Jan 172018

Since we’ve taken on the cause of defeating Sheriff Sniff, it has taken on a life of its’ own. Hardened Police Officers / Deputies have been coming forward to tell their stories. They are emotionally disturbing, it is unnerving as a private citizen 25 years removed from Military service to hear and see the palpable fear in the deputies. These people see blood, gore and the absolute worst in society and, yet they are mortally afraid of Sheriff Sniff.

Sniff is aided and abetted by a series of Captains and Lieutenants who have compromised their personal integrity for a paycheck so they can retire with maximum benefits. (Not all of the Riverside Sheriff Office management personnel are like this, but it appears most are) The deputies have to tip toe around them all to avoid retribution.

Worse, when there are chances to show even minimal levels of leadership, we are all met with failure, which compounded with the psychological environment created by the Sheriff is a devastating legacy of abject failure.

This brings me to the latest outrage. By now, you’ve heard about the horrific case of two psychos that chained their 12 children ages 2-29 to a bed and were starving them to death.

I received a tip that sheriff sniff was MIA when this story broke as national news. In fact, a check of local media reveals no pictures or videos of the attention-starved sheriff at any of the initial or follow up media events surrounding this case. This is a video of the actual press conference at 10AM featuring the Captain of the Perris Station.

Where was Sheriff Sniff for this breaking news story?

He was at a Republican Woman’s meeting at a winery.

That’s correct, the embattled sheriff was out campaigning.

Jul 172017

Today, the California Republican Party is going to turn the page on two more key principles of our platform. Regulation and Taxes.

We qualified a recall of State Senator Josh Newman based upon a $.12 Gas Tax Increase and as of right now Republican Leaders are preparing to cast the deciding votes to implement a $300 Billion Tax Increase known as Cap and Trade. Amongst the tax increases is $.72 a Gallon on gasoline.

Cap and Trade is not about the environment, it is about wealth transfer, economic control and more money to spend. Apparently, this is the new set of values that the Assembly GOP Leadership believe in as even the CAGOP Board of Directors went in to revolt at the concept.

Remember, if my electricity bill doubles, I still have to pay it. If a poor person on public assistance has a doubling electricity bill I STILL HAVE TO PAY THAT AS WELL. (Wealth Transfer: my taxes pay for other people’s support)

And, yes estimates state that Cap and Trade will double utility bills – which is why morally corrupt utilities like PG&E support this and spent big to prevent a referendum against the original bill AB32. How much will goods and services increase in cost as a result of this? 10%? 15%?

It is also fair to ask if staffers within government have personal conflicts of interest with firms that will benefit from higher prices? Are they advising Assembly Republican leaders in an honest and forthright manner? (and Democrats for that matter) Or, are they acting on behalf of the “side” clients (see also Cal Chamber, PG&E, MFG Association and others that have endorsed Cap and Trade)?

Why would anyone calling themselves fiscally responsible contribute another $300B to a state whose credit rating is one step above Junk Bond Status?

Why would the leadership of a party be so unfaithful to their rank and file?

This gets me back to Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Chad Mayes.

I never write about rumors of sexual impropriety unless I have a blue dress in my hand, or in this case that the issue is so widely known that reporters from major news sources are calling around asking about it.

Chad Mayes is in the middle of brutal divorce as such things go. One of the reasons is that Mr. Mayes is alleged to have been unfaithful (apparently, many times) to his wife. At the “Reformer’s Meeting”, eyewitness sources had Mayes “awfully close” to former Assembly GOP leader and current CA GOP Vice Chair Kristen Olsen.

The rumor of an affair between the two has spread statewide now, even though I have been aware of the rumor for about a year.

When you add that CAGOP Chairman Jim Brulte is going to retire as CAGOP Chair in 2019, this will hand the reigns over to Mrs. Olsen. This pattern should cause a five alarm fire in everyone’s head.

This will put two morally and ethically challenged people in control of 2/3 of the California Republican Party leadership structure. How can two cheating spouses claim any sort of moral clarity over anything?

It is indeed clear that this erstwhile power couple are taking steps to consolidate power and are attempting to be relevant in statewide politics.

If the information my sources have given me proves to be incorrect, in part or in full I will apologize and retract the inaccuracies. If I am right, and I believe everything I have written to be accurate, then the CAGOP is already dead and I have stumbled upon the cause of death after the fact.