Feb 112017

This is continued from yesterday – for the latest complete listing of blatant and outright lies from the MSM, visit the Daily Wire and keep it tuned in here.

56. Washington Post Caught Lying About Trump Threat to ‘Invade Mexico’

P.S. Portraying Trump as an unstable leader eager to go to war and threaten other countries, is all part of the media’s ongoing “assassination dogwhistle” campaign.

58. Media Caught Lying About GOP Expanding Gun Access to Mentally Ill

Although the story spread far and wide across the MSM landscape, it was a flat-out lie.

59. Media Runs With Lie About Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Founding “Fascism Forever” Club

This has to be read to be believed.

60. Journalist Lies About ‘Forced Resignations’ at Secret Service

Never happened.

61. NBC News Lies About Milo Plan to Out Berkeley Illegals


is a lie.

62. Media Spreads Lie About Trump Changing the Name of Black History Month

The lie ran around the world

…before the truth could get its shoes on.

70. Politico, New York Times Lie About Trump Nominee Foreclosing on 90-Year-Old Woman

The Federalist:

At Politico on December 1, Lorraine Wellert published a shocking essay claiming that Trump’s pick for secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, had overseen a company that “foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman after a 27-cent payment error.” According to Wellert: “After confusion over insurance coverage, a OneWest subsidiary sent [Ossie] Lofton a bill for $423.30. She sent a check for $423. The bank sent another bill, for 30 cents. Lofton, 90, sent a check for three cents. In November 2014, the bank foreclosed.”

The story received widespread coverage, being shared nearly 17,000 times on Facebook. The New York Times’s Steven Rattner shared it on Twitter (1,300 retweets), as did NBC News’s Brad Jaffy (1,200 retweets), the AP’s David Beard (1,900 retweets) and many others.

The problem? The central scandalous claims of Wellert’s article were simply untrue.

71. CNN, Daily Beast Lie About Betsy DeVos, Guns and Grizzlies

The Federalist:

During her confirmation hearing, education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos was asked whether schools should be able to have guns on their campuses. As NBC News reported, DeVos felt it was “best left to locales and states to decide.” She pointed out that one school in Wyoming had a fence around it to protect the students from wildlife. “I would imagine,” she said, “that there’s probably a gun in the school to protect from potential grizzlies.”

This was an utterly noncontroversial stance to take. DeVos was simply pointing out that different states and localities have different needs, and attempting to mandate a nationwide one-size-fits-all policy for every American school is imprudent.

How did the media run with it? By lying through their teeth. “Betsy DeVos Says Guns Should Be Allowed in Schools. They Might Be Needed to Shoot Grizzlies” (Slate). “Betsy DeVos: Schools May Need Guns to Fight Off Bears” (The Daily Beast). “Citing grizzlies, education nominee says states should determine school gun policies” (CNN)[.]

74. NBC’s “Today Show” Deceptively Edits Giuliani Comments on Trump’s Immigration Pause

NewsBusters busts NBC’s serial liar (see above) Pete Alexander:

Despite all of the media hand-wringing over fake news lately, on Monday, NBC’s Today engaged precisely in that kind of shoddy journalism as the morning show deceptively edited a soundbite from Rudy Giuliani about President Trump’s immigration order. …

A brief clip ran of the former New York City mayor telling Fox News host Jeanne Pirro on Saturday: “When he first announced it, he said Muslim ban. He called me up, he said put a commission together, show me the right way to do it legally.”

However, a longer clip of Giuliani aired just minutes earlier on MSNBC’s Morning Joe clearly showed there was no contradiction, as he repeatedly stated that the policy he helped develop was “not based on religion[.]”

Reminder: This is the very same “Today Show” that was caught editing a 911 call to make George Zimmerman look like a racist.

75. New York Times Caught Lying About Number Detained By Trump’s Refugee Pause

Read the full thread. Utterly shameless lying.

76. Atlantic Caught Lying About Trump’s Refugee Pause

Extraordinary, bare-faced lie.

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