Dec 042017

Perhaps the title should read Tyler Diep’s Judgement as a Councilmember is a Disaster. We’ve introduced you to Tyler Diep attempting to strong-arm a local police watch commander in to letting a friend off of a DUI.

Young Tyler is living large off of the Taxpayers, Quadruple Diepping us all for $170K+ when it is all said and done.

What we are seeing is a deeply flawed candidate who will be a shooting gallery for his opponents in his upcoming assembly campaign. Can you imagine the ads and mail that will be run against Diep? I sure can.

Tyler Diep is no stranger to paid gigs in local government. You’d think he’d know a thing or two about vetting applications of people looking for their own Turn at the trough. It looks like our hot-headed would-be-Travis-Allen-anointee for AD72 continued his behavior down the Amtrak line to hell…

Did you know that Tyler Diep appointed a man to the planning commission who plead guilty to bribery? That’s right, one of his buddies, (not the one that got the DUI, another one) got a nice appointment to the planning commission:

David Phuong Dinh Vo, a former Westminster Planning Commissioner, was found guilty by a federal jury Thursday of one count of bribery for accepting $15,000 to help push through a city liquor license.

Vo is a Huntington Beach-based attorney who served on the Planning Commission from early 2009 to early 2013.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, in June 2011, Vo solicited a $15,000 bribe from an informant working with the FBI. Vo then received $15,000 over the course of four August 2011 meetings in exchange for pushing a liquor license through the approval process.

The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, three years of probation, and a $250,000 fine.  Vo and his attorney signed a plea deal last May, which could come with a lesser sentence.

Vo was appointed to the Planning Commission by Councilman Tyler Diep.

Andy Quach? DUI

David Phuong Dinh Vo? Felony Bribery

As the pattern of impaired judgement is starting to become manifest in Young Tyler, we bring you Westminister Measure SS. (Why it was named after a bunch of socialist maniacs is beyond me.) Tyler opposed Measure SS, obviously because he knew his anointing for State Assembly was coming in 2018.

However, once SS passed, young Tyler was slopping at the trough to spend the proceeds. It is kind of like voting for it after you voted against it.

Resident Sandra McClure, who said she was against Measure SS, questioned whether the raises will put the city in a difficult financial position in six years, when the sales tax increase sunsets and voters will need to decide whether or not to renew the tax.

“After six years the city could be in a worse position than it was before the measure was passed,” McClure said.

Hmmm… will Tyler Diep stick his hands out for Cap and Trade Money, too?

So, they raised taxes in Westminister for 5 years ostensibly to get the City out of Fiscal Trouble and then started handing out raises like candy. Those raises will still be applicable even once the tax sunsets.

The salary increase for management employees will cost the city an additional $502,890 over the next three years, while City Manager Eddie Manfro will receive an additional $33,147.

After the raises, City Manager Eddie Manfro’s salary would be about $234,472 in 2019, or $304,015 including benefits, according to HR director Mike Harary.

Remember, they gave the unions nice raises, too. (The public employees bankrolled the tax measure, by the way)

The city council Wednesday night approved a three-year agreement for the city manager and 56 management positions, which includes a three percent raise the first year of the agreement and a 3.5 percent raise the second and third years.

Wednesday’s action follows a vote in September to give the same raise to sworn police officers. Rank-and-file municipal employees were also granted a three-year agreement in June which includes $3,000 cash stipends the first year of the contract followed by $1-per-hour raise the following two years.

That’s a lot of money. I thought Measure SS was about saving the City of Westminister from a Bankruptcy… (quoting the lone no vote, Councilmember Rice:)

“The people I talked to when they voted for [measure] SS, was for the police, and to get us out of debt, and to save us from bankruptcy,” Rice said. “I know they deserve some raises but I think it is a little bit rushed.”

Will Tyler Diep rush to hand out raises to State Employees Unions and the like if the fiscal condition of California magically improves? IT is a fair question as Westminister had been a city on the watch list for a municipal BK not too long ago and handing out a ton of raises at the first sign of improvement seems awful strange.

The article also had this gem in it:

“There’s been an issue going on that there are many businesses that do not pay their sales taxes,” said resident Sandra McClure, who also owns a business in Westminster. “I believe that’s part of the reason why we’re in such a deficit.”

McClure said the city should raise the issue to the state Board of Equalization, which until recently was responsible for administering statewide taxes. The agency has since been restructured into the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

“You would think that in a city where a councilman works for the state Board of Equalization that the tax compliance would be higher,” said McClure, referring to the fact that councilman Tyler Diep works for the agency as an assistant tax service specialist.

What are we paying Tyler Diep his four municipal salaries for? Why should we be OK with Diep opposing a tax increase and then spending the money like a drunken sailor? Should we be OK with one of his appointees committing a felony? Why hasn’t Tyler Diep attempted to deal with the underground in Westminister? Is it related to his incident with the local police department?

What more are we going to find out as we dig in to Tyler Diep? Stay tuned as we continue to make the case that Young Tyler has no business being in elected office.

Dec 042017

At some point, blaming other people for the issues you have in your own office stops working. Not even the extremely and insanely biased US Media continued letting Barack Hussein Obama get away with it after 4 years of blaming President Bush.

Sheriff Stan Sniff was warned in 2008, that drastic cuts were coming. In 2011, the rank and file officers bore the brunt of it all. Rather than plan for the layoffs to try to mitigate some of them, we get this:

Riverside County Sheriff StanSniff today announced he will send layoff notices to nearly 800 officers in an effort to close the budget deficit.

As of last month, the sheriff’s department was facing a $10 million budget deficit for the fiscal year that ends in June.

For fiscal year 2011-12, the department may have to cut as much as $60 million to reach the spending target outlined by the executive office.

I’d lay odds that the Sheriff’s specially added $104k a year administrative job was not in that mix.

Earlier in 2011, after much debate about the location of a new jail (which is still under construction and being argued about), a little gem popped out near the end of the article:

Ironically, the county recently completed an $80 million upgrade of the Larry Smith Regional Detention Facility in Banning, ten miles west of the Whitewater site. The expansion added 582 beds to the Banning jail. County Sheriff Stan Sniff announced this month he would be closing 500 of those new beds due to budget cuts.

Sheriff Stan Sniff has never missed a raise. He currently hauls in a massive compensation package in excess of $335K a year. This includes a 20% pay raise in the midst of layoffs. Now we are starting to get a better picture of the Sheriff and his failure to lead or plan… to be continued.

Nov 272017

What you are going to learn about the Sheriff is a pattern dating back to his first year in office of fighting with the Riverside County Supervisors.

You would think with 10 years of budget cuts that the Sheriff would be more proactive and less combative with the county board of supervisors. However, that is not the case.

Riverside County Sheriff StanSniff Jr.’s plans to create a new administrative position within the sheriff’s department drew fire from county Supervisor Jeff Stone, who criticized the timing of the proposal, while the other supervisors voted in favor of it.

“This is going to be an irresponsible use of public money,” Stone asserted during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday.

“If this was for a new deputy on the street, it wouldn’t be a problem. (Otherwise) I believe the sheriff can suffice with existing personnel,” Stone said.

Stone complained that given the county’s financial woes – with the prospect of payroll cuts during the next two years – now was not the time to create an administrative job in the sheriff’s department paying as high as $104,763 a year.

So back in 2008, the Sheriff had as a priority creating a new administrative position to represent him at community events and to track legislative issues. (Sound familiar?) In other words, the Sheriff was preparing his re-election(s) in 2008 with this position.

The sheriff’s new “legislative assistant” will engage “governmental agencies and organizations in which the sheriff has membership or interests,” according to sheriff’s department documents.

The “liaison” also will represent the sheriff at public meetings and research state and federal actions that might impact the sheriff’s department, documents indicated.

Back in 2008, Sheriff Sniff was warned that massive budget cuts were coming:

County Executive Officer Bill Luna said last week that spending cuts totaling 25 percent will be necessary between now and 2012. He said on Tuesday the county is implementing a hiring freeze and instituting stricter overtime rules.

The hiring freeze will be a recurring theme as we explore 10 years worth of the priorities of Sheriff Stan Sniff. However, this anecdote should be revealing as the complaints about the slow rolling of CCW Permits when staff could be re-purposed is not an isolated concept. This anecdote should give you perspective for the un-staffed jails and thousands of criminals getting released early or sometimes never serving a day of their sentence. Sniff had ample time to prepare for these issues and did not.

Nov 162017

Gold Country Media is like an incurable rash. When you think the cream has worked, you get a flare up again. Gold County Media are consistent as they like to take potshots at local Republican elected officials and act like it is their calling to Mother Gaia.

I was first introduced to Gold Country Media years ago when Deric Rothe, the then editor of the Auburn Journal and the de-facto editor of all the little papers in the area was railing on then supervisor Bruce Kranz and Supervisor Kirk Uhler. I thought it odd that they gave Robert Weygant and Jim Holmes a pass, as both were registered Republicans at the time, but both were regarded as liberals compared to Kranz and Uhler.

I received a plain brown paper envelope one day and discovered that Deric Rothe was a convicted Narcotics Dealer. The section of the health code he was convicted of is typically used to prosecute Heroin and Cocaine/Crank. I surmised without proof based on the size of Rothe’s nose that it was Cocaine (and because he was quite a bit larger than your average crank dealer).

The exposure of the sordid past of Deric Rothe did not stop the Roseville Press-Tribune or the Auburn Journal from continuing to take potshots at local Republican electeds.

Recently, Larissa Berry and jilted trainwreck Victor Bekhet joined forces with the Roseville Press Tribune and their “editor”, the existentially flawed Andrew Westrope and a “reporter” by the name of Graham Alexander Womack. He actually has three aliases, more on that in a second.

Westrope is a Trump Hating, Granola-Crunching Left-Wing Eco-Warrior Freak that never met a Republican he could stand. In his zeal to be a social justice warrior he has performed several journalistic abortions, including this gem that was used as the spiritual basis for Victor Bekhet’s suicide run in 2016.

Westrope likes to pass judgement about pedophilia based on an orchestrated political attack against a Republican US Senate nominee. He also has a consistent standard against local Republicans, never requiring proof of a thing before writing a hit piece. (Heck, they called me a racist for having the audacity to light Victor on Fire in the 2016 Campaign)

The headline was sensational; “Conflicts of interest alleged for Kirk Uhler on fairgrounds votes” Quoting the aforementioned story I wrote last August about Westrope’s goat-rope of Journalism:

OMG – what did that Uhler do now??? The article references “many complaints against uhler over the years”. I wonder if the extreme left-wing environmentalist Andrew Westrope learned such buzzwords from the ANTIFA / Greenpeace Saul Alinsky school he went to when he was out trying to save the environment as a green warrior? (You can learn interesting things about people when you do research – kind of like how I learned that one of Westropes’ editor predecessors was a convicted Cocaine Dealer) If Westrope was interested in Journalism, he’d realize that FPPC complaints are a dime a dozen and whiny wackjobs are about a nickel a dozen. However, when you live in a sad, shrinking left-wing bubble your own ideological harlotry overrides better judgement. (He ought to ask Hudson, Campbell and Jackson what their excuses were…)

Larissa Berry was grasping at straws and filed an FPPC complaint because Kirk Uhler does charitable work and also owns a business. In her mind and the mind of the neurotic Victor Bekhet (who has been running around with a similar emotional wound as one of Donald Trump’s vanquished foes) this means he had to be corrupt. Westrope may as well have had the crazed former Placer GOP Chairman write his story from his warden’s den at the McCourtney Road Asylum.

The FPPC responded to Larissa Berry’s psychotic fantasy in record time and they nuked her. Now – I am informing the world about Andrew Westrope because he is a coward and a left-wing cheap-shot artist… at least that is what I think of him and when I am done writing about him for a few years, everyone else will also. Westrope will never publish this humiliation of Berry – so leave it to your intrepid blogger whose traffic is greater than the Press Tribune’s Circulation:

Like all liberal social justice warriors, they never clean out their own barn before flinging political feces. (Just ask Al Franken, DOH!) The man that wants to fry Judge Roy Moore (who is suing his accusers and has eviscerated others with facts)… has a registered sex offender for an employee! RAPE OF A DRUGGED/INTOXICATED VICTIM

Boy, it sucks to be Andrew Westrope, Larissa Berry and Victor Bekhet. They spent so much time trying to indict an innocent man over political differences (or their personal inherent fear of seeing plywood being fashioned in to buildings within their area) that they face-planted in to the 2017 reality of societal sexual skeletons coming in to their living room.

Their hero Graham Womack is a rapist! OR, is that Graham Alexander Womack? Or is it Graham Alexander? Or Alexander Graham? Take a look at the photo from the puke-tribune’s website and compare it to the database I linked above. RAPE OF A DRUGGED/INTOXICATED VICTIM

Being a social justice warrior is hard work. Apparently, being a Uhler hater in the local media requires a felony conviction, see also Dealing Narcotics and Rape.

I guess, then that the NIMBY’s are going to have to start getting fingerprints and an FBI check before they take on their next crusade. In the meantime, I think Sheriff Bell needs to send some detectives to the local Gold Country Media Offices to ensure public safety…

Nov 152017

Meet Laura Smith, candidate for Governor. Apparently, Laura is ready to burn Travis Allen’s House down. To her credit, she has properly identified Travis Allen for the fraud he is (from her Facebook Group):

If you are in this group attempting to promote a RINO such as Travis, you will be removed immediately. We do NOT support RINO’s. I will not support any candidate that blows smoke up people’s asses to gain their vote, hence the “farting sea shells” comment I make regularly about that scammer, Travis, and nor will I support any candidate who is NOT serious about this Governorship. Travis is running for TWO offices at this time and I printed the EVIDENCE! He does NOT care about YOU the citizen, nor is he authentic like I am. He is in this ONLY for the paycheck. Well, buddy, you must not have gotten the MEMO because when I am Governor, I am CUTTING ALL the career politicians’ paychecks by 50% AND sending the corrupt politicians off to prison for money laundering and embezzlement of the taxpayers money!!! I am not dropping out because people think they can pressure me to do so, and I will run this race as it is meant to be run – a long and fighting one!

If this woman had money to fund her campaign, it might make national news. Just watching Travis Suave squirm would be worth the price of admission.

Meanwhile, the largest county Republican Party in America is having an open forum for all Republican Governor Candidates to attend. Travis Allen just bailed out on it and hid.

Is Travis Allen afraid of the woman who mocks his Rico Suave lifestyle? It is obvious that she does not believe the recent poll that was done by USC with the assistance of Antonio Villariagosa staffer Mike Madrid (and other USC Alum with personal axes to grind) that shows Mr. Allen in 3rd Place behind Villariagosa and Newsom.

Laura Smith, undaunted by the army of facebook keyboard commandos recruited by the alleged CA4TRUMP team (that did not interview Laura smith or any other CA GOV Candidate before endorsing Allen), lit in to them again.

I left the Make California RED Again group, which WAS my originally coined term back before President Trump was elected. After being removed as Moderator, by Michael M. Dredd because he was afraid no one would like him anymore…oh boo hoo!!! Get a effing safety pin for your diaper dude! I have no need to be in a group that SUPPORTS TRAVIS ALLEN and CRIES like BABIES when Travis’ farting groupies get bent out of shape because I was a moderator of the group. I NEVER ONCE deleted posts or comments from that group, never an abuse of “power” – I do it here because I do NOT support FRAUDS like Travis or his groupies. So, if you support Travis, GTFO.

Laura unloaded again just yesterday:

So, I have been suggested that I need to “grow up” because I say Travis farts sea shells and his groupies are stuck to his ass blowing sand dollars! LMFAO!!! Here’s another one for ya…TELL THAT TO PRESIDENT TRUMP, who you all voted for. NEITHER Trump, NOR myself will EVER stop saying whatever we want!!! We’ll tweet it to high hell and back again!!! I am similar to Trump, I want the SEWER drained in Sacramento, and I will FIGHT to the end…KMWA.

If I get a chance to meet Laura Smith, I will probably give her a hug. Travis Allen has never really dealt with getting hammered in a campaign before. If running away from Laura Smith and the LAGOP is the way he handles conflict, he will fold like a cheap lawnchair and all the polls created by USC Alum won’t save him.