Feb 172017

The fake media classified them as an Evangelical Relief Organization, when they should properly be classified as a thinly-veiled political group.

I chose to use a Washington Post story because the Post hats Donald Trump and is a great source for this sort of story. They will breathlessly take the side of World Relief or (fill in the name of fraud here) to attack Donald Trump.

Recently, World Relief Sacramento hit my radar as they called for people to protest and confront Congressman Tom McClintock. Their call was replete with leftist buzz-words and the timing of their blast email was no accident as the left picked it up and sent it out far and wide.

This is all you need to know about World Relief:

In 2015, World Relief received about $42 million in government grants, which made up nearly three quarters of the ministry’s total revenue of $62 million, according to the ministry’s latest available Internal Revenue Service filings. It will shutter offices in Boise, Idaho; Columbus, Ohio; Miami; Nashville; and Glen Burnie, Md. and lay off about 20% of its 650 U.S.-based employees (it has 2,500 employees globally).

So – want to know why they showed their partisan colors? Like any business dependent on government, business was good under Obama.

And even though the Washington Post used this as a venue to attack Trump, the article kept letting out nuggets, like this one:

World Relief receives about 10 percent of the total cases, Soerens said, so the ministry anticipates it will receive somewhere around 1,600 refugees to arrive in the next 7½ months, distributed through its offices throughout the country. In the past six months, the agency resettled more than 6,000 refugees.

Get it? When Donald Trump put the brakes on “Refugee” resettlement, it is putting these “Charities” dependent upon government out of business. Here’s the thing folks, I would not normally care about “Refugees” except that the Obama Admin made sure that 99% of them (from Arab Countries) were Muslims and it is proven fact that Muslim “Refugees” are not a safe group. This is why Donald Trump’s agreement with Arab Nations to start creating “Safe Zones” is a huge deal. Keep people in their home countries surrounded by security so they can be shielded from the wars. Do not import the problems (rape, crime, disease) that come with impoverished, corrupt nations. It is the brutal reality.

Safe Zones, however, do not keep “Charities” like World Relief Sacramento in Business.

If you have any doubt about how this “Charity” is abusing their status to engage in political activity:

Last week, World Relief coordinated an effort by 100 evangelical pastors and leaders to buy an advertisement in The Washington Post that denounced Trump’s executive order. That ad included several evangelicals who don’t usually get involved in politics, including New York City pastor Tim Keller and his wife, Kathy Keller, and popular author Ann Voskamp.

Now you get why the Washington Post was willing to give positive coverage to Christians for once. They were doing their bidding (aka, Attacking Donald Trump).

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