Mar 202018

I was leaked a copy of the internal report related to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Investigator exam cheating scandal. Allow me to do the job that the Desert Sun did not do – and that is to tell the whole story beyond Cornett and Colmer who were named by the Desert Sun. The cover-up of this was massive and the Desert Sun barely scratched the surface of what happened. I am not going to publish a entire copy of the documents I received in order to protect people from further retaliation by Stan Sniff.

Remember – we broke the cheating scandal 1/22/2018, several weeks before the Desert Sun Did. See a follow up piece here on 2/12/2018 related to the scandal.

I read the entire 80 page report. Some 26 employees of the department are named. About half straight out admitted fault. The half that did not used hair-splitting nuance to try and dance around what they did. If I was their boss, I’d have all of their files flagged for a moral hazard and would be documenting them for termination (Lt. Mark Bostrom would have more work than he knew what to do with). It is clear that almost everyone involved (there are a few people in this report that appear innocent of cheating) knew what they were doing and that it was wrong, whether they admitted it or not.

I have also noticed that a lot of the people that work for PSB, aka the “Rat Squad” have since been promoted. It is clear as I have been learning about Sheriff Stan Sniff’s department that he uses the scum of the earth (most of whom are from the sewer of the Rat Squad) as a breeding ground for ethically-challenged butt-monkeys to promote to senior management. The more ethically flawed and easy to control, the better. The honest ones are usually terminated with extreme prejudice.

Please note that Katheryn Quezada, who was the original whistle-blower has been promoted twice since she rolled over on her fellow deputies. Promoting self-serving whistle blowers is a standard procedure within the department furthering the decimation of morale. It is reputed that Quezada’s reasons for coming forward were not reasons of conscience, rather that her promotions were the primary nexus.

Several people stick out from the report I received:

Based on what I read, Lance Colmer got thrown under the bus and made to take the fall. Contrast this to Mike Cornett, another central figure, who has since been promoted. Mike Cornett is reputed to be an odd man (and a stone cold racist) who has a complete crime scene tatooed on his back. Sounds like a prototypical member of Stan Sniff’s Team.

It is clear to this blogger that Colmer tried to help a colleague and got turned in to the central figure in order to whitewash the scandal. Of interest is that John Anderson, of Gabe Dennington fame hated Lance Colmer and wanted to destroy him, it is reputed that Brandon Ford and John Anderson worked that angle hard in this case.

Joshua Hephner – guilty as sin, yet was combative and uncooperative with the investigation. The investigators added dishonesty to his investigation file. If I was his boss, I’d have given him max punishment and lined him up for termination. If I was a defense attorney, I’d toss him around like a rag doll. Note that the investigation added lying as a cause for action against Hephner.

Saykham Iemsisanith and Kent Eckenrode – their stuff was forwarded several times to several people. I am sure they got some sort of discipline, but their names are dotted all over this report.

David Komins – guilty as sin, yet called Kent Eckenrode a liar in a lame attempt to save his own skin. See my comments about Hephner.

Jason Gore – This one is a big deal. He is married to Jessica Gore who is Stan Sniff’s executive assistant who works alongside Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the second floor. (I never knew her damn name until recently) Jason Gore’s name is all over the report. Unsurprisingly, he refused to admit guilt, even though it is clear he got “help” from three different people including Brandon Frank who freely admitted he violated department procedure. There is a widely held opinion that one of the primary reasons for covering up this cheating scandal was to keep Gore’s name out of the public eye. Connecting Gore to the scandal would have landed the scandal in Stan Sniff’s office. Welcome. Gore is reputed to have quietly gotten some minor discipline related to this.

Please click here for REPORT Page 1,

the REPORT Page 2

and REPORT Page 3 of Jason Gore’s Interview. (the pages are linked individually – so click each link)

Cole Simon – got caught in more than one lie. His name appears repeatedly in the report as a central figure. This guy should not be on the force anymore, period.

Cole Simon called the investigators liars, and earned a notation that his investigation was expanded to include dishonesty.

You can read about Cole Simon REPORT Page 1,

REPORT Page 2,

Page 3 of REPORT (where the dishonesty notation is)

and Page 4 where he emailed following the interview to apologize for his outburst. (the pages are linked individually – so click each link)

Why the Desert Sun ignored Cole Simon and Jason Gore is beyond me. I’ve been told that the Desert Sun warned Sheriff Stan Sniff that the article was coming out and some sort of deal was made specifically to keep Jason Gore out of the story. So, even after the cover-up was unraveled, the attempts to contain the damage continued.

It is also clear from reading the report that several leads were not followed up on, (As I counted far more than 26 names in the accounts of the report) giving complete credence to speculation that the investigation was halted before it ran its’ course. Even worse is that it is also well-known that Undertaker Diyoyo wrote the reports on behalf of the investigator whose name is on them. (Lacy Stutler) Skilled observers will notice that none other than Captain Leonard Purvis signed off on the report. (I was unable to post proof of this without burning my sources) This is extremely unusual and is actually unheard of. No one I have talked to in the department has ever had a report signed off on by a Captain. It is the job of a Sergeant. Understanding the significance of this is a key to understanding the levels of control and cover-up. Captain Leonard Purvis was involved in the cover-up up to his spindly neck. I also take note that then Captain Brandon Ford is the most senior member of the Rat-Squad listed on the report. (Remember Ford appears in stories about the corruption of the department regularly)

Beyond the laundry list of ethical and management failures that have characterized the Stan Sniff tenure as Riverside Sheriff – the cover up of this cheating scandal would be reason enough by itself to fire Stan Sniff.

Thanks to the honest employees of law enforcement, the truth is coming out and people are reading this blog in record numbers. We will continue writing the stories until Stan Sniff is reduced to a political footnote.

Mar 192018

In case you missed it, Stan Sniff failed to get 2/3 in the Riverside County Republican Party endorsing meeting. This means that Sniff will not have the Republican Party endorsement as he careens to his fate in June or November. This is a bigger deal than you realize as most GOP Central Committees are vassals of incumbents and it is exceedingly rare for an incumbent to be rejected.

It is already well-known that a lot of Stan Sniff’s traditional support has left for Dave Brown. While Brown is not raising much in the way of resources and his public appearances are sparing, he appears to have a loyal core (albeit small). Sniff appears to have a handful of remaining endorsers left, and is going back to his existing large donors for even more money. As I look at Sniff’s recent 497’s (the form you have to file within 24 hours of getting $1K or more), none are from new donors.

I do believe that the 60,000-70,000 hits a week we are getting here on the Right on Daily Blog mean something. The level of resistance has increased exponentially – including trolling my wife, threatening her and people calling her employer in an attempt to get to me. They have attempted to hack this website, my insurance business website, they’ve threatened friends of mine and trolled my wife’s co-workers. One of Stan’s donors threatened to sue me and posted the legal demand letter that was shared by several local Republican leaders in an attempt to gain political advantage.

Threatening spouses and retaliating against spouses is a hallmark of the Stan Sniff reign of terror. One-sided personnel investigations are another. Legal threats are still another.

I believe that Stan Sniff is a democrat who is a registered Republican because in the 2000’s it was a political necessity to win election in Riverside County. In Stan Sniff’s department, gay deputies almost always are never disciplined, and I am aware of a few cases where lesbian deputies harassed straight women and the straight woman was punished. Sniff pays inordinate attention to the LBGT community to the expense of other interest groups, and it looks like this affinity has a lot to do with the wealth in Palm Springs. Sniff views CCW permits as a liability. His words. Republicans don’t punish straight people to appease the LGBT community/donors and Republicans don’t call CCW licenses a liability. Democrats do.

Similar to Hilda Solis who screwed with the unemployment and economic numbers to try and cover for Barack Hussein Obama’s failure to deal with the economy, Stan Sniff has fired analysts and replaced them with people that generated the bald-faced lie printed in the Press-Enterprise about crime reduction. Everyone, including the small remnant of rank and file that still support Sniff know that crime is escalating rapidly. We’ve received reports from at least three stations indicating their individual stations were up some 20%. If the Obama admin and Clinton admin can lie about economic numbers, why not have Stan Sniff emulate the behavior of his mentors?

When you add in Stan Sniff’s overall attitude toward the budget and his sense of entitlement you get another clue. Sniff did not plan to fail, he failed to plan. However, anything he deems important seems to happen. Note that once we started posting detailed comments about broken equipment at various stations, only then did those stations begin to get equipment. This sort of tax and spend reflexively is a hallmark of fiscal irresponsibility. Similar to Barack Hussein Obama, Sniff has blamed everyone else for his failure to lead.

Even in this election, Sniff is playing identity politics, getting a 4th candidate to file for Sheriff in the vain hope that the candidate siphons off Latino Votes based on his surname. This is what democrats do, think skin color and surname first and make decisions based on that.

Threatening to close the jail, promoting people specifically to antagonize the rank and file, actively involving himself in imposing a contract, jerking staffing levels around, allowing PSB to target and retaliate against political opponents, flashing his badge to get out of tickets, having facilities that are off limits to some and not to others, covering up the bad behavior of allies, and using County Admin to brutally suppress worker’s comp claims have all been hallmarks of Stan Sniff’s reign of terror. Add in recent revelations that Sniff’s upper management team are campaigning on government time, as proven on this blog, and you are getting the psychological profile of a left-wing dictator.

Exposing the corruption of the Sniff regime has become my mission and I believe that this is the reason why Sniff failed to get the once automatic Riverside GOP Endorsement. It is clear that almost the entire political establishment of Riverside County are reading RightonDaily. A bonus was the report of Mohammad Ali Mazarei going ballistic at the meeting when the endorsement vote failed.

Sniff’s people are obsessed with trying to figure out if I am being paid and by whom. In their frenzy to find culprits they cited that Chad Bianco’s campaign manager has an office in Nearby Rocklin. Allow me to help these people out, the Wayne Johnson Agency is in Sacramento, so is Meridian Pacific. Jim Nygren is in Folsom. Jeff Flint is also in Rocklin. I can reach any of those offices in 15-20 minutes. David Reade, Joe Justin and Scott Winn are less than an hour’s drive from where I sit, where people are does not mean a thing. These represent most of the major Republican consultants in California.

Stan Sniff’s people will be better served trying to figure out how they are going to patch up his shattered legacy of corruption long enough to get him re-elected.

Look close – I am probably to the right of everyone involved in this Riverside County Sheriff’s Election. I am to the right of almost everyone on the Riverside GOP Committee. I am to the right of most all of the deputies. Now all the sudden a Union Owns me? Use your sense, This is about Stan Sniff, and the deputies were drawn to this blog as they saw it as a chance to seek redress for years of abuse at the hands of a left-wing tyrant.

Interestingly enough, the left of Riverside County has also trolled this blog. They’ve resorted to trying to run complaint drills against my social media accounts. It is clear that if the self-righteous right and the far left are pissed off at the RightonDaily Blog then I am right where I need to be.

I was forced to choose between the Republican Party and the deputies especially after all of the feckless Republican lemmings started sharing Mohammad Ali Mazarei’s legal demand letter. Many local Republican Leaders either can not or refuse to see Stan Sniff ( though some have come around very recently) for who he really is. I’ve dealt with epic failures in Republican leadership for the 20+ years I have been a delegate to the California Republican Party. The ONLY reason I am still a Republican is that I am Pro-Life and it is the ONLY Party with any sort of a platform that defends innocent life. If it was a function of the candidates and leaders I have dealt with over the years, I’d eschew a political party.

The Sheriff is not a partisan position. Thank God. I don’t know Dave Brown, he seems to be a decent man who failed miserably as Hemet Dave. I don’t know Chad Bianco, but most of the law enforcement folks that have come forward to tell me their stories would walk across hot coals for him. That means something.

I’ll take the Deputies thank you very much. This started as a mission to raise serious political issues about Stan Sniff and his legion of failures. It became so much more. It is now a personal mission that I will see through until Stan Sniff is run out of office. That’s right Stan, I’m coming for you and anyone else that tries to take a run at me.

To be continued…

P.S. Please note that all three memes embedded in this post were made by deputies and sent to me. These memes are their words, not mine.

Mar 192018

In a previous post about Rancho Mirage getting messed over on a repeat offender getting released by Chief Deputy Raya, we made a throw-away comment about the Rotary Club being controlled by Captain Grace.

We’ve endorsed Michael Harrington for Rancho Mirage City Council over Iris Smotrich, a Stan Sniff acolyte. It appears that the local governments out there have learned well from Sniff.

Michael Harrington and another man Lupe Rodriguez have experienced retaliation.

In this case, it was triggered by the following story about some major crimes and lack of sheriff staffing in Cochella.

Rodriguez was told he could not go to the Rotary meetings that were being held in the Thermal Station’s public room. Both Harrington and Rodriguez have been railed on in local City Council Chambers for rocking the boat and speaking out about crime and other local issues.

Rodriguez took the issue about Captain Grace excluding him from Rotary meetings to the DA and now the Rotary meets elsewhere. As recent as a couple weeks ago, Grace is still telling people the Rotary is an exclusive club. Couple this with the revealed edict handed down from Stan Sniff’s brass to send people to join service clubs and look for opportunities to campaign on public time, you see the pattern.

The media story linked above is woefully incomplete about what actually happened. It turns out, according to confidential sources that the local media was threatened by the city council out there in an effort to change the coverage. The tearful grandmother and the tv reporter told about 1/3 of the story. The crime in Cochella is a far worse problem than anyone is honestly reporting.

The 20 year old murder victim was a gang member. He had committed a home invasion about 2 hours earlier. That same evening, he had been distributing narcotics and had then went to a gang party where he picked a fight and got himself shot. The brother of the 20 year old victim picked up the gun and shot the gang member that shot his brother.

Apparently, the Cochella City Council did not want this story told. (Cochella is also a sanctuary city)

Michael Harrington apparently stepped across a tripwire when he shared the above video piece from the local media. (even though it was incomplete at best)

What the story did expose was the following issues:

In a statement, Lt Misty Reynolds of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said:

“The Coachella police department currently employs 32 police officers with a ratio of .73 per thousand residents.  ideally, i would like to see us closer to a one per thousand ratio, but understand that due to funding restrictions, that is not an option at this time. Violent crime is our top priority in the City of Coachella since we saw a 40% increase in violent crime from 2013 to 2014.  We are actively working to decrease violent crime and increase community trust.”

EPIC FAIL. The City of Cochella points out that their cost for service has gone up 50%, yet their police protection is woefully inadequate. It is the revelation of this coming out in the open that caused the retaliation against Harrington. This is on the watch of Huskey and Grace.

Currently, it is known to this blogger that team Sniff is actively attacking Mr. Harrington and is working overtime for Iris Smotrich. Two of the attackers are reputed to be the luminaries in the title of this blog.

Captain Jason Huskey (pictured above reporting back to central command at a Chad Bianco for Sheriff Event, however he has not attended a Hemet Dave event) sent out an email to his men soliciting help. Huskey is the Captain of the Palm Desert Station.

The embedded (obscene) photo is the response from one deputy.

Allow us to remind you of other comments from deputies assigned to Palm Desert Station:

“Working with broken or obsolete equipment. Most of the PDPD cars have non working RADAR or License plate readers. Broken computers, printers, office chairs at the station and substations. Have to play musical chairs with computer equipment just to print out reports” “God only knows where the ones mark property of the City of Palm Desert went”

Station is understaffed to dangerous levels. Deputies are being denied vacation and personal time off because Palm Desert staffing is so low. Being forced to work mandatory overtime routinely.

Morale has gone to “Shit”. “Fuck this place”.

People are calling off sick because they know a certain Sgt will be covering their shift and he is creating a hostile work environment.

“ No fairness from admin” Deps have lost faith in leadership beginning with the Sheriff and Captain Huskey and believe the department is corrupt from the top down to mid management. No trust in leadership.

“I’m disgusted by the corrupt organization I work for”

“Lead the way you hypocritical fucker”

“Kind of hard to enjoy your job when your leadership is giving you job security from their own ineptitude”

And add this to the Huskey File:

Since we are in the topic of sex offenders and you have been hammering away on Huskey I thought this would be an appropriate time to discuss his handling of registering sex offenders at Palm Desert. Huskey appointed a non sworn / unarmed CSO to register sex offenders. Even if this CSO identified a non compliant sex registrant he could take action because he is not a cop. He was alone in a room with the worst society has to offer with nothing but the hope of his safety. Glad he was a god fearing man because he needed Gods blessing. The CSO repeatedly told supervision that he was unable to effectively handle the position because of his limitations and he was ignored. Sex registrants went unchecked and the problem was swept under the rug. In frustrations the CSO resigned and went on with his life. Another good guy gone. Huskey replaced him with an experienced sworn officer who did a great job…… until this week when she was replaced by a pregnant deputy in light duty. So now Huskey is going to have an unarmed pregnant female that can’t enforce anything handling sex offenders. Huskey is a joke as a captain.Stan Sniff’s Riverside Sheriff’s Department.

Why did this never appear in the Press Enterprise? 

John Bender, Editor for the Press Enterprise of Riverside was in charge of making sure the Chad Bianco retaliation story came out.  After it came out (01-04-18) sometime in late Jan 2018, he was transferred to the PE Rancho Cucamonga Office (located in San Bernardino County). He was with the PE of Riverside for 15 years.

When I spoke to him….  I asked him:  Did they transfer you because of the Chad Bianco story.? His response: “Appears to be.”

Mar 182018

Blogger’s Note: The following is a summary of issues in the case of Gabe Dennington against the Riverside Sheriff’s Department. Dennington appears to have been railroaded by his Captain. This is standard practice under Stan Sniff. Also pay attention to the players involved. You will recall that Brandon Ford was involved in the leaked email that shows the open corruption of Stan Sniff’s management team conspiring to campaign on government time. Dennington prevailed in his case despite the appearance of County Admin and Sniff Subordinates committing felonies in an attempt to defend against the lawsuit.

The then Captain that railroaded Dennington retired and is leeching a massive pension off of the taxpayers when he should be prosecuted for what he did in his career (as should Brandon Ford and Stan Sniff). It is clear that Captain / Chief Deputy John Anderson (promoted by Sniff) was friends with the tow truck company owner and wanted to destroy Dennington for pulling over one of the tow trucks for making illegal tows. This sort of behavior is commonplace in Stan Sniff’s department.

Source documents: Appellate court decision became final on 02/17/2018 upholding the trial court’s decision. The trial court granted the Writ of mandate reinstating Dennington,

The initial complaint encompassed 3 incidents that occurred with Hook and book towing. The complaint was written by the owner, Daniel Morales and his wife. Neither had firsthand knowledge of any of these events and relied on employees who were less than honest.  Sgt. John Whitting, who was a participant in two of the incidents, was initially assigned to handle the personnel investigation and was later removed due to his involvement.

So the first issue is for some reason (Pretty much a personal vendetta of at the time Captain John Anderson of the Moreno Valley Station) Dennington’s incident was the only incident investigated.  Why were the rest ignored?

Second issue, this case was investigated in house at the Moreno Valley Station and not turned over to internal affairs. Odd considering there were criminal implications alleged and by department policy should have been handled by internal affairs. Seems that Anderson, who initiated the PERS, wanted to keep it under his control to get the result he desired (Investigate to terminate).  The investigation is supposed to handled, without any interference to ensure an independent and unbiased investigation, by whoever it is assigned to. Yet Sgt. Gyll met with Anderson and Lt. Brandon Ford (Also promoted to chief deputy after the sheriff was made aware of his involvement and possible criminal acts during this investigation) after each interview and was instructed how to proceed with his investigation, a major POBRA (Police Officers Bill of Administrative  Rights)violation.

Third issue, when Dennington was notified that he was being investigated, the department notified him of all the allegations but left out the most serious charge of destroying evidence. I believe if this allegation was made that Dennington would have brought an attorney with him to his interview and that is why the department omitted it from the notice. This is a major POBRA violation. (The notification is in the Exhibits from the record of appeal)

Fourth issue, the only person to be interviewed twice was the department chaplain who was riding along with Dennington during the incident. Chaplin Jones fully corroborated Dennington’s accounts of the incident in his initial interview.   During his second interview Jones was interrogated rigorously without counsel but did not waiver much from his initial interview other than the doubt the investigators psychologically beat into him about minor details. For this the department (John Anderson after promoting to Chief Deputy) called him a liar and relieved him of his voluntary status as a CHAPLIN. (Investigate to terminate???)

Fifth issue, John Anderson held onto the completed investigation from the beginning of march to the end of June after making his commander recommendation to terminate Dennington, A major POBRA violation. Could this be because he already knew that as soon as Boris Robinson’s retirement was final, he would get promoted to Chief?  Considering that his first act as chief was to put Dennington on administrative leave and ultimately terminate him, one might draw that conclusion.

Sixth issue, Dennington, RSA, and his attorney made two written requests prior to his Skelly hearing, and a verbal request at the Skelly hearing with now Chief John Anderson (I know, you’re thinking the same John Anderson that initiated, supervised, and made the recommendation to terminate based on the investigation after holding it for several months after the investigation  was already complete, then made the final decision to terminate Dennington  John Anderson?  Are you kidding me?) to preserve the camera and SD card after making the argument that there was exonerating proof that could be forensically verified on that evidence.

Then after making the final decision to uphold his self-recommended and determined termination of Dennington, did not preserve the evidence which was argued to him that would exonerate Dennington when examined forensically. When in fact he had the evidence returned to the owner and when they retrieved it for the purpose of examination by Dennington’s forensic expert, the SD card was wiped clean in a way that their own forensic testified would take a special type of program and extensive effort that a normal person would not have access to, essentially destroying exculpatory evidence as was the finding of the trial court of the actions of the department. Evidence “accidently” destroyed AFTER three attempts and the argument made that it was exonerating?

Seventh issue, during the arbitration, the passenger of the tow truck told a very different story than he initially told investigators. When he was questioned on the discrepancies he claimed that he was told what to say by his boss Daniel Morales. My question, one that according to the record was never asked by Dennington’s former attorney, how Morales knew what the questions were going to be? Oddly during Morales’s belligerent testimony, He and John (Yes he and Anderson are on a first name basis) had talked several times DURING the ONGOING investigation (Pretty unethical and illegal I might add) and how he assured him that Dennington would be held responsible. (Investigate to Terminate).

Eighth issue, John Anderson maintained authority and control over the case determining that the department should appeal the decision of the trial court, even after the sheriff was made aware of the corrupt actions of Anderson and Ford during the investigation and destruction of evidenceAnderson maintained this authority and control until he retired. I bet you won’t believe it, but he handed that control over to none other than Chief Ford……Hmmmm I wonder why.

Blogger’s Note – It should be noted that even after Dennington won his case in resounding fashion that Chief Ford and crew are administratively putting up roadblocks to Dennington returning to work or receiving his settlement in defiance of the court. 

Ninth issue, Appellate court decision became final on 02/17/2018 upholding the trial court’s decision. The trial court granted the Writ of mandate reinstating Dennington, compensating him for lost wages and lost benefits, paying his attorney fees, and remanded the case back to the arbitrator for only determining proper punishment for the remaining allegation, which Dennington openly admitted to without hesitation, which is 8 hours according to the discipline matrix and past practices (Pretty sure this can be handled with a couple emails). Yet Dennington is not back to work or even on administrative leave. He has not been compensated for back wages or benefits. It has been 30days since the court’s decision has been final and un-appealable, yet the Department is blatantly not complying with the courts orders? Is it possible he (STAN SNIFF) doesn’t want to explain having to pay a huge sum of money to a deputy because he was aware of criminal acts committed by his Executive Staff  and did nothing to remedy the situation so close to the election?

How many people did John Anderson destroy in his reign of terror? When I read the complete shellacking the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department took at the hands of the California 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, it was clear that twice that John Anderson and Christopher Brandon Ford got shredded by the judges involved. Yet, here is Brandon Ford in the middle of Stan Sniff’s second floor, still up to his neck in corruption. Of course John Anderson was part of the second floor before he retired, he appears to be the kind of scum that Sniff promotes.

What about the Tow Truck company? Were they illegally towing cars to shake people down for money? Why did John Anderson care so much about Gabe Dennington pulling over a tow truck and arresting the occupants? Was John Anderson making money off the tow operation? Why did Stan Sniff allow the blatant corruption and conflicts of interest to exist? 

Do you see the pattern? There are constants, the investigators try to trick those they are investigating in to talking without representation. In this case, it is likely that John Anderson coached witnesses to perjure themselves. (Btw, the trial judges said as much in their rulings) 

Is Hook and Book towing a County Contractor? If so, why

Chief Deputy Brandon Ford – already burnt to a crisp on this blog for campaigning on public time, should be fired and prosecuted for corruption. John Anderson should be brought out of retirement and the same done to him. 

Meantime – in my opinion, due to Brandon Ford’s continued involvement in this case, the county is stonewalling complying with the writ of mandate from the 4th Circuit Court. 

You will never see stories like this in the Riverside Press Enterprise, but I am happy to write them here. Have you been screwed over? Contact RightonDaily, tell your story, you can remain anonymous. Do you know about corruption in the department?, same thing, come forward and tell the story. You can remain anonymous.

P.S. My source(s) for this story do not include Gabe Dennington himself, as typical of the cover ups that have defined the Stan Sniff era, Mr. Dennington is under a Gag Order, which I believe County Admin is taking advantage of to try and defy the court’s ruling. 

Mar 172018

The background behind this is one of Stan Sniff’s bizarre picadillos is making movie posters of himself for his fundraisers. Apparently one of those wanna-be Lone Ranger posters got used to make a commentary on the Sheriff. However, given what I have heard about the Sheriff’s personal life Limp Boner may not be an accurate description of him physically.