Oct 182016

Lincoln is still a mess. The fire station that I posted pictures of many years ago being shut down, opened and got shut down again and may be open again. Nevertheless, it is a poster child for the woes of Lincoln.

Short Sale LincolnLincoln is growing again, no thanks to Spencer Short, who has consistently opposed the developments of every developer except one. Short is the only remaining councilmember from the days before the market crash and some of the current issues related to poor planning of the past can be laid at his feet. Needless to say, Short’s contribution to solving the issues of the past is lynching the city manager, attacking city staff and stabbing several people in the back.

In 2013, he turned on the Lincoln Firefighters like he turns on most people that help or support him. Short, as he is prone to do got in to mirco-managing.

Short needs to go.

There are an astounding 7 candidates on the ballot for this 3 seat race.

My choices are Paul Joiner, Peter Gilbert (who have teamed up with Gabriel Hydrick to save the hide of development time and again over the attempts of Spencer Short to throttle it) and Planning Commissioner Dan Karleskint.

If you had any doubts about weather Spencer Short is loyal to anyone, after benefiting from part of the massive $100,000 independent expenditure engineered by David Stafford Reade in 2012 for a seat on Placer GOP Central Committee, he rewarded them with by getting discharged for apathy as he stopped attending meetings. In the previous term, he sent the former GOP chair a petulant, arrogant letter of resignation.

Short has been stiffed by every local Republican and Taxpayer Group as he has been an embarrassing army of one.

Lincoln needs a short sale.

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