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That headline is not hyperbole. I took the time to start looking in to all the major donors of Young Mr. Kiley’s campaign. I knew there was more to this than simple pandering on the Gay Marriage Issue at a Bay Area event.

The bundling of the contributions and the use of an intermediary peaked my interest – especially given that I have been told from Jump Street that Kiley would raise $300k. It is clear that said $300k was always going to come from the Bay Area. Have a look at Kiley’s electronic reporting.

So – let’s get in to it shall we?

Jason Fish – Look at fat checks to Hillary Clinton, Tom Daschle, Barak Obama, and the list goes on. Fish gave Kiley $4200

Kausik Rajgopal – A whole lot of Obama. Gave Kiley $1000

Stephanie DeMarco – Emily’s List. Obama. Bill Bradley. Gave Kiley $1500

Ronald Conway – Bob Kerry, Ro Kanna, Charles Schumer, Obama, Elizabeth Warren – Gave Kiley $1500.

Rebecca Morgan – Far Left Republican “It’s My Party Too” PAC, Republicans for Choice, oh and Clinton. Don’t forget the Wish List – (Abortion for any reason and any time) PAC on there as well. Gave Kiley $1000.

I got to Tench Coxe and he looked like Rep donor until I saw Obama and Ro Kanna.

But his wife? Simone Coxe is a go to National Dem Donor. Progressive Women of Silicon Valley highlights her list of Dem Leaders She supported.

Both Coxes – $4200 each to Kevin Kiley.

Regina Scully – I saw the $28,500 to DNC Services Corp and that was the end of it for me. $25,000 to Ready for Hillary is also in raised relief as you scroll

John Scully – Look at all the money to swing state Democrat Parties. Enough to make your blood boil – then I looked further and found that he BUNDLED $180,000+ for Barak Hussein Obama.

Kiley got his 30 pieces from both of them ($4200 each).

And our tour-de-Kiley finishes with George Hume – he has given token amounts to Republicans, but massive amounts to the DNC and a who’s-who of communists. And – Young Mr. Kiley got $4200 from him.

It really does not matter which district you live in. Having a Republican candidate running for office who is funded by Obama bundlers is a train wreck.

You should also ask – what did Kevin Kiley promise them? We know that Kiley flexes his message to meet his audience. Was it Kiley’s Gay Marriage support? Is Kiley really Pro-Choice? Was it because Kiley worked for Liberal Democrat Kamala Harris as one of her lackeys?

These things should give you pause.

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