Apr 132016

First off, I’d like to thank Victor Bekhet for bringing attention to www.victorbekhet.com. The number of unique visitors has shot up 10 fold since the story on KCRA Channel 3!

I was interviewed for 12 minutes while I was out on business yesterday afternoon and I did appreciate the professionalism of the reporter.

Linked here is the story from KCRA Channel 3. I would first like to thank Channel 3 for their selection of sound-bytes used in the article.

Victor Bekhet has multiple problems that apparently he wanted more people to know about, a suspended LLC, a suspended securities license, the fact that he got his very own zoning variance to develop his own property + a $20k break on sewer fees and of course his bay area addresses complete with democrat voter registration history.

However, like any media outlet, they had to work the race card in to the story. De vez en cuando, es mas mejor que hacer una cuenta sobre los razones en contra de su nacionalidad.

The story made me think I must confess, that I must be a bilingual racist myself. Maybe I should go see Pope Shenodua for an indulgence.

Yes – thank you Channel 3 for the publicity for this blog no one reads (but everyone seems to know what’s on) and for a well-done story.

Victor and his friends that helped him get Channel 3’s attention thought they were on to something, however this is Victor Bekhet they were working with.

Now – back to our regularly scheduled expose’s of Mr. Bekhet. Now that Bekhet is out there ablaze, I am wondering what else is hiding in his closet.


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