Jul 122017

Justin Mendes likes him some weed. Well, at least he likes growing weed for “tax dollars” don’t you know. How capitalist of him.

Mendes along with the troubled Francisco Ramirez voted to proceed with drawing up ordinances to turn the old Pirelli Tire Factory in Hanford in to a pot farm.

Three council members – Mayor Justin Mendes, Vice Mayor Francisco Ramirez and David Ayers – indicated their willingness for Mata to move forward carefully with the process of crafting a new ordinance.

The existing ordinance forbids commercial medical marijuana cultivation anywhere inside city limits.

Well, if you are going to grow a bunch of weed, why not have something to eat once you’re wasted?

Like hot dogs? Raven’s Hot Diggety Dog is one such business Justin Mendes has been obsessed with shutting down.

Raven’s Hot Diggety Dog is a Kiosk Business on the site of the historic old Kings County Courthouse. Justin Mendes wants them gone, so the city can get the one-time economic benefit of selling the property. The likely suitor is Kashin, who owns a ton of historic properties. Has Kashin donated to Mendes or Valadao? A quick inquiry indicates that Valadao has never received money from anyone with that name, so that may not be a motive.

Ultimately the green dream of Justin Mendes was dashed by two factors. 1. Most Hanford voters voted against Prop 64 and 2. They had to go to the ballot with the Pot Tax. The would be growers were not feeling the love and dropped the idea like a bad bag of homegrown bunk.

Where is the love for the Hot Dog dudes?

Mendes and Ramirez voted to sack all of the Kiosks in Hanford’s downtown. The reason? Scott Johnson and company have finally made their way to Hanford, filing ADA lawsuits and the City is afraid of them getting sued. Well, no they haven’t. It is just fear of the future being used as an excuse.

Why not help upgrade the Kiosks?

The 5 vacant Kiosks were torn down, that makes sense. However, nowhere is Mendes showing any deference to the business owners or trying to make an accommodation to keep them in business. This is certainly contrary to the standard legislative practice of his boss who is all about compromising and voting like a democrat.

Rather, it appears Justin Mendes has been obsessed with re-making downtown Hanford in to his own image. Rather than renovating the old Courthouse, he wants to sell it. Rather than fixing the historic businesses, he wants to drive them out. Yet, a gigantic commercial pot farm? Gimme a hell ya, says Mendes!

The Hanford Sentinel, keeping with its’ pattern of pro-Mendes Bias (leading me to believe it is published in his garage) highlighted Mendes lambasting the Mayor of the City for voting to allow the beleaguered businesses to remain. The Hanford Sentinel even goes so far as to minimize the potential economic impact on the two remaining businesses that split the remaining kiosk in order to validate the rampage of Mendes.

Paging David Valadao… do you know about this?

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