May 102016

If you are wondering why Placer County is losing voter registration and why we have no bench to recruit candidates from – it is because you are wearing a target if you are in local government. One candidate, Suzanne Jones, even attacked Kirk Uhler by name in her closing statement.

Bill Halldin has been on the Placer GOP Cent Com for 6 years. It got him exactly nothing as the portion of the GOP Committee Members that are rabid dogs showed up for a feeding frenzy last night. They even made sure their new liberal democrat turned DTS buddy Victor Bekhet was present for the festivities. (More on that in a later post)

A personal highlight for me was having Ken Campbell educate me that he is a doctor. I know he is not a psychologist, because he needs one. Perhaps he is a proctologist, who knows. A second personal highlight was Suzanne Jones closing statement attacking Bill Halldin and Kirk Uhler over the content of this blog – I’d like to thank them both for reading.

The Placer #AD06 Debate was moderated by KFBK political reporter Gary Deitrich, who did a decent job with the debate. I will also give the leadership of the Cent Com credit for taking steps to reign in the rabid tropical depression Hanley supporters.

Typical of Debates / Candidate Forums – there were only about 20 or so uncommitted voters present. Hanley and Cristi Beckstead-Nelson brought their supporters with them. It made for an audience hostile to Bill Halldin.

The big winner of the debate? Andy Pugno. He got to lob right-wing bombs, showed an incredible depth of knowledge of the issues and was never attacked.

Kevin Kiley was articulate on the issues he knew and had effective lawyer filibusters on those he did not.

Kevin Hanley and Cristi Nelson showed up with one goal in mind – try to damage front-runner Bill Halldin. Despite how they may feel, given that they stacked the audience, Bill was waiting for them. I will break some news, I helped Bill prepare for this debate and what happened last night is what we both agreed would happen.

Kevin Hanley’s problem is that he is robotic. He may not be trying to be that way – but the tapes show his lack of personality and his stiff nature of speaking. It is what it is.

Cristi Beckstead-Nelson is Beth Gaines. Her resume is a fraud, she reads off of a script and she has made it clear that she intends to get even with everyone that did not support her…

… including Bill Halldin whose endorsement she sought last year. Nelson attacked Halldin, including outright lying about her conversation with him when she sought his endorsement.

It appeared that both Hanley and Beckstead-Nelson are on tilt. I purposefully stood in the back of the room – several times the two of them only got applause because their staff initiated it. I saw the audience visibly groan as Nelson continued to bear her fangs toward Bill repeatedly. After a devastatingly effective answer to a question about the CTA, Mr. Hanley brought it up 2-3 more times during the course of the evening.

The bottom line – no one’s mind was changed. No one got Bill Halldin on film being a liberal. The reality is that Bill Halldin entered the race and lined up his support – which was the crux of tonight’s action.

Kevin Hanley, Cristi Nelson and Suzanne Jones put local government on trial last night. Just plain dumb.

The 1/2 cent sales tax dog whistle came up repeatedly. The above three railed on it, they railed on the people supporting it. The rabid dog caucus was cheering them on.

One of the reasons why I believe that Kevin Kiley will be a good candidate someday? He asked a clever question in the crossfire section, but never attacked anyone directly. He stayed out of the feeding frenzy against local government. Andy Pugno did exactly the same.

The rest decided that they needed to attack dozens of Republicans in local office to get to Bill. I’ve seen this dynamic in past campaigns. They are even supporting a non-Republican to satisfy a vendetta. I’ve seen this before too.

For me, last night was exactly what I was expecting. I learned nothing new about anyone. I got to see a whole bunch of people that don’t like me very much because of the exposure of their bad behavior on this blog. They did not succeed in damaging Bill Halldin. They won’t succeed in unseating Kirk Uhler or anyone else in local government they deem impure either.

Somewhere, extreme left wing homosexual activist Gary Miller is laughing as he is recruiting other extreme leftists for local school boards while the Placer GOP is trying to shoot fellow Republicans.

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  1. I just wish Mr. Halldin were a bit more friendly. Missed the debate, and still not sure who I will vote for.

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