May 142016

I won’t hold my breath waiting for the Roseville Press-Tribune to apologize anytime soon. Heck, they called me a racist for merely pointing out what a disaster Bekhet is.

Selling securities without a license is a crime.

For those of you that are unable to view <<< which is a very REAL website, I am providing the evidence to back up my claim below.

Please note that Victor Bekhet lied to the media when he implied that the info on the site was inaccurate – one of the key claims against Bekhet is that he is practicing securities sales without a license. Here is your proof as of 5/14/2016. Please note that I had to use Victor’s address in the Bay Area to find him, I should also note that he was a registered Democrat there as well.


Victor Bekhet probably does not know that I used to have a securities license myself so I would know how to find a license and what it means to be selling securities and/or giving investment advice without a license.

It is a good thing this blog has a larger readership than the Roseville Press-Tribune. The commie-lib hippie reporter lied in his story, the truth is here.

  2 Responses to “#EPICFAIL Update: Victor Bekhet Still Has a Suspended Securities License!”

  1. Aaron you are not a racist…I know you too well. You hate everyone equally… 😉

  2. Blogger’s Note – Looks Like Victor Bekhet stopped by for a visit.

    Hey Aaron,

    I’d never heard of you nor Kirk Uhler nor Victor Bekhet before receiving my ballot this last week. Upon seeing the candidates for Placer County supervisor, I googled their names. The first thing I found when searching for “Victor Bekhet” was your website attacking him.

    The more I read through the page, the more it dawned on me that the page was full of distorted facts told from a biased viewpoint, making no attempt at being honest but clearly tweaked to promote an agenda. On top of that, the page points out things that are supposed to sound bad and scary but really don’t matter at all. You mentioned that Bekhet used to own a business with an Egyptian name. That’s supposed to be a bad thing? Who cares? You’re attempting to appeal to people’s racial biases and it’s quite obvious and frankly embarrassing that’s what you resorted to. It reminds me of bullies in high school. I thought we’d grown out of that, but apparently some people never progressed beyond the mentality of a child.

    Your shit-flinging tactics are not productive, are clearly the product of a weak mind desperately trying to be relevant, and are honestly a de-evolution, a throwback to a simpler time when our ancestors really did throw shit.

    In short, you should realize that your site is counterproductive, and I would have voted for Uhler had I not come across it. However, having seen your cowardly tactics that attempt (poorly) to take advantage of racial biases, it left me so disgusted with you and Uhler that I voted for Bekhet. Again, had I not read your website I would have voted for Uhler, but your website lost him my vote. Maybe you should rethink your strategy; we voters are not all mindless sheep, (I just like them on the weekends) but can think for ourselves and can easily recognize selfish and juvenile smear campaigns.

    I hope you find something more satisfying to do with your life than to put others down in order to earn a fleeting, false sense of superiority, you sad little man.

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