Jul 022017

If I was a Republican in a district that tilted 11-15% toward the Dem side, I’d try to make friends. I’d try to make as many as possible.

David Valadao is routinely in the top 10 list for the DCCC to take out. Routinely, Valadao has beaten the odds.

This is why the behavior of David Valadao’s District Director Justin Mendes should give everyone pause. Justin Mendes is also a Hanford City Councilmember.

It appears that Mr. Mendes, who is 30, has been trying to “bring Hanford in to the 21st Century”, using bully tactics and strong-arming to do so. Mendes has been pushing a series of development and zoning/planning decisions that are unpopular with the city’s residents. He’s been getting opposition across the board. It has gotten so bad that he has threatened to not run for re-election in 2018 because he is actually being challenged and is getting voted down.

I strongly suggest Congressman Valadao avail himself of the psychological services benefits in the US Government’s overpriced Obamacare plans on young Mr. Mendes’ behalf. (Kudos to Mr. Valadao for voting for AHCA, by the way)

You can learn a lot about Young Mr. Mendes from reading the failing Hanford Sentinel. The sentinel appears to be published in Mr. Mendes’ Garage as its’ bias is on par with that of CNN.

In my research to try to figure out why Justin Mendes is doing what he is doing and why it appears that the Congressman is allowing it to happen, I stumbled upon an article about Mendes and his wife.

It is a good article, it details how Mrs. Mendes is a liberal activist democrat who used to work for disgraced congressman Jim Costa. In the article, it details how Justin allows his wife to set the parameters for political debate in his household. (Smart Man, by the way, lest having an opinion gets you killed)

It sure makes one wonder what other rules Mrs. Mendes is able to set, and it is a fair question.

The intel I have received from all around King’s County is that Conservatives, long time GOP Activists and several in local government disdain Young Mr. Mendes intensely. From my perch some 225 miles away I am wondering if this a a sabotage mission against his boss. I wonder if Mrs. Mendes’ liberal democrat views are influencing Justin’s actions. It was a concern with Governor Squishenegger when he was still married to a Kennedy while in office. You have to wonder.

The bottom line is that the Congressman needs huge numbers from King’s County in order to stay in office. With the “Costa Hook” drawn in to this district by the allegedly non-partisan citizen’s re-districting commission that sets Valadao at a huge disadvantage before a single thing Justin Mendes does. We are going to take a look at several issues in Hanford and Justin Mendes’ role in de-stabilizing Hanford City Politics and the potential damage this is doing to his boss.

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