Feb 082017

This is just a sampling of fake news that has been pushed out, has gone viral and then the corrections are largely ignored.

This is the 1990’s era playbook of repeating the lie, the problem is in 2017 the Internet (that Obama tried to Muzzle with Net Neutrality) is the equalizer to fake news.

Get ready, because this will be a regular feature here at RightonDaily.

1. MSM Lies About Trump Having ‘No Evidence’ To Back Up Illegal Vote Claim

In 2014, no less than the leftwing Washington Post published a study backing up Trump’s claim about potential illegal voters.

Nevertheless, this has not stopped every lying freak in the media from declaring Trump a liar. And that includes lying freaks who work for … The Washington Post!

2. To Hurt Trump, ABC News Deceptively Edits Ari Fleischer

Ari Fleischer, former Press Secretary for George W. Bush, praised Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary.

ABC News intentionally used magic editing to lie, to make it sound as though Fleischer blasted Spicer.

3. Media Falsely Claims Trump Removed Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from Oval Office

Time’s Zeke Miller, who was serving at the time as the entire media’s pool reporter, used his Twitter feed to publish the incendiary lie that Trump had removed the bust of the civil rights leader from the Oval Office.

Without checking, the MSM ran like escaped lunatics with the Fake News.

4. CNN’s False Claim About Nancy Sinatra

Apparently, without discussing it with her, CNN went ahead and claimed that Nancy Sinatra was “not happy ” about Trump using the song “My Way” at his inauguration.

Nancy Sinatra herself declared the CNN report an outright “lie.”

5. The Atlantic Falsely Claims Fetal Heartbeats Are “Imaginary”

The leftwing Atlantic is apparently upset that ultrasounds might convince expectant mothers to see their unborn child as something other than easily-aborted goo.

In a humiliating correction, The Atlantic was forced to toss away its junk science and admit, “This article originally stated that there is ‘no heart to speak of’ in a six-week-old fetus. By that point in a pregnancy, a heart has already begun to form.”

This list continues here on the Daily Caller

8. Hysterical Claims About the White House Website

An incoming presidential administration remakes the White House website to reflect the current president’s policies, goals, and vision. This is standard operating procedure. The news media know this. This is also common sense.

Nevertheless, to make it sound as though Trump hates Mexicans and gays, the MSM spread all kinds of Fake News.

9. The New York Times Lies About Rick Perry

Last Wednesday, just prior to his confirmation hearing as energy secretary, The New York Times lied. The so-called Newspaper of Record, spread the Fake News that Perry didn’t understand what his job entailed.

10.  USA Today Uses Parody Account to Attack Rick Perry

Just last week, New Media debunked false reporting from back in December by USA Today. This Fake News was not corrected until last Thursday.

11. Media Attacks Trump Nominee Over Prayer

The leftwing Washington Post attempted to make Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, Trump’s nominee for agriculture secretary, look like some kind of anti-science freak simply because he once prayed for rain.

12. Washington Post Lies About White House Website Promoting Melania Trump’s Jewelry Line

This was just a flat-out lie.

Just wait, there’s more.

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