Jul 162017

Fresh off of gutting the Kings GOP in 2016, Mendes has been on fire.

Clearing out Downtown. Trying to sell assets of the city rather than fix them. Mendes supported a large pot farm in City Limits.

So it makes sense that Justin Mendes would support taking 18 acres of land that was designated to be a part of Hidden Valley Park and turn it over to developers? If you are trying to construct a hegemony, you need to remake the area in your own image. This would include clearing out the vestiges of the previous generation (aka selling off historic buildings, clearing out the downtown, etc.)

This would include remaking the future (aka bringing in a gigantic Pot Farm).

Consistent with a pot farm would be taking vacant land, undeveloped since the 1960’s and re-zoning it to residential so there could be more customers for the pot farm?

Everything has been a fight. Everything has been high drama. I remember what it was like when I was in my 20’s about how important it was to me to be right all the time.

Heck, Mendes wants to sell the Rabobank building in Downtown Hanford (another historic building) while opposing changes in Zoning that would allow the Bank to move elsewhere!

A would-be referendum against the re-zone of the 18 acre parcel was rejected by the City Clerk on a Technicality. Once, again while the paper of record down there takes a clear side in favor of the city’s decision, a discerning reader can see the clear nexus of the decision. (stuff dissent)

It is likely the City will be sued over this Mendes-led effort. This renders the excuse over gutting the downtown Kiosks even more absurd as the lawsuit over the technical rejection of the petition against the re-zone is far more eminent than any ADA Lawsuits. 1616

Perhaps all of this drama has taken its’ toll on Young Mr. Mendes. Perhaps the threat to not run for re-election was a bluff.

What is real is the destructive and drama-laden path Mr. Mendes has taken, all while working for one of the most vulnerable Republican Congressmembers in America.

It is possible that all of the people that Mendes helped oust from the Kings GOP amounts to little difference in the election.

It is possible that all of the people Mendes has mistreated as a City Councilmember amounts to little difference in the election.

It is possible that the ethics issues of Mendes associates amounts to little difference in the election.

It is possible that Mendes liberal political values, coupled with his marriage to a liberal democrat activist makes little difference.

However, when you combine off of this together, it is a disaster, creates headlines, hit pieces, resentments and unity amongst your enemies. Perhaps Mendes should resign now rather than wait. Or, as an alternative, maybe Congressman Valadao should terminate him from employment before he gets further damage in the political over-spray.

Jul 122017

Justin Mendes likes him some weed. Well, at least he likes growing weed for “tax dollars” don’t you know. How capitalist of him.

Mendes along with the troubled Francisco Ramirez voted to proceed with drawing up ordinances to turn the old Pirelli Tire Factory in Hanford in to a pot farm.

Three council members – Mayor Justin Mendes, Vice Mayor Francisco Ramirez and David Ayers – indicated their willingness for Mata to move forward carefully with the process of crafting a new ordinance.

The existing ordinance forbids commercial medical marijuana cultivation anywhere inside city limits.

Well, if you are going to grow a bunch of weed, why not have something to eat once you’re wasted?

Like hot dogs? Raven’s Hot Diggety Dog is one such business Justin Mendes has been obsessed with shutting down.

Raven’s Hot Diggety Dog is a Kiosk Business on the site of the historic old Kings County Courthouse. Justin Mendes wants them gone, so the city can get the one-time economic benefit of selling the property. The likely suitor is Kashin, who owns a ton of historic properties. Has Kashin donated to Mendes or Valadao? A quick inquiry indicates that Valadao has never received money from anyone with that name, so that may not be a motive.

Ultimately the green dream of Justin Mendes was dashed by two factors. 1. Most Hanford voters voted against Prop 64 and 2. They had to go to the ballot with the Pot Tax. The would be growers were not feeling the love and dropped the idea like a bad bag of homegrown bunk.

Where is the love for the Hot Dog dudes?

Mendes and Ramirez voted to sack all of the Kiosks in Hanford’s downtown. The reason? Scott Johnson and company have finally made their way to Hanford, filing ADA lawsuits and the City is afraid of them getting sued. Well, no they haven’t. It is just fear of the future being used as an excuse.

Why not help upgrade the Kiosks?

The 5 vacant Kiosks were torn down, that makes sense. However, nowhere is Mendes showing any deference to the business owners or trying to make an accommodation to keep them in business. This is certainly contrary to the standard legislative practice of his boss who is all about compromising and voting like a democrat.

Rather, it appears Justin Mendes has been obsessed with re-making downtown Hanford in to his own image. Rather than renovating the old Courthouse, he wants to sell it. Rather than fixing the historic businesses, he wants to drive them out. Yet, a gigantic commercial pot farm? Gimme a hell ya, says Mendes!

The Hanford Sentinel, keeping with its’ pattern of pro-Mendes Bias (leading me to believe it is published in his garage) highlighted Mendes lambasting the Mayor of the City for voting to allow the beleaguered businesses to remain. The Hanford Sentinel even goes so far as to minimize the potential economic impact on the two remaining businesses that split the remaining kiosk in order to validate the rampage of Mendes.

Paging David Valadao… do you know about this?

Jul 092017

Justin Mendes has been a very busy young man. When it is not looking after his 2 year old son or 1 year old marriage, it is trying to keep his political allies out of hot water.

Recently minted Republican Hanford Councilmember Francisco Ramirez has issues. While we could debate his republican bona-fides, (perhaps he is another one of those “libertarians”) Mr. Ramirez is in hot water with the Kings County Grand Jury and the FPPC.

Oh, and there is a recall election with his name on it. Unfortunately for Mendes and Ramirez, SB96 does not apply to Council Elections.

The Kings County Grand Jury lit in to Francisco Ramirez:

Issue #1. Ramirez did not file campaign finance forms.

According to the [Grand Jury] report, Ramirez told the grand jury that he actually raised $1,024. The report claims Ramirez raised more than $3,000 in donations and in-kind gifts. The grand jury said it verified the amount via written and verbal testimony from donors, as well as cancelled checks, invoices and other documents.

Now this is Cub Scout stuff. The old adage is, when in doubt, file. So then was Ramirez trying to hide something? All this, and Ramirez never opened up a campaign checking account. When I work with a candidate, opening up a checking account is the third thing I tell them to do. Apparently, Mendes needs remedial education on his way to creating his own hegemony.

Issue #2. Ramirez has a fake education, yet campaigned as if he had a real one

The report cites an October 2000 ruling by the California Supreme Court, which found Columbia Pacific University could not legally issue degrees after June 25, 1997. Ramirez received his degrees in May 1999 and June 2000.

According to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, degrees issued after the cutoff date are not legally valid, meaning that employers, schools and licensing agencies may not recognize them.

The Hanford Sentinel, which I allege to have been published in Justin Mendes’ Garage, tries to explain away both of these issues. It must be nice having a local paper in your back pocket.

The people that wish to recall Justin Mendes’ right hand man had a few choice things of their own to say – when not being “edited” CNN-Style by the Hanford Sentinel:

The recall notice cites a June 2016 Kings County grand jury reportalleging that Ramirez raised more than $3,000 in donations and in-kind gifts.

The recall notice also claims that Ramirez “knowingly and willfully misled voters” when he said he had two college degrees.

The degrees, which were obtained from online-based Columbia Pacific University, were declared invalid by the California Supreme Court in 2000.

Small town politics is fun, but what will happen when the DCCC starts looking in to this stuff and tying it to the Congressman? It seems to me that Justin Mendes has some serious issues, and the people of Hanford have serious issues with him. Perhaps this is why Justin Mendes 18 months out from Re-Election attempted to get the heat off of himself by saying he is not running for re-election?

Let’s see…

Democrats? Check.

Shooting Republicans? Check.

Grand Jury Reports? Check.

Recall Efforts? Check.

All this and Justin Mendes is only 30.

Jul 052017

If you are an interested California Republican Party Activist, you are familiar with the “We are the GOP” mailers and the slate mail cards purchased all over the State of California to influence the outcome of GOP Central Committee elections. We are the GOP was an effort featuring GOP leadership and wealthy donors spending liberally to re-create party leadership statewide.

Kings County was no different. While I wrote about other efforts in mixed terms, because there were some counties that needed to be cleaned out, others, like Kings did not have as great of issues.

Yes, there were a few old, stale stalwarts. However, Kings did not have the same all-out warfare as may committees had been beset by. In fact, this is the same Kings GOP that was pivotal to the double upset wins of Andy Vidak. Vidak was elected and then re-elected in 2014 by 11% despite massive democrat voter registration efforts to push SD-16 up to a 20% advantage for the dems. The people that were on that successful committee in 2014 are all gone now.

As I detailed (and will detail some more), David Valadao’s district director Justin Mendes has been in the middle of pretty much all the drama in Hanford. Mendes, as reported to me by several, was in the middle of the massive expenditure by the Spirit of Democracy PAC targeting 18 members of the Kings County Republican Party. In Kings County, the expenditures were lethal. 17 of the 18 targets were eliminated.

Apparently, several of those eliminated formed the nucleus of the Kings County IR.

It seems absurd and nonsensical for a vulnerable congressman to be letting massive party blood when he could lose his seat in any given biennial election.

Well, as I learned, the former Kings GOP (as in the 17 liquidated members) apparently did not like the Congressman’s liberal views on a lot of issues.

Valadao voted to bail out Puerto Rico as one example of a bad vote. In another, he voted to affirm religious discrimination within the ranks of the military.  He voted to re-authorize the grotesquely corrupt Import-Export Bank.

David Valadao boasts a 33% score from Heritage Action. (The average Republican scores 65%)

Perhaps this record is why Justin Mendes, who tells people he is a libertarian, is ideally suited for Valadao. Mendes voted to create a gigantic Pot Farm in Hanford. For years, every liberal Republican I have ever met calls themselves a libertarian. These libertarians all have something in common: Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Marijuana – three pillars of the democrat party platform. Usually, people with those three values are also tax raisers, big spenders and refuse to take resolute moral stands on much of anything.

The Kings GOP did not endorse the Congressman on more than one occasion. It appears then that Mr. Mendes and others recruited “plyable” Conservatives to aid in an effort to oust the traditional conservatives that took issue with the Congressman’s terrible voting record. (Yes, folks, -32 from average is terrible, and a 65% average is bad enough)

Mendes, married to a liberal democrat activist, who tells people he is a liberal (ahem, libertarian) led an effort to wipe out conservatives from the local party infrastructure.

Now, the Congressman has a bevy of enemies motivated to do damage to him versus just sticking their finger in his eye by not endorsing him. Had I had a chance to speak to Young Mr. Mendes about the insurrection in Kings County, I’d have advised him to take care of business in a manner that does not create a legion of enemies. #EPICFAIL

Did David Valadao sanction all of this? Or, is this a sabotage effort by Mr. Mendes against his boss? Or, worse has Justin Mendes decided that he can create an empire for himself of his very own?

Jul 022017

If I was a Republican in a district that tilted 11-15% toward the Dem side, I’d try to make friends. I’d try to make as many as possible.

David Valadao is routinely in the top 10 list for the DCCC to take out. Routinely, Valadao has beaten the odds.

This is why the behavior of David Valadao’s District Director Justin Mendes should give everyone pause. Justin Mendes is also a Hanford City Councilmember.

It appears that Mr. Mendes, who is 30, has been trying to “bring Hanford in to the 21st Century”, using bully tactics and strong-arming to do so. Mendes has been pushing a series of development and zoning/planning decisions that are unpopular with the city’s residents. He’s been getting opposition across the board. It has gotten so bad that he has threatened to not run for re-election in 2018 because he is actually being challenged and is getting voted down.

I strongly suggest Congressman Valadao avail himself of the psychological services benefits in the US Government’s overpriced Obamacare plans on young Mr. Mendes’ behalf. (Kudos to Mr. Valadao for voting for AHCA, by the way)

You can learn a lot about Young Mr. Mendes from reading the failing Hanford Sentinel. The sentinel appears to be published in Mr. Mendes’ Garage as its’ bias is on par with that of CNN.

In my research to try to figure out why Justin Mendes is doing what he is doing and why it appears that the Congressman is allowing it to happen, I stumbled upon an article about Mendes and his wife.

It is a good article, it details how Mrs. Mendes is a liberal activist democrat who used to work for disgraced congressman Jim Costa. In the article, it details how Justin allows his wife to set the parameters for political debate in his household. (Smart Man, by the way, lest having an opinion gets you killed)

It sure makes one wonder what other rules Mrs. Mendes is able to set, and it is a fair question.

The intel I have received from all around King’s County is that Conservatives, long time GOP Activists and several in local government disdain Young Mr. Mendes intensely. From my perch some 225 miles away I am wondering if this a a sabotage mission against his boss. I wonder if Mrs. Mendes’ liberal democrat views are influencing Justin’s actions. It was a concern with Governor Squishenegger when he was still married to a Kennedy while in office. You have to wonder.

The bottom line is that the Congressman needs huge numbers from King’s County in order to stay in office. With the “Costa Hook” drawn in to this district by the allegedly non-partisan citizen’s re-districting commission that sets Valadao at a huge disadvantage before a single thing Justin Mendes does. We are going to take a look at several issues in Hanford and Justin Mendes’ role in de-stabilizing Hanford City Politics and the potential damage this is doing to his boss.