Sep 082016

Rene Aguilera is one of my favorites in local office.

Like Gary Miller, Rene Aguilera (pronounced Aggie-Lair-Uh, or else you are a racist) is a hard-left liberal democrat activist. You will see in his own words where he stands on the issues. (You may have to enter his name in to a search field on the site to get the results)

To no one’s surprise, he wants to gut prop 13. To no one’s surprise he wants to tax the rich and corporations – even more than they already are to fund a grab bag of progressive liberal agenda items.

What I can’t figure out is why he supports the $15 minimum wage – when his form 700’s indicate no income whatsoever. It makes perfect sense that he’d favor screwing business owners with a split-roll property tax deal and jacking taxes up even higher – because those don’t affect him, but making it harder for the poor to get a job? Maybe Aguilera really intends to never be gainfully employed, ever.

Then he lists his support for higher gas prices – with an extraction tax, higher energy prices by supporting failed cap and trade and of course single-payer healthcare.

Rene Aguilera did attempt to get the per-meeting stipend increased so he could afford Health Insurance through the district for himself. He could have also gotten a job, that might have been a better idea.

Aguilera who once campaigned on behalf of Prop 8, now lists himself amongst Gay Marriage opponents, Aguilera who claims Catholic Faith, lists himself is pro choice now. Perhaps this brand of faith is what Gary Miller thinks is ok?

Perhaps another reason why Rene Aguilera won’t get a job is that the $18k judgement we wrote about in 2014 is still in effect and Mr. Aguilera does not want to have wages garnished?

Lest you think that $18,000 judgement is an isolated incident, Aguilera also defaulted on his mortgage at one time as well. You can see the default for yourself if you like as it is all public record, much to the chagrin of Rene Aguilera.

Aguilera has a host of other problems we are going to get in to as well. The bottom line is that Aguilera has no business being in office anywhere, just like Gary Miller.

Hopefully, in 2016 the voters of Roseville will foreclose on the political career of Rene Aguilera.

P.S. as a personal note, I wear it with a badge of honor that Gary Miller thinks I am a Bigot and Rene Aguilera thinks I am a racist. This is a clear sign that they are both worried as page 2 of the liberal democrat playbook is to play the bigot/racist card when threatened. Welcome to American Politics 2016.

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