Jun 012016

Supporters Picture (1)As I write this – Kevin Kiley’s Bay Area Liberal Donors are attempting to ride to his rescue.

They did an astroturf call and a piece of mail that is known at this point.

I will see young Mr. Kiley’s liberals and raise him 70 Republican Leaders.

#AD06, Leadership.

Starting from the top left:

Roseville Mayor Carol Garcia

State Senator Jim Nielsen

Rocklin Councilmember Scott Yuill

Roseville Vice-Mayor Susan Rohan

Assembly-Member Frank Bigelow

Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters

Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler

Roseville Councilmember Pauline Rocucci

Popular Former Assembly-Member Roger Niello

Lincoln Councilmember Paul Joiner

Roseville Councilmember Bonnie Gore

Placer County Supervisor Robert Weygant

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