May 132016

FinancialNorthYoung Mr. Kiley just reported another $61,000 from Bay Area donors. They are from all over the political spectrum – but most work in the finance and investment industry. It appears that Mr. Kiley’s base are wealthy Bay Area donors whose net worth allow them to continue to live where most people who live in AD06 could never bother to look. The locales of Atherton, RedWood City, Cotati, and others yield some of the most expensive zip codes in America.

Many list their addresses somewhere in that photo. Please note that the tallest building in AD06 is 5 stories. (When you don’t count the casino)

This donor base is 100% of the reason why when people with an interest in Kiley’s campaign started talking to me about him that they were confident he’d raise $300k. Kiley should be at about 290-300K after this and his latest fundraiser held last night.

Kevin Kiley moved back to AD06 after living away from the district for 12 years in May of 2015. That same month, (like two weeks after re-registering to vote at his rented house) he publicly declared his campaign for assembly.

The problem for the 31 year old trial lawyer just 4 years removed from Law School is that now 85% of his money is from outside the district – with 90% of those funds coming from the Bay Area. A young man with no personal history whose donor base may as well be from the abyss of hell is trying to win an assembly race in one of the most Conservative districts of California.

Only Kiley and Bill Halldin – the race’s front-runner – have raised significant amounts beyond their personal money. Halldin has given himself $5k, Kiley $8400. The other three funded candidates have borrowed and self funded to the tune of a combined $430,000.

Halldin boasts 90% of his money from inside the district / Sacramento Area. It is the contrast between a 31 year old Lawyer funded 85% by the Bay Area. This could be a key issue.

Please note that the contrast between Kiley and Halldin is stark:

Kiley is an attorney, currently unemployed running for office.

Bill Halldin is a business owner, currently running a business with 6 employees while running for office.

Kiley is 31. Halldin is 54

Kiley supports Gay Marriage. Halldin is a Social Conservative.

Bill Halldin is endorsed by leading conservatives from all over the district. Kevin Kiley is endorsed by Pete Wilson, famous for destroying the CA GOP with Prop 187.

Wealthy GOP financier Charles Munger interviewed Kevin Kiley, Halldin and others yet chose to support the more conservative Bill Halldin. What did Munger see that the donor list of Kiley’s did not?

I am expecting the race to go negative given the amount of money heading in to it. Grab some popcorn.

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