Apr 232017
4/22/2017 was a momentous day for California Republicans. The California Impact Republicans officially removed “Interim” from everything and the organization adopted by-laws, a mission statement, and elected the inaugural board of 22 members.
In all, the California Impact Republicans were represented by about 20% of their statewide membership at the first-ever California Impact Republicans Convention. In the CIR, everyone is a delegate, meaning everyone who shows up to participate gets a voice with no proxy voting allowed. These are some of many ways the CIR has departed from the old paradigm of doing business. 
The CIR also chartered two new chapters expanding the size of our organization by 1/4 even as we were officially adopting our founding documents – welcoming the Kings County Impact Republicans and the Southwest Riverside County Impact Republicans in to the fold. 
The keyword is “Impact”, showing leadership, taking effective action to change the paradigm in California. 
In line with the newly adpoted mission statement and statement of values – we took the following actions at our convention:
The CIR opposed SB 18 and SCR 41 – the so called “Children’s Bill of Rights” overreach by Sacramento designed to put the government in the Child-rearing business. 
The CIR took a support position on AB 1052 – authored by Travis Allen requiring bills and individual state expenditures to be put in an on-line searchable database.
The CIR called on Tax-Raising “Republican” Senator Anthony Cannella to re-Register as a democrat
The CIR endorsed the State of Jefferson Movement in Concept and in Spirit
The CIR made two key and early “Statement Endorsements” for 2018:
The CIR endorsed Conservative hero Shannon Grove for State Senate District 16. No one has been a stronger, effective, personally consistent advocate of Conservative Values in the state legislature. Learn More About Shannon Grove here: http://www.shannongrove.org/
The CIR endorsed Businessman John Cox for Governor. The CIR recognized that an outsider with a message against corruption and for economic prosperity is a winning message anywhere. We felt that endorsing John Cox would send a strong message that it is time to shatter the paradigm of past statewide elections. Learn More here: https://johncoxforgovernor.com/

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