Feb 192018

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In Hemet, Dave Brown’s first platform for being made Hemet Police Chief several years back, was that he was raised in Hemet and he was fully committed to staying and fighting for the betterment of his city.

When he subsequently realized the crime in Hemet was too big for him to handle, he decided to retire and run for Riverside County Sheriff 2018.

According to a couple of his fellow officers; When Brown was a patrolman, he was often caught not patrolling his area but found parked behind buildings working on a laptop inventing acronyms for programs he wanted to impress the then HPD Chief in order to build his CV for future Chiefdom. (Source; retired HPD officer)

He was so desperate to become chief, he offered to forfeit his benefits if they made him chief. (Source; HPD officer)

When little Hemet was experiencing crime rates higher than any other city in Riverside County, Brown shared in the Press ‘his’ program called “Taking the fear out of crime”, where he publicly encouraged citizens to feel safe and to go into downtown Hemet day or night to shop, eat, and visit friends because his troops were there. (PE.com)

This was a time when criminals were kicking in front-doors, beating up elders and robbing them blind in their own homes, rapes, mugging people on the streets and in shopping centers, and car/home theft were at ridiculously high levels. Murder was at never before seen highs.

Brown broadcast this foolish encouragement to insure Hemet citizens would spend their money in Hemet and not shop in safer nearby towns. He said he was confident that while short-staffed, his officers had a handle on crime.

This move by Brown was based on his inflated Barney Fife ego, and it was an irresponsible and dangerous recommendation to send citizens into the danger. He subsequently put on a big slideshow for the citizens at council meeting of how he was going to ‘Take Back Hemet’ from the criminals. Again, more attempts to boost his ego and prepare himself for his run for Sheriff.

It was in late 2015 or early 2016 Brown was finally forced to admit publicly that the crime was greater than he and his officers could handle. (PE.com)

Brown decided that a patrol car parked in a visible spot in a high crime area would help deter criminals in that area. This became a huge embarrassment to Brown in-that he forgot about that patrol car and it sat unmanned and unmoved for a couple of days. (Hemet/ROC city minutes)

Brown then decided to start the ROC (Reviving our Community) program where the city/PD bought an old SWAT wagon and painted it up like, well, most called it an ice cream truck or pimp-mobile. PE.com/VChron. It was to be a promotional tool, used at schools and city events where children could meet the officers and citizens would think that the ROC mobile would be patrolling their neighborhoods preventing crime. Their other intent was to use it to roll to high crime areas and ‘lean on’ landlords who were renting to gang members and troublemakers. This embarrassing project had a big problem in-that no-one with PD was properly licensed to drive it, thus it has spent most of its time sitting in the police yard.

Under Brown, many Hemet citizens were furious that several murders had gone unsolved. Brown does not pro-actively have his people work on murders claiming lack of staff. (Truth: incompetence). Source: Myvalleynews

One alleged suicide with the victim’s drunk girlfriend in the next room, went without GSR testing, and a search for the shell casing didn’t take place for 5 months. Of course, they didn’t find the ONE casing.

Brown then buddied up to and struck an agreement with a transient town yokel, last name George, who claimed to be a newscaster (ahem) and who wanted to follow first responders to calls in order to report on them for Facebook readers. Brown agreed and a picture of the two shaking hands was published. (Hemetnews) George quoted as saying “we’re buddies”.

This bromance didn’t last long when complaints were filed that George’s people were chasing too close to police, ambulance and fire rigs creating dangerous conditions. In one incident, one of George’s team threatened to sue HPD when he was roughed up by an HPD officer when the reporter (ahem) interfered with the investigation of a traffic accident.

Brown, was a strong proponent for Measure U, a much needed tax to be used only for public safety. i.e, hiring more ‘boots on the ground’, more crime fighting programs and for Hemet Fire Department needs. However, per an HPD officer, Brown has had a problem finding lateral officers in-that; 1. Qualified officers don’t want to work Hemet (“reputation” of city or police chief?), 2. Salary isn’t sufficient for the risk. 3. Little to no advancement opportunities.

If Brown couldn’t woo laterals to Hemet, what makes him think he can convince qualified deputies to work for the Sheriff’s department when Riverside Sheriff’s Department has historically had a very difficult time recruiting people to work for them?

How is it that this little ‘friendly’, Barney Fife police officer, who’s only experience has been working the small city of Hemet and failed as police chief, and failed with his silly programs, and NOW quits his hometown job because he thinks he can run for Riverside County’s High Sheriff, (the 5th largest county in California) and make a difference? Little man big ego syndrome? Don’t we already have one of those in Sniff?

Dave Brown has NO experience in the county court system, or the jail system, or working anything larger than the small city of Hemet. All of which should be a prerequisite for the High Sheriff position.

Brown’s only bragging rights are his arranging a cooperative with Murrieta’s SWAT team and negotiating with CHP to patrol Hwy 74/Florida on the West end (which was CHP’s area but had not been patrolling it). Brown also had a volunteer (retired) police officer on a motorcycle patrolling Florida during the day but this ended a few months later.


Feb 172018

Hemet Dave Releases Plan to Restore Public Trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department

Proposal would establish facts and restore accountability in response to the promotional testing scandal

Former Hemet Police Chief Dave Brown released a plan today that would rebuild public trust in the Riverside Sheriff’s Department following revelations, first reported by The Desert Sun and featured in USA Today, of a promotional testing scandal.

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“I am calling upon our region’s respected county, prosecutorial, and civilian oversight leaders to begin the process of restoring trust in our Sheriff’s Department through full transparency and accountability,” said Brown.

Brown has called for County Counsel to reaffirm protections for deputies or county employees who act as whistelblowers, an inquiry by the District Attorney’s office regarding the impact these revelations may have on criminal convictions, and a thorough investigation by the Riverside County Civil Grand Jury.

“I have a long track record of fair and equitable executive leadership that sets clear standards and expectations and rewards excellence. However, I’ve also dealt swiftly and effectively with allegations of wrongdoing. There is simply no room for wavering as a chief executive, especially when the public trust hangs in the balance. Sheriff Sniff owes the citizens a thorough explanation of this scandal while protecting the privacy of the employees and the integrity of the investigation,” concluded Brown.

Feb 162018

Wow. Maybe Hemet Dave is not a strong enough moniker for this guy:

Let’s talk about Dave Brown as Hemet’s police chief and the possible next County Sheriff. Fellow officers reported that when Brown was a patrol officer he was often found parked behind buildings working on a laptop trying to come up with community programs and acronyms for them and neglecting his patrol area. He was so desperate to be made chief that he felt by pushing these programs, it would be his ticket to chiefdom. He went so far as to offer to forego his benefits.

It was Brown’s idea to park a patrol car on a busy street corner where there was significant crime. He felt the visual of the unit would discourage criminals. This became a HUGE embarrassment when he ‘forgot’ about the unit that was left unattended or moved for days.

Brown was also the brainchild for the ROCS program (Reviving Our Community) where the city took an old swat truck and painted it up with well…in most opinions..like an huge ice cream truck. The ROC-mobile sat unused most of the time since no one in the department was licensed to drive the unit.

Brown then buddied up to a knucklehead named Larry George who proclaimed himself to be a news source for the city. Brown gave George permission to follow first responder units to scenes and report the incidents. Shortly after this bromance started, George and his crew were reprimanded for creating dangerous situations when following fire trucks, police units and ambulances. One of Georges staff reportedly filed a lawsuit against HPD when he was ‘roughed up’ by an officer when the reporter was in the way during an auto accident investigation.

Brown’s biggest blunder was his campaign called “Taking the fear out of crime”. When crime was at an all time high in Hemet, Brown, via newspapers and town hall meetings encouraged citizens to go into town day or night to shop, eat, socialize in order to keep money in the city. That his crew were out on the streets and the citizens shouldn’t let crime control their activities. A year later Brown had to admit to all that the ‘crime was bigger than his department’.

His recommendations to citizens were irresponsible, and egotistically driven. He put citizens at risk in very dangerous times. Brown’s speeches always included how he grew up in Hemet and he was committed to serving the city. Now he’s retied and running for Riverside County high Sheriff position. Brown has not had any policing experience outside of the small city of Hemet. He has no experience with courts and county jail demands. Furthermore, there is little to no doubt that corruption in his department DOES exist.

Given that there is a story that got limited press coverage with the sordid details of a lawsuit against the City of Hemet over racism and police abuse, there are definitely a slew of issues beneath the  surface.

Feb 142018

When Hemet Dave Brown retired as the Chief of Hemet’s police department, the spin started almost immediately. Ouch.

Perhaps Hemet Dave’s failure to raise significant resources is connected to the fact that donors understand his failure in Hemet. Hemet’s violent crime rate is number 1 in Riverside County.

His crowning achievement as related in the article is Measure U:

Hemet Dave said this is a good time to leave, saying there is strong leadership in place and the voter-approved Measure U, which increased sales tax 1 percentage point with money earmarked for public safety, leaves the department in good shape.

More on this in a future post, but I’d encourage Hemet Dave to campaign heavily on his tax measure.

The article drops another nuclear bomb as a throwaway right before the end:

Brown said his possible candidacy is not a sign that Hemet will dump its police department for the sheriff, which provides contract services in the majority of Riverside County cities.

In your intrepid blogger’s opinion, this is the biggest deal of this story – other than the fact that it omitted any reference to the spiraling crime statistics in Hemet.  Will Hemet Dave Brown seek to convert Hemet in to a contract city should his extreme longshot bid pan out?

Hemet has also had a net loss of officers pitted against an increase in residents during Brown’s tenure despite the misleading claims of some in the article – More on that soon as well.

Hemet Dave Brown’s Sheriff Campaign is poorly funded and when juxtaposed against the reality that is Hemet is doomed. This is why Mr. Brown needs to re-focus the narrative.

Feb 092018

Canadians. Apparently that is a code word for black people. Apparently in Hemet Dave Brown’s Hemet that was the codeword for “them”.

The Hemet Police Department also uses the term “Canadians” as a derogatory reference to African-Americans, the complaint states.

San Diego officer accuses Hemet Police of misconduct, racism

Hemet Dave has a problem. Beyond being the police chief of the spraypaint capitol of Riverside County, his force apparently has issues.

“During the detention of an intoxicated person, another officer working with claimant found crystal methamphetamine in the detainee’s pocket, but the field training officer (FTO) supervising both officers destroyed the evidence,” the claim states.

“During the handling of a prisoner who was being loud, a corporal told claimant, ‘Kitchen, control your suspect,’ at which point the same FTO walked up, grabbed the prisoner’s head and slammed it into the wall several times, exclaiming, ‘That’s how you control a suspect,’” the claim adds.

At least they aren’t fed-kicking their suspects in Hemet, I suppose. (Maybe they are just kicking them physically…)

The document also alleges that Kitchen was told not to arrest a domestic-violence suspect because he was an acquaintance of a Hemet police sergeant, a practice that “was different than San Diego because Hemet was a ‘small town,’” the claim said.

Now that sounds like something Sheriff Stan Sniff would do! Looks like the genesis of the hatred between Brown and Sniff has to do with familiarity breeding contempt?

It will be very interesting to see how the case comes out in civil court and if anyone comes forward to this blogger with more information.

Meantime – review the below, more on this soon.