Sep 102017

The Media, The Democrats and The Left can not allow unity.

When unity exists, the need for Government decreases as charity and community take over. Many in the faith community talk about unity and do not understand that the mouth that talks about unity can not be the same mouth that talks about diversity. In modern parlance, diversity is a celebration of one’s difference from others.

Take the Charlottesville situation, where President Trump said there are good people on both sides. He was savaged for this comment as opportunists ceased on the comment as tacit support for the KKK – while conveniently ignoring Black Lives Matter Racists or ANTIFA left-wing cowards that assault people physically and destroy property while hiding behind masks.

After a concerted media effort that even drew in criticism from local pastors, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and the like, ANTIFA’s own actions set fire to them all. Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan were forced to come out of their bunkers to condem ANTIFA – a tacit admission they were dead wrong for attacking the president over his Charlottesville response.

Leaders say and do the right things, knowing full well they will get attacked.

Then Cyclones happen.

See the photos? President Trump had all over government at the ready to minimize the response time after Harvey hit Texas and the same is happening as Irma is lashing Florida as I type this.

You see, racists can’t do stuff like this. This is why I gauge people’s actions, not off-the-cuff remarks that media types saddle up on. This is why I look at groups like World Relief Sacramento for example, who have axes to grind over their loss of funding and ignore them when their officers issue press releases or come on to podcasts with carefully worded rebukes. It appears that America did too, as the President’s approval numbers went up in the wake of Charlottesville and the stories coming out of Charlottesville show that the leftist mayor and governor took deliberate actions to empower the leftists that the media and trump critics tried to cover for.

You can’t lie about the response to a disaster.

You can’t fake it when people who were 85-90% likely to have supported Hillary Clinton want a selfie with the President. If they really believed he hated them for being black would they want to be anywhere near him?

Everywhere, the President is getting accolades for his leadership in the wake of Harvey and in the midst of Irma, including from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush who dislikes President Trump intensely.

You see, Black Americans are getting disproportionately affected by the hurricane. About 1/3 of the victims are Black while Black Americans represent 14% of the total US population. Guess what, Black Americans support immigration enforcement as well because they know whose jobs are being taken and cheapened by illegal immigration.

I have also noticed a few other things from those that would divide America. #1 See that black guy behind President Trump in the Blue Shirt? That is Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson. Yup, a former opponent to President Trump (and someone I worked for) and a black man in a serious position of power in the country, yet the media and Black Lives Matter are awfully quiet about his role in America, aren’t they?

I bet you did not know that President Trump’s new surgeon general Dr. Jerome Adams is also black. There were some media stories, but little if any fanfare. Where is Black Lives Matter with a celebration of this?

If you’re reading this blog and you are not political – but rather, you have a day job and are interested in politics as an aside, there are some lessons here:

Hyperbolae is done for a reason, usually it is to antagonize people, dehumanize them, divide them or marginalize them in order to gain political advantage. This leads me all the way back to my opening comment. The American Left does not want unity.

Yet, here is the alleged racist, white nationalist President Trump helping provide hope and comfort to brown people whose lives have been wrecked by the Cyclones that have hit the Southern US.

President Trump is indeed a loudmouth, he says mean things to get people’s attention, he is a bull in the china shop – but he is not from the entitled, elitist class as President’s Bush, Clinton or Obama were from. This means his style makes a deep emotional connection with people, many of whom will never tell a pollster that they are supporting him. His clear departure from the false veneer of statesmanship reassures people they really have elected one of their own as their leader.

When called upon to provide leadership and stability for a nation – he has done just that. The images of the President will be indelible in the minds of Americans, much more so than the hysteria of the left ever will be.

So, when you have an emotional reaction to try and criticize the President, a la Charlottesville… think it through because President Trump has proven to be pretty wise and smart about things including government as you will see in a few upcoming posts.

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