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In Politics, there are two rules: Never ever admit fault ever and use Straw Men Frequently.

The Washington Post and the New York Times are on tilt. Never in their history have they been challenged in such a public and consistent way for their editorial bias. They have lost a ton of money as a result of the scrutiny. This is why the stories about the latest Russia angles almost always originate from either of these sources.

The issues are complex and layered. But the simple surface conclusion is three-fold. 1. The Democrats need a straw man to assuage their extremely and inexorably bruised egos. Russia hacked the election, this is why Hillary Clinton lost. This way they don’t have to face their corruption or the absolute rejection of their message nationally.

2. The NYT and the WaPo got burnt bad by the Wikileaks. They showed open collusion by multiple members of their staff with the Clinton Campaign. For them, they have to tar and feather Russia with the whole thing to deflect from the real story as it relates to them – they are not journalists, they are political campaign operatives and thus have no credibility.

3. Barack Hussein Obama is indeed a Narcissist. His patterns show it all. His unprecedented temper tantrum as he was leaving office showed that he was going to burn down as much as he could to complicate Donald Trump’s job. Secondly, everything he did in the waning days of his administration was about preserving his own legacy. Narcissists do not care about anyone or anything other than themselves. The proof is in the over 1,000 seats in the cradle of the cesspool of Government that the democrats lost during his reign, he continued on the destructive path without regard for the consequences. It will carry forward now.

Let’s develop those points as it appears that the democrat leadership is following this playbook of save Obama’s legacy and smear Russia.

Did Russia hack John Podesta’s Email leading to the revelations on Wikileaks? There are conflicting reports. Some intelligence officials say a flat no way. Even the New York Times when they dropped a coordinated attack piece talking about how the Obama admin “scrambled” to preserve hacking evidence could not prove that it happened. More basic is the fact that the democrats got caught with their real feelings about minority groups, the world and other things ripped wide open and they needed someone to blame in order to not have to deal with the exposure.

Other conspiracy theorists say that one of the 4 murdered dem activists in 2016, Seth Rich was the leak. Others show evidence that John Podesta’s own lacksadasical nature may have been the leak. The fact of the matter is, that the Russia did it lie was repeated millions of times by the democrats and their whores in the media to try to make it a reality. There is no proof of it, not even now.

The New York Times story reveals a few things that should scare us all.

Based on the Russia did it accusation, they started spying on the Trump Campaign.

The story indicates that the FBI, the Senate and the House have ongoing investigations dating back to last year.

The story indicates that calls between Russia and members of the US Senate and the US House were intercepted.

The story still can not prove Russian Hacking, or meddling.

That’s right, based on a need for a straw man, the Obama administration turned the spy agencies loose on the campaign of the nominee of the opposition party. In the desperation of the NYT to do the bidding of Obama, they just exposed that because the target was Atty General Jeff Sessions. The real story here is the spying on the Trump Campaign, that could land a lot of people in prison for a long time for the blatant abuse of power.

The media is going to attack Trump Cabinet Members as often as they can to try to get to Trump. Witness this story coming out about the Keystone XL pipeline as the Trump admin negotiates with TransCanada to get the project done. The left-wing conspiracy theorists are trying to assert that Wilbur Ross is responsible for a compromise on American Steel only being 75% of the project to benefit himself.

The New York Times hit piece also reveals that one of Obama’s final parting gifts was ordering the NSA to smear the Russia Investigation information far and wide. You would have to be part of the 30% of America that will never vote republican or deluded to not get why that was done. Perhaps the recent reports of Valerie Jarrett moving in to the Obama Mansion in DC show the pattern of Obama continuing to fight to save his own legacy.

More proof? The leaks coming out of Government in a clear attempt to undermine Trump, that seem to be abating as Obama holdovers are being purged. Given the number of leaks that were coming out of Government, you’d think that proof of Russian malfeasance would have come out! Given that fact that the crazed Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison and others are talking openly about impeachment, why wouldn’t deep cover Obama operatives serve them the evidence on a platter if it existed?

Saul Alinsky, who is cited by Obama as an inspiration stated in his book rules for radicals in so many words that in order to win you have to de-stabilize your opponent, dehumanize them and then cut them off. Saul Alinsky understood how normal politicians work.

When Donald Trump had an office full of Black Education leaders, what was the focus? Kellyanne Conway with her feet on a couch taking a picture.

They are attempting to de-legitimize Donald Trump, it is their only card. The latest example is the NYT story dropping a day after Donald Trump’s Epic Speech to Congress. Trump’s speech was so powerful that across political lines it was received well. The NYT and WaPo are full of Russia stories, almost as many as stories on public policy of other sorts! This is actually a good thing as Donald Trump is dismantling the Obama agenda while they are on an obsessive rampage to save their own reputations.

It was clear that the democrat leadership had foreknowledge of the NYT story coming out, similar to the 2016 campaign. The timing of the calls for Jeff Sessions to resign were too perfect.

Donald Trump is not George W Bush. Donald Trump fights back. This will make it impossible to cut him off, dehumanize him or cut him off. No more evident is Jeff Sessions himself lighting up Reporters and Donald Trump himself taking to his social media to troll Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The media and the democrat leadership are continuing to spiral and their tactics are being self revealed as Donald Trump is taking advantage of their narcissism and their sense of entitlement to light them on fire.

Meantime, Donald Trump plows forward with his agenda. The democrat resistance to the Cabinet Nominees is cracking. Wilbur Ross, Rick Perry, Ryan Zinke and Ben Carson were all approved by votes ranging from 72-27 to 58-41.

In addition, Senator Joe Manchin, a vulnerable democrat from West Virginia (won by Trump +42) is publicly expressing his frustrations over the Russia stuff. Manchin has voted for most all of Trump’s Cabinet Picks despite a determined effort from Dem leadership to “get” Trump. Manchin even got attacked by the Washington Post.

Just in the last few days while the media obsesses over Russia, the Obamacare repeal is taking shape, insane MPG Regulations on cars are being gutted, lead ammo ban gone, and extreme gun control regulations have been scrapped. All Donald Trump has to do for the first year of his Presidency is gut the regulations and regulatory agencies and the economy will explode.

The Media will not figure Trump out because they are constitutionally incapable of it. The democrat leadership can’t figure Donald Trump out, because to do so would mean coming face to face with their own failure. How sweet it is.

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  1. Excellent analysis Aaron. Looking back over the 2016 campaign and observing the vicious attacks on President Trump, it is unimaginable that any other of the 17 candidates would have the will and back bone to take on the so called resistance the way that Trump has. Done.

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