Apr 172018

Last week the only Conservative on the Placer County Board of Supervisors, Kirk Uhler brought forth an agenda item for Placer County to take a position on the disaster known as SB54. SB54 is the Sanctuary State “law” signed by Governor Moonbeam. This unconstitutional violation of federal law is engineered to decimate attempts by ICE and the Trump Administration from enforcing federal election law.

Placer County was one of the few counties President Trump won decisively in California. Despite the #nevertrump and the blue state defeatism of a lot of so-called Republicans in CA (including an estimated 500,000 in Orange County that Bailed on Trump), President Trump won Placer County by 11%.

You could never tell it by the board of supervisors. I am not sure if Jennifer Montgomery, Jim Holmes and Robert Weygant thought they were protecting Jack Duran by stuffing Uhler’s attempt to agendize a motion related to Sanctuary State – but all four went on record in support of SB54. Uhler’s agenda item failed for lack of a second.

Jack Duran is in a hotly contested Re-Election. Your intrepid blogger lives in his district and I will be doing my part to eviscerate this leftist, trial lawyer that tried to create industrial pot farms in my backyard. Now Duran has handed his opponents another hammer by coming out of the closet as a lawless party-line democrat activist.

For reasons that elude me other than thinking Duran will give away the farm to them, law enforcement has endorsed Duran. I bet they wish they had that decision back. Even the Sacramento Bee has endorsed Bonnie Gore over the empty suit Duran.

Please click here for a copy of the resolution and letter mailed to the Placer County Government by the Placer GOP. It should be used as a template for other groups to adopt their own resolutions.

Great Job Placer GOP – Chairman Dennis Revell, 1St VC Suzanne Jones, 2nd VC Mark Wright, Treasurer Jeff Short, Secretary Laurie Wallace and the rest of the crew for their leadership.

Dear Placer D1 Supervisor Jack Duran – I’m Coming for you.

Apr 172018

Update: According to inside sources, one of Penny Newman’s canvassers involved in this incident was on “PRCS” Supervision, the highest level of supervision available for an AB109 Felon released from Prison. This fact seems to have escaped Newman in her hysterical anti-cop rant. Why is she employing felons on her campaign?

Dear Penny – my name is Aaron F Park. I’ve worked on campaigns for 21 years.

That is me on the left at the October 2017 CAGOP Convention. The Hat is from the California Impact Republicans and I am wearing a Sticker for John Cox for Govenor (a Paid advertiser on this website). Hopefully, this does not trigger you, but I am afraid it does.

Allow me to share a few things with you from my background (other than being a stereotypical “Old White Guy Republican) since you seem to be fixated on race.

I’ve walked Precincts in over 50 cities, in two States. It might be close to 100 cities by now. Once I hit age 40, I stopped counting. I’m white as a sheet. I’ve been talked to by police and harassed by residents multiple times. I’ve been physically assaulted twice while canvassing. It comes with the territory.

One time while driving down the street – some college kids tried to run me off the road and were flipping me off and yelling at me because I had a Tom McClintock sticker on my Mustang.

This is why when I got a copy of your whiny letter about some of your canvassers, I did a double take for the real motive. Usually when people cry racism and run to their willing whores in the local media trying to get sympathy coverage to gain political advantage it is because they are feeling a loss of control about their campaign.

Let’s have a look at your “Letter” to the Corona Police Chief.

I am very concerned for the safety of our canvassers and how your department interacted with them. It was stated to them by your officer that the police were called on them because they did not look like they belonged in the area. This can only be interpreted as ‘2 black men looked out of place in this predominantly white neighborhood’. That is in itself  problematic. Corona is better than this.

Ummm… Penny, I’ve had the same thing said to me in Granite Bay, Roseville (the same city I live in), El Dorado Hills, Vacaville and Modesto. Secondly, your comment ads intent where there is none demonstrated.

You see, someone called the cops on the Canvassers and it turned out one of them had a misdemeanor warrant (meaning he was wanted), which is a common and legitimate reason to make an arrest. Another is described above.

We continue with the whiny screed from Penny:

Our canvassers had election material on them  and were working with mobile phone software that was very clearly specific to electioneering. The officer at that point did not need to continue to harrass, frisk, and then further detain our canvassers. Our canvassers had campaign materials with contact information to reach someone at the campaign, a simple phone call to our headquarters would have saved everyone unnecessary time, and taxpayer money, on such a trivial matter as an unpaid traffic ticket.

Upon learning what happened yesterday, my campaign attempted to contact the watch commander through local dispatch. It is now the next morning and we have had no return call. I am very concerned with how your officer handled this situation. I am also concerned for the safety of our canvassers as we cannot seem to get in touch with people in leadership positions within your department to give them a heads up that we will have canvassers out in the field.

If Penny Newman is elected supervisor, you can be guaranteed that she will advocate for lower sentences for criminals and even further expansions of Prop 47 and 57. Heck, why have traffic laws?

If Penny Newman is elected supervisor you can also rest assured in her mind the Police have nefarious intent and will be castigated until the facts are known. This is similar behavior to what leads to riots in large blue cities often times based on total and complete lies.

As she continues her ranting you can see that she spends too much time watching Jerry Springer practicing emotionally charged lines to get a reaction. I am sure that everyone in County Government can hardly wait to work with her…

I hope this letter opens a conversation that will lead to leadership in your department discussing with officers the problem of profiling individuals and how they can keep this from reoccurring. Also I am asking you to let your officers know that our racially diverse team of canvassers will be canvassing Corona for the next month or so leading up to the election. We are asking that they not be profiled or harassed any further by our Police Officers.

Got all that? This is where Penny Newman’s contempt for the police shows. She liberally throws out hyperbole including profiling and harassment like these are words she uses in her regular life. These are powerful words and used to have meaning until the American Left started using them to try and gain political advantage. This sort of behavior is not the kind of behavior of a confident candidate – rather it is a near hysterical reaction to normal police work in order to try and gain sympathy votes. (aka pandering to the lowest common denominator)

Having been “harassed” and “profiled” by police and residents of neighborhoods I’ve been canvassing in, I recognize this incident as something that happens commonly. Please don’t give me the “White Privelege” crap as I’ve had the cops called on me by Mexicans, Asians and White residents of neighborhoods I was in.

This sort of nearly unhinged rant laced with anti law-enforcement overtones is not what Riverside County Needs. Should Penny Newman somehow qualify for the runoff, I may take an interest in eviscerating her as she appears completely unfit to serve.

Apr 172018

A confidential source known to me, but requesting anonymity apparently got upset enough to come forward with specific info about Sgt Frank Schiavone and Andrew Shouse. I then followed up with others as several had information related to the subjects in this post…

You see, Andrew Shouse was notorious for drinking on duty. He was a regular parton of a local bar near the Thermal Station and could be seen as early as 2-3pm (1400-1500 for you cops and marines out there) lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Sgt. Schiavone is reputed to have been one of Captain Shouse’s drinking buddies.

Sgt. Frank Schiavone was involved in a hit and run accident in the City of Indio. He and others fled the scene.

Shouse got the whole thing covered up to make sure his drinking buddy did not get popped for a DUI or fleeing the scene

Andrew Shouse had a lot of tryists with a lot of people. I’ve been told at least two stories of Shouse taking other men’s girlfriends by force and having sex with them. I’ve also been told by several people that Andrew Shouse had sex with almost all of the female employees under his watch.

Some of you may recall my posts about Deputy Birchard. She got screwed over by Lt. Bostrom who had her arrested for being allegedly under the influence at the training command. Bostrom wanted to take her down because she had Shouse’s kid, or something along those lines. I can’t keep track of all of their scores, it is like a playboy novel.

After the stench around Andrew Shouse got so bad, he was sent to the Robert Pressley Detention Center where he promptly started screwing his way through the female staff there and then he got fired. Shouse is now attempting to get his job back.

Frank Schiavone? Well, he has some baggage of his own… first off is a well-known affair with Now Captain Misty Reynolds (who is ironically rumored to be taking over the Thermal Station once Roy Disgrace retires). Maybe she can get the equipment fixed at that disaster of a station (in between affairs). Schiavone and Reynolds were engaged in a different form of surveillance while a suspect was doing what suspects do. Upon leaving the location he was burglarizing, he happened upon the van that apparently was undulating and helped himself to now Captain Reynolds’ purse.

Allegedly Schiavone was also stalking a now ex-wife pre and post divorce. He still has his job. Where was that investigation? Probably in the same place as the investigations of Sgt Dekker, Lt Rose, Lt Kent, etc etc etc.

Some people may not understand why we take the time to write about this stuff here at RightonDaily. Let me spell it out for you. This is the kind of behavior that is allowed to go on in Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Andrew Shouse should have been fired years ago, yet the rank and file know they are as likely to get screwed by County Admin as the perpetrator is, therefore Shouse can brandish a weapon and take someone’s girlfriend by force while wasted (as one example of what I was told by informants). The rank and file also know that Friends of Stan are off-limits. It appears that Shouse was one up until some point before he was terminated.

Honest Cops have been putting up with this kind of behavior from co-workers for years under Stan Sniff. It needs to stop. There needs to be a house-cleaning where dirty cops are terminated and prosecuted. Right now, the regime of terror reigns supreme where honest people are intimidated in to silence and no one likes their job.

Stan Sniff is the boss, and he owns the corruption of the department. When I speak to Confidential Informants, one after the other, they tell me they had such high hopes for Stan Sniff only to have him end up being the same or worse than his predecessor Bob Doyle. (Note – Doyle has endorsed Hemet Dave)

Stay Tuned, we are naming more names soon.

Apr 162018

It appears that there are more than one employee of the Stan Sniff Riverside Sheriff’s Office who were railroaded by Lenny Purvis, Lt. Mark Bostrom and others in the last couple of years. Without direct evidence, I’ve drawn the conclusion there was some sort of edict handed down to terminate a bunch of people based on whatever in order to reduce the budget.

Posted here is proof that Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. Again, this is a highly unusual thing as Captains never sign off on reports, suggesting that the cover-up was fully engaged.

This whole set-up reminds me of 1993 when Sniff’s fellow democrat Bill Clinton did something similar to the military and people were getting discharged and separated from service en masse. It also reminds me of when Obama took over GM and was shutting down dealerships run by Republican Donors in favor of others.

Some of the employees are fighting back. In an attempt to assist them with Pitchess and Brady motions, we are going to post more information so that the victims of Stan Sniff’s tyranny will be able to understand what kinds of people get promoted and what kind of people get destroyed by PSB at the behest of the Tyrannical Sheriff.

Especially egregious is that Joseph Sinz and his Wife Veronica Amparo both got promoted to Sergeant AFTER being identified as participants in the cheating scandal. When you read their testimony as given to the ratt-squad, it does not pass muster.

Of note – Cole Simon whose portion of the report was previously posted was Joseph Sinz’ source for the exam questions. Somehow, Sinz thought it was believable to say that he did not notice the words “2015 Investigator Questions” on the document he was sent. Yeah, right.

Read Amparano’s Report REPORT PAGE 1, REPORT PAGE 2


Allow me to now quote a confidential informant about Sinz and Amparo:

Amparano always finds a way to skate, but shes a shady one too. She hates white girls, makes lots of nasty remarks about them and to her female partners,intentionally bitchy, unless they are hispanic. Real cozy with the men though.

Hmmm… so it looks like racists are those in line for promotion. (Like Mike Cornett) Some people may not understand why I am writing about so many specific employees, the issue here is who gets promoted and what kind of behavior is rewarded under the Stan Sniff regime. Honest, ethical employees get fired and attacked while ethically and morally challenged employees end up on the Second floor / fast-tracked for promotion. The informant continues:

Joey Sinz is a piece of shit too. He was having an affair with one of his beat partners wives, who’s name escapes me at the moment. That deputy was an accomplished professional or semi pro boxer. Very talented guy. Joe was married to Amparano, horrible racist troll in her own right, and also sworn RSO. The four of them, Joe, Amparano, Deputy boxer and his wife were all friends and hung out quite extensively.

Anyway, Amparano caught wind of the affair between Joe Sinz and deputy Boxer’s wife. In fact, Sinz was intending to leave Amparano for this woman. Amparano, viper that she is, didn’t tell Deputy Boxer.

Instead, she learned of a planned outing between her husband, Sinz, and the deputy’s wife, at Party City in Temecula, where they were shopping for an upcoming children’s event. Armed with this knowledge, Amparano, invites Deputy boxer to accompany her to Part City where they set upon their spouses canoodling with one another.

Shocked and inflamed, Deputy boxer proceeds to confront Sinz, whereupon Sinz begins to shade boxer and call him a bad husband, that he is in love with boxer’s wife, etc. Joe Sinz, having been caught in flagrante delecto, gets the beating of his life. Deputy boxer proceeds to rearrange Sinz face so badly he puts him in the hospital and he no longer looks the same as he did before.

Everyone ends up on Administrative leave. Of course, Amparano is being fingered for setting both men up, which she absolutely did, but during her investigation, somehow (liar) convinces them she is the victim in all of this. Probably when she realized that supporting kids when your husband is in the hospital and you have a mortgage and neither of you can work, is hard. Joe Sinz is a POS who has nothing coming. You can use the above all you want.

Nice, huh? They both got promoted to Sergeant.

In true team Sniff fashion, there’s more:

Sinz was also known for padding his stats. He would arrest a guy on a felony at the beginning of the week, book him, not get the paperwork in on time and the guy would get a kick. Joey would rearrest the guy on his friday and rebook the guy. Since all paperwork has to be in, he would milk the overtime too. Either that or he’d file paperwork late, let it go to warrant and the do the arrest. Either way, he would double stat the arrest to make him look busy. Reality was he spent a lot of time at Coldstone Creamery or Starbucks.

Sounds like Dekker or Kent.

We also had a request to post the portion of the report on Joshua Hephner who apparently is not liked by his colleagues very much. It is provided here for your review. Hephner was named in the previous blog as a major player.


Why did this never appear in the Press Enterprise? 

John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure the Chad Bianco retaliation story came out.  After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County). He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.? His response: “Appears to be.”

Apr 162018

Stan Sniff doesn’t care about the abuses of overtime. If he did, people like Aaron Kent and Christian Dekker would be fired. Lt. Rose (similar to Kent and Dekker) is alleged to have gotten a college degree on public time.

Could you imagine how much money we’d save if these three men were actually working? If they were actually working a “normal” amount of overtime? Broken Cop cars could be replaced, new recruits could be hired. These three men are not alone in their abuses of the system, we’ve been told that goldbricking, studying for exams, etc and milking overtime is a systemic problem.

No wonder why the KPMG audit has been fought tooth and nail?

Just one of the Cheating Scandals came out in to the open in the local media – the detective’s exam. And in that case, the Media did a poor job of covering it.

We’ve uncovered the Lt’s Exam cheating by the aforementioned Aaron Kent. We were told by several anonymous sources that there is rampant cheating on the Sgt’s and Lt’s exams.

Heck we even uncovered a county document indicating the Captain’s test in 2016 had been compromised. That document is re-linked here.

Under Stan Sniff, the culture has become one of Cheating. The supervision has become lax or incompetent allowing the unscrupulous to rip off the taxpayers. Under Sniff, the name of the game is cover everything negative up, which only makes the problem worse. This in my opinion is why Sniff is fighting the KPMG audit. They would find this abuse as easily as I did.

The second issue is the seeming favoritism shown towards the dishonest. There has become a clear pattern that most all of the senior management have serious personal flaws and spotty service histories. One example is undertaker Diyoyo whose retirement sparked celebrations department-wide and then Sniff brought him out of retirement almost as if he was giving the department the middle finger.

What I have learned through churning up the dirty laundry of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office are patterns. Sniff has to be in control of everything and as a result, it is impossible to promote good, independent, honest people. Now you get why the culture of cheating is endemic, now you get why there is little of no oversight of day to day operations enabling people to clock in and go home, study for college degrees or rack up massive overtime while doing next to nothing. Their superiors did the same, they cheated on their own time cards and advancement exams too.

I am afraid that the new Sheriff, weather it is Dave Brown or Chad Bianco are going to have their hands full trying to get a handle on the corruption that has overcome the department. The silver lining? It is my estimation that 80-90% of the employees are basically good people are will respond positively to new leadership.

The bottom line, Stan Sniff needs to go.