May 192016

Let’s start with the 1/2 cent Transportation Sales Tax dog whistle:

With their experience, judgment and priorities, they are best equipped to wrestle with the complex issues facing Placer, one of California’s fastest-growing counties. One issue headed their way is a possible half-cent sales tax on the November ballot to help fund the county’s transportation needs. Holmes is generally in support, Uhler is skeptical and Montgomery wants to see the final proposal.

Wow – I read all over Facebook that Uhler has already drank the kool-aid and is supporting the 1/2 cent sales tax? Could it be that those accusing him LIED? Perish the thought.
Uhler, who served as supervisor from 1993 to 1996 and started his second stint in 2006, represents District 4, which includes Granite Bay and part of Roseville. He also wants to complete the conservation plan and stresses moving toward long-term financial stability, including reducing retiree costs and other unfunded liabilities.

His challenger is (a liberal democrat turned DTS), a first-time candidate who decided to run after a housing project was proposed next to his home. He says there’s a problem with overdevelopment and poor planning.

But – at least the Bee OUTS the NIMBY-ism that prompted the challenge. It is interesting that the handful of people on the right can not see how their witch hunt is going to jeopardize the State of Jefferson. (Uhler was the only supporter of it on the board and could have gotten the votes for it… I doubt that will happen now)

Also take note that Bekhet has no clue of the challenges facing the county, only animosity over a development.
There is one special parting shot in the Bee article that deserves mention:
(Liberal Democrat turned DTS) says the website includes hateful material, and he filed a complaint this month with the state Fair Political Practices Commission. The commission, however, dismissed the complaint, saying it doesn’t have authority over such material.
Please note that those involved in the witch hunt are still talking about the FPPC Complaint. Another lie. For those of you interested in learning who the SOJ supporters are supporting for Placer SUP D4 – visit – a very real website with a lot of links to real information.
They wonder why the State of Jefferson will die when this election is over and the three incumbents are re-elected. It has nothing to do with the incumbents actual feelings about SOJ, it has to do with the way the SOJ supporters operate. I am not going to hold my breath waiting for any sort of reconciliation of that, because in most of their minds I am the one that is wrong for pointing the whole mess out.

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