obviously, he is voting for himself

DANTE ACOSTA Assembly District 38 – Was opposed to Cap and Trade because he did not like the deal. It is likely he is a vote to retain Mayes, but has made no definitive statements

TRAVIS ALLEN Assembly District 72 – Is running for Governor to everyone’s right. There is no way he supports retaining Mayes, who he supports for leader is unknown although it is alleged he is negotiating a deal with those interested

CATHARINE BAKER Assembly District 16 – Is the most liberal member of the Caucus. She is largely given a pass for her cap and trade vote as she campaigned from the left on the environment. She is regarded as a Chad Mayes loyalist.

FRANK BIGELOW Assembly District 5 – Was a yes vote on Cap and Trade who voted no as he was not needed. (We detailed his twitter activity as evidence) He has been part of Mayes’ Leadership Team from the beginning. It is a reasonable conclusion he is a Chad Mayes loyalist.

WILLIAM “BILL” BROUGH Assembly District 73 – a hard-core Conservative, solid vote against Cap and Trade and Chad Mayes

PHILLIP CHEN Assembly District 55 – I spoke with him directly as have others. It is clear he was solidly against Cap and Trade and is lukewarn at best toward Chad Mayes.

STEVEN CHOI Assembly District 68 – was an opponent of Cap and Trade, activists in Orange County indicate he is opposed to Chad Mayes as well

ROCKY CHAVEZ Assembly District 76 – an original #CAPANDTRAITOR and Mayes Loyalist

JORDAN CUNNINGHAM Assembly District 35 – an original #CAPANDTRAITOR and likely a Mayes Loyalist

BRIAN DAHLE Assembly District 1 – voted no on Cap and Trade. Insider activity in his camp indicates that he is lukewarn on Chad Mayes at best.

HEATH FLORA Assembly District 12 – an original #CAPANDTRAITOR and likely a Mayes Loyalist

VINCE FONG Assembly District 34 – a rumored, never real candidate against Chad Mayes for leader. Definately opposed to Chad Mayes

JAMES GALLAGHER Assembly District 3 – was an opponent of Cap and Trade from the beginning. Is regarded as being close to Chad Mayes, however this could be changing as some of his allies in the assembly are off the reservation.

MATTHEW HARPER Assembly District 74 – was an opponent of Cap and Trade, yet has been non-committal regarding leadership, roiling activists in Orange County.

KEVIN KILEY Assembly District 6 – responded to me directly about his consistent from the beginning opposition to Cap and Trade. I’ve yet to get comment from him regarding Chad Mayes, some staffers (in other offices) are claiming he is a yes vote. I will be contacting his office shortly.

TOM LACKEY Assembly District 36 – was an outspoken opponent of Cap and Trade within the Caucus. It is likely he is not on the Chad Mayes bandwagon either.

BRIAN MAIENSCHEIN Assembly District 77 – voted yes on a couple Cap and Trade procedural votes before opposing the final reading. Unclear his stance on Mayes.

DEVON MATHIS Assembly District 26 – shocked many with his apparently sudden vote in favor of Cap and Trade. Counting him as a Mayes Vote is also as unpredictable

MELISSA MELENDEZ Assembly District 67 – has been put in the “Dog House” by Chad Mayes.

JAY OBERNOLTE Assembly District 33 – rumored favorite to replace Chad Mayes. Looks more likely as he has not been retaliated against and “The Deal” is in the works.

JIM PATTERSON Assembly District 23 – openly hostile to Cap and Trade and Chad Mayes.

MARC STEINORTH Assembly District 40 – original #CAPANDTRAITOR. As a side note, he hates Jay Obernolte with a purple passion.

RANDY VOEPEL Assembly District 71 – have yet to see him make a bad vote. Unclear where he stands on Mayes.

MARIE WALDRON Assembly District 75 – she is a hard-core conservative who opposed the Cap and Trade disaster. However, she has been confirmed to be a Chad Mayes loyalist.

As you can see, it is far from a foregone conclusion that Chad Mayes will lose his post as Assembly Permanent Minority Leader. This alone should be cause for activists and those of us left in California that have not gone insane to burn the whole thing down. I fear that many in the Assembly that are tone-deaf to the grassroots, regardless of their vote on Cap and Trade are going to have to feel the fire if indeed Mr. Mayes is allowed to continue to infest the office of Minority Leader.

Aug 142017

Those that read this blog regularly (and there are more of you than will admit it…) know that I have been focused a lot on the #CAPANDTRAITORS and nailing some or all of them to the wall. In the midst of it, I was treated to a real-time meltdown of the State of Jefferson. 

I received an email out of the blue one day that I thought was odd. It indicated that Larry and Carla Virga of Sutter Buttes Tea Party Fame were “retiring”.

The Sutter Buttes Tea Party would like to share the news of the retirement of our matriarch and patriarch. After 7 years of dedicated, passionate and unrelenting service to the Sutter Buttes Tea Party Patriots, co-founders Larry and Carla Virga are stepping down. We are sad to see them leave their place of leadership in our group but hope they will continue to be a blessing to the SBTPP and will stay involved sharing their valuable wisdom and insights with us. We are thankful for the years of selfless service and sacrifice they have devoted to the Sutter Buttes Tea Party and we bless them in their future endeavors.

Then I received the following the next day:

Contrary to the 8/5/17 email (shown below) from Sutter Buttes Tea Party Chairman Bill Beeler, Larry and Carla Virga did NOT “retire” from the Sutter Buttes Tea Party (SBTP). We resigned, effective August 3, 2017, the day after the last Wednesday night Executive Committee meeting where Paul Preston (a long-time member and friend who was not present) was excoriated and banned from participating in our regular twice-a-month Monday meetings. Given the years we have dedicated to SBTP, the vitriol from our “friends” and the guilt-by-association anger directed at us was disrespectful and intolerable. The team we built since we co-founded SBTP seven years ago is being led in a direction we will not go.
Through SBTP, we have met many wonderful people; helped raise awareness and brought information to the Sutter-Yuba area of issues not reported by the media; provided a public forum for political candidates, elected representatives, and other notable guest speakers; and testified before our city councils, county supervisors, and state legislators seeking actions in the best interests of the people.
Alexander Graham Bell said, “When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” We look forward to what is beyond the next door.

I received two phone calls after the original post. The content has been updated. I was informed that there was a board vote of the Tea Party to disinvite Paul Preston from speaking, but he was not expelled.

So, arguments and splits in the Tea Party are not uncommon. Ken Campbell had a very public and nasty split from Mark Meckler and Ginni Rappini for example, and there are others that think Jenny Beth Martin, who went from a welfare mom to making $300k a year off the Tea Party is a charlatan and a fraud.

I started looking for some answers and I happened upon this video of the aforementioned Beeler in the office of Assemblymember James Gallagher filming video in the State Capitol. I was informed by Bill Beeler himself that Gallagher and Staff knew they were being filmed. Then they went the office of Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, and the recording device was in Mr. Beeler’s Hand. Bill was filming. Bowen and Beeler are the current facilitators of the Sutter Buttes Tea Party. According to Beeler, they visited every second floor office, most did not care about being filmed.

Then, Terry and Sally Raposa got in to the act, this time un-hidden. Raposa is alleged to have decimated the Shasta/Redding Tea Party as well as causing division within the State of Jefferson movement. If you take the time to watch this video through you will see the ineffective tactics being employed by the people – including an invasion of Senator Jim Nielsen’s Office. (Update – there will be follow up to this later)

The link to the “sting” on Jim Nielsen’s office will reveal that they filmed without the consent of the Staff (a possible felony) and you will see a youtube account filled with videos. I attempted to watch some of the videos and was unable to sit through more than 90 seconds and was cuing the first video I found to the section where they were harassing Jim Nielsen’s staff.

These actions prove why the State Legislature is not taking the State of Jefferson seriously. Worse, did Beeler, Bowen and the Raposas commit felonies in the course of trying to promote the State of Jefferson?

Back to the Virgas, I certainly identify with their plight. As I wrote on this blog, My Brother and I were tossed out of the CRA by a lynch mob of maladjusted folks who were convinced of how right they were. The CRA has been in a free-fall since. I fear the same for the Sutter Buttes Tea Party.

Often times people resent leadership and since politics seems to bring out extreme people, it alternates between Lord of the Flies and Game of Thrones in terms of people’s behavior. Regardless of how much the aforementioned would be photojournalists think they are right and are on a mission from God, the other 99% of the world looks at this behavior and wants to go the opposite direction as far away from it as possible.

And away goes the State of Jefferson with them.


Aug 142017

Good Lord. This thing is atomic.

My past comments about Reade and his motives completely aside, this censure resolution is a thing of beauty. You don’t take this action unless there is legitimate moral outrage.

The state CIR and the Placer GOP stand alone in lighting up the 8 #CAPANDTRAITORS while most have been fixated on Chad Mayes.

The best part of the Placer GOP resolution is that it highlights how some of the most vulnerable democrats were allowed to escape accountability by the actions of the #CAPANDTRAITORS

I have to salute what everyone on the Placer GOP did with this one. This gets an unqualified thank you and great job from RightonDaily…

Aug 112017

Given that President Trump has had such virulent opposition, I have been remiss to disagree with him in public the few times when I have. Here’s one of them. Recently, I started looking in to what is happening with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and the review of a ton of National Monuments designated in the last 20+ years.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my wife and I spend our vacation time traveling to National Parks and getting outdoors. I’m far from being a tree hugger, but as a hardcore conservative I also see the value in public land and preservation of these designations.

Currently under review by the Trump Administration, and I say this as a full-fledged Trump/MAGA supporter, are a list of lands designated by the previous Administration as parks or monuments under the Antiquities Act of 1906. My understanding of the purpose of the review by the Department of the Interior is to determine whether these designations should be rescinded by proclamations through executive order. In California for example, the areas under review include the Cascade Siskiyous, San Gabriel Mountains, Mojave Trails, Giant Sequoia, Carrizo Plain, Sand to Snow and others that aren’t just for hikers and bird watchers – but also used by hunters, campers and horsemen.

Apart from my understanding and appreciation for National Parks and monuments, as a conservative I have no problem with reviews of these land designations per se, but I would have an issue with any action being taken through executive order. While we conservatives crowed when Obama governed recklessly using the executive order, we can’t turn around and then say it’s ok if our guys do it; Congress must be included if this is a path that this Administration wants to explore. Truth be told, I get very nervous any time I hear “executive order” outside of clear national emergency or defense purposes.

I am far from the only one using my Ronald Reagan era cowboy boots to kick up a little dust on this, a number of other Constitutional conservatives have raised a red flag on the potential rescinding of monument status through executive order. Apart from the process however, let me be clear, I want  Secretary Zinke to keep all of these lands designated parks and monuments unchanged because it’s good for the taxpaying public.

Conservatives are the original and the true conservationists. Despite current events in California, we don’t hold these views because we are acquiescing to a left-wing agenda aimed at climate change. Rather, many of us understand that the preservation of our natural heritage is important for the future, and it also maintains both economic and recreational opportunities for families, outdoors people, hunters, off-roaders, campers and the thousands of jobs supported by these lands.

In a very selfish way I also support keeping parks and monuments because I also have seen and experienced some of the most beautiful country at our National Parks and monuments traveling with my wife on our yearly adventures – and to be brutally honest as I always am, I doubt those experiences would be open and available if they weren’t designated as such.