May 202016

IMG_3843I understand how messed up most Central Committees are. Many have become overrun with Libertarian Anarchists, and unproductive malcontents. My own Central Committee here in Placer is a disaster.

The Placer GOP Registration has dropped from 47-45%, the committee has raised little or no money and many of their members are engaged in witch hunts against local GOP officials.

One of the people included in the Placer Sup D2 Slate has led several witch-hunts against Republican incumbents, so even an incumbent protection motive is unclear. (My first assumption was that this was a similar dynamic to 2012 when the Placer GOP was punished for not supporting either Gaines for re-election, as the committee did not endorse Ted Gaines again in 2016)

In my opinion, the solution is certainly not for a Political Action Committee run by a handful of people to spend millions of dollars picking the next committees. Worse, many selected for inclusion on the IMG_3844slates are legislative staff – suggesting a control motive.

I take note that in my home district, the Pol-Pot Bellied CRA Information Minister, Thomas N Hudson was excluded as was Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association Employee Eric Eisenhammer. Those included on the slate are less conservative including two Bay Area transplants. This suggests a second motive could be ideology.

I am aware of similar efforts in Butte County – where Butte County GOP Chairman Mike Zuccolillo believes he has been targeted because of his support of Doug LaMalfa’s primary opponent, Joe Montes. Note, that LaMalfa is featured on the mailer here in Placer, and based on bits and pieces of what I have seen, I am confident that LaMalfa is featured in the Butte County mailers.

I have been alerted of similar efforts in Stanislaus, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Sutter Counties as well. I would not be surprised if I found out about an effort in Glenn or Yuba Counties and in addition, I am assuming that the other Bay Area Counties are being covered by this effort as well.

I know why Contra Costa and Alameda have been targeted. Both of those committees have been feckless disasters after they were taken over with deceitful drills by tea partiers in 2012.

I had observed that several legislative staff and known left-leaning political consultants had been filing for Central Committees in Butte, Sutter, Placer and Sacramento County. The only district all four have in common is Senate District 4. Is Jim Nielsen going to retire? Are staff being lined up on the committees of SD04 in order to ensure a succession?

We already know Ted Gaines is lining up his next office and is positioning his wife Beth Gaines to run for State Senate in a 2019 special election. Is this effort, at least in the North State, being run to ensure successions of loyalists to current leadership? It is a fair question to ask.

I will talk to those in charge of this PAC to get their comments before I draw conclusions or make judgments.

There is no one innocent here. There are political consultants looking to control party endorsements – who could care less about registering voters or party-building. There are libertarian anarchist Tea Partiers that refuse to raise money, refuse to be team players who live for witch hunts. Then, there are the moderate activists that believe Conservatives are the reason why the GOP loses.

I thought about running for Central Committee. Then I thought about joining a bunch of political consultants I know at their favorite bar and drinking them under the table. Then I decided it would be best If I played in the traffic on I-80 as that was the safest option of all.

I will, however conclude with this – a hostile, resentful GOP electorate that felt powerless and disenfranchised by its’ leadership rejected anyone that had ever held office in favor of Donald Trump. Party leaders at that point in time were rendered powerless before many grudgingly joined the Trump train to get a trip to Ohio for the Convention.

If I find out the motives of the men that did this massive expenditure of money, I will certainly follow up on this post.

The problem that will last forever is this, no matter the outcome, they have created resentments all over California. When you create a class of losers and the aggrieved, you have a permanent problem.

Over the years, I have dealt with some of the worst the GOP has to offer as well as some of the best. You never win the war, ever. In politics the resentments are permanent and forgiveness is seen as a sign of weakness. People live on, even after wads of money are spent to oust them.

Look at my own situation. In 2012, some of the same people spent $47,000 on the Placer GOP Cent Com and unseated me by 27 votes. Amazingly, I have gotten MORE powerful and influential since, not less.

At the end of the day, the Tea Party Crazies and the Right Wingers being targeted in these expenditures for elimination will be legitimized forever. A Generation of people with a lasting resentment and a list of people have been created. I fear for the future of the CAGOP.

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  1. This isn’t true for the 66th Central Committee (Torrance, Gardena). David Hadley and his team of conservative activists have done an incredible job, and special interest money did not make that happen!

  2. Art- I found out that similar drills are being run in San Bernardino and Riverside County as well. Maybe LA has been exempted.

  3. Why do you refer to Tea Partiers as crazy? Is it because we oppose the Republican Party merging with the Democrat Party against the American people; is it because we believe in LIMITED GOVERNMENT and free markets, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY and the reduction of our nation’s debt, and ADHERENCE TO THE CONSTITUTION and the principles of our founders; or is it “all of the above”?

  4. Alameda and Contra Costa’s turnover that many accuse as being Tea Party driven was actually at the beginning of 2015, not 2012. In 2012 in Contra Costa we re-elected the same slate that had been there the 4 years prior with a few new comers such as myself, and still many vacancies that were difficult to fill, but the committee was relatively peaceful and relatively productive compared to the prior years with the infights published all over the local blogs, and more recently with multiple chair turnovers in the last year. The most recent infight that many may attribute to “anarchisty-libertarians” prior ended around 2010-2011.

    The recent hostile turnover in Contra Costa had little to nothing to do with Tea Party vs establishment from my perspective, and more to do with personality issues between executive members and that leading to a tribalization of the committee. Looking back the actions of pretty much everyone involved were abhorrent but its not accurate to accuse the general “Tea Party” of this.

    As for Alameda, that could more arguably be considered a tea party takeover. But if politiking and whipping votes for an anti establishment chair at a fair election is considered decietful, then I am not sure what that makes everyone else who touches politics with a 10 foot pole. Again, not defending the ongoing leadership in Alameda, as it has been a disaster, and had continued to make its impact in the interpersonal problems in Contra Costa last year.

    As for the mailers, the people included in the ones in our county are somewhat random, with a majority of them being current members anyway. There are a select few that appear not included and some newbies that I have never heard of or met that are included. I was included on the mailers in my area, despite that I am probably in your words a ?libertarian-anarchist-teapartier? and Ron Paul supporter in both 08 and 12 (prior to my involvement with any central committee.) But some of us are able to get along with people of different political backgrounds (From CRA members to our very moderate candidates) in our committee and do care about raising money and getting people elected, despite what you may think.

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