May 232018

Rescind Bush’s order allowing Mexican trucks on US roads: Opposes topic 12
Oppose amnesty & guest workers until unemployment under 5%: Opposes topic 12
No guest worker program; it creates second class citizens: Opposes topic 12
Amnesty is not the answer, nor are guest workers: Strongly Opposes topic 12
We need to seal our borders, but don’t bash immigrants: Opposes topic 12
12 million illegal immigrants need to leave: Strongly Opposes topic 12
Don’t reward illegal behavior with social programs: Strongly Opposes topic 12

Very interesting considering some are accusing him of opposing the border wall. This is unequivocal.

Going back to 2007 is informative, especially since the same critics are pointing out that Cox was a Democrat in the 1970’s. (While justifying donations to democrats by their guy in 2011)

A: People illegally in our country should not be here. While the career politicians dithered, 12 million cheated their way into the country. They need to leave. You don’t need to deport them–just end their ability to find work. Crack down on illegal employment and they will leave on their own and we will just have to deport the few that remain. That would be the most compassionate thing we could do for the countries they came from. Hopefully, after tasting the freedom and economic vitality of the US, they will go home and replace the governments they have so they, too, can enjoy that same economic vitality and freedom in their home countries. That is real compassion, not the fake compassion of the open borders crowd, who are just enabling corrupt governments like Mexico to maintain their corrupt practices.

In the heat of a campaign, lies are allowed to grow out of control. Some are calling John Cox an establishment liberal. To Be Continued…

May 232018

Stan Sniff was at a recent law enforcement memorial event. Someone captured a photo of him that pretty much says it all. The meme is from a zoomed photo of Sniff with the crew at the event. It is clear that Sniff is quite emotionally disturbed.

Now, note that the woman in the brown top has recently come on to my radar screen.

We have been hearing stories about Sniff either having some sort of illness, having fits of rage, skipping events, showing up late at events, etc.

These two photos would certainly suggest that the Sniffmeister is in a bad space.

The last photo is the one that has the most significance to me. It is Sniff’s behavior while the chaplain is praying in Jesus’ name over the ceremony. I’ve written many times based on anecdotal evidence that Stan Sniff is an atheist and in my opinion I have come to the belief that he is devoid of a moral core. This is why there are so many articles on this blog about Sniff engaging in policy and behavior that is anything but Conservative, let alone Republican.

You tell me what you see in the last photo? I see a man who has minimal respect for faith. Man, it has to be an empty life for this guy. 



May 232018

Stan Sniff is the total package. Refusing to cooperate with ICE allowing dangerous felons to re-offend and avoid deportation. He has also overseen some 30,000 early releases of hardened criminals, many of whom know how to game the early release system in Riverside County. (The 30,000 releases are from just 2012-Mid 2015 alone.)

Sniff is also notorious for covering up wrongdoing so as to not allow himself to look bad. The training levels in the department are also poor, so it comes as no surprise that the top-down incompetence and corruption in the Riverside Sheriff’s Office would affect the Coroner’s Office. Note that Sniff is the Sheriff-Coroner of Riverside County.

Let’s do an autopsy of the 2014-2015 Grand Jury Report.

Misleading Statement
1. Upon reviewing the supplemental page of Coroner’s Packets #2013-10639 (Attachment #1) and #2013-11723 (Attachment #2), it was observed that each contained a similar misleading statement.

They both read, on the applicable date, Riverside County Sheriff-Coroner Stanley Sniff conducted a Coroner’s Review in the matter of the death of the decedent. After the facts were presented, Sheriff-Coroner Stanley Sniff certified the death. These written statements are misleading as Sheriff-Coroner Stanley Sniff was not present at either review.

Ooopsie. A nice fat lie. Where have I seen those before.

Delay of Files/Documents
2. On October 30, 2014, members of the Grand Jury attended Coroner’s Review of Coroner’s Case File #2013-11723. The Sheriff-Coroner Representative certified this death as:
• Cause of death: Acute methamphetamine and heroin intoxication
• Mode of death: Administered illicit drugs to self
• Manner of death: Accident
At the conclusion of the review, the Grand Jury requested a Coroner’s Packet for this case file. On November 5, 2014, a follow-up telephone call was made to the Coroner’s Office inquiring into the status of the requested Coroner’s Packet. Later that day, the Grand Jury Foreperson received a voice mail message advising the packet was not complete and the cause of death was still undetermined, even though the cause of death was certified on October 30, 2014. A second follow-up telephone call was placed on November 24, 2014. This time the Grand Jury was advised that
the requested Coroner’s packet was awaiting final approval. A third follow-up call was placed on December 4, 2014, this time the Grand Jury was advised the packet was awaiting a signature. The requested packet was finally received on December 15, 2014.

Got all that? Stonewalling records requests… where have I seen that before.

Then of course – the trifecta, incompetence:

Accuracy/Amending Files
4. The Grand Jury requested a Coroner’s Packet for Coroner File #2013-11723. Contained in the Coroner’s Packet was a copy of the Coroner Investigation Report, prepared on December 25, 2013, by a Coroner Corporal assigned to the Indio office. In this Coroner Investigation Report, the Coroner Corporal wrote concerning the female decedent:

“There were no known recent suicidal ideations or past suicide attempts…”

At the Coroner’s Review on October 30, 2014, the Administrative Deputy Coroner presented a timeline for this case. The Grand Jury noted the following discrepancies between the report prepared by the Coroner Corporal and the timeline as presented by the Administrative Deputy Coroner:

• The Administrative Deputy Coroner’s timeline stated there was an attempted suicide by drug overdose in 2008

• The Administrative Deputy Coroner’s timeline also stated that on September 26, 2013, she made a suicidal statement while incarcerated, and was taken to be medically assessed prior to being placed in a safety cell. A review of the safety cell log confirmed she was placed in a safety cell on this date at 0904 hours. At 1315 hours, the same day, she was cleared by Mental Health staff and moved to a holding cell The Grand Jury did not find any corrections within the Coroner Investigation Report, as written by the Coroner Corporal Investigator.

Hmmm… you think more money will fix crap like this? I don’t. The training levels and the quality are what is suffering here. Add this to the list of issues with Stan Sniff.

May 222018

How much did this cost?

As we continue our series of stuff never covered by the Riverside Press-Enterprise (who transferred an editor to Rancho Cucamonga for daring to write about the Retaliation against Chad Bianco) we have a new gem.

Stan Sniff, he of the bizarre campaign posters trying to be Clint Eastwood or Wyatt Earp, apparently channeled his inner James Bond.

A video, only discovered recently (with about 80 views the first time I saw it) features the Helicopter (which is frightfully expensive to operate), a Pilot, “Eggplant”, Sniff, two K-9 deputies, someone behind the camera and a “Stunt Deputy” who went down the rope out of the helicopter.

Were the 5 employees on the clock? How much were they paid? How much fuel did the Helicopter Use? How much did it cost to shoot and edit the video?

This seems to matter as it is widely rumored that similar to CCW Permits, Stan Sniff loves to hand out helicopter rides to his donors / buddies.

Nevertheless, how much did this video cost all in? Just add this to the file…

May 222018

Sniff complains about unions spending big against him, but fails to acknowledge his history of taking union money.

He’s against employees contributing to campaigns, unless it’s to him.

Over the years, Sniff has happily accepted nearly $200,000 in union contributions.

Specifically, Sniff has taken over $140,000 from the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association.  Snif has also boasted in past campaigns that the RSA (his employees) have endorsed and supported him.

Now, he complains about union money being spent against him.

Here are the total contributions Sniff has taken from unions.

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers                        $200

Riverside Firefighters Legislative Action Group                   $250

Palm Springs Police Officers Association                            $500

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union                                      $1,000

CA Correctional Peace Officers Assn                         $1,000

Service Employees Intl Union                                     $2,500

Riverside Police Officers Association                         $4,400

Southwest Regional Carpenters Union                      $11,000

Laborers Intl Union North America                             $31,500

Riverside Sheriffs’ Association                                    $140,650


TOTAL                                                                         $193,000