Apr 082016

f87c6f6ee5e49f822df9a6887deb8dd5Who the hell recruited this guy to run for Placer County Supervisor!? Maybe Ken Campbell and Thomas N Hudson should have gone to Placer County Fair and recruited a carnie to find a better candidate.

Victor Behket needs therapy. Apparently, he also needs training on the First Amendment. Sad that we aren’t teaching it in citizenship courses anymore – welcome to Obama’s America. (Behket was a dem until moving to Granite Bay three years ago)



Roseville/Granite Bay, Placer County — In the June 2016 District 4 Supervisorial race, a campaign for Uhler has violated the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Placer County District 4 candidate Victor Bekhet was targeted on April 6, 2016 when a flyer was distributed under false pretenses to cars parked at the EUSD on Eureka Rd for the GB Municipal Advisory Council Meeting. It used a plagiarized Bekhet photograph, pretending to promote him. It directed people to a phony website, as if from Victor. The flyer did not state who had paid for the message, which is illegal.

The fake website was full of slanderous accusations, ignorant assumptions, and falsehoods. It made racist suggestions against Bekhet for being bilingual, through a screenshot of his personal Facebook account. It belittled Bekhet’s Christian family name, Shenouda, a symbol of his religion, just as the late Coptic Pope Shenouda III was a public figure for Christianity in the Middle East. This is extremely disheartening for someone who built a life as an American immigrant in pursuit of freedom from religious persecution. Most disturbing were racist remarks about their family name linked to photos of Bekhet’s young children, posted publicly without permission. It implied that voters should be afraid of legal immigrants. References to Bekhet’s Arabic on topics such as standing against Islamic radicals controlling Egyptian politics, being pro-life, defending Christians from persecution, and birthday greetings were not interpreted and suggested horrific, misguided meanings.

Bekhet’s support of the Granite Bay Community Plan (GBCP) was undermined, saying he obtained “a variance from the GBCP so that he could split his property and build another house that he couldn’t have under the Community Plan.” This was entirely untrue! Bekhet himself has frequently mentioned the lot split publicly, as an example of development that conforms to the GBCP by not increasing current zoning density. Placer County instead returned money charged for an unrelated variance that was not required.

In addition, Bekhet’s credentials were attacked, citing Shenouda Capital Management, LLC as “suspended,” although it currently shows “active” since January 2009 (http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/). The accusation that Bekhet is “not registered as a financial advisor,” came from ignorance and ill-will. He acts under his investment advisor license, not his old brokerage license. Outdated information linking Bekhet to the Bay Area was also used, despite him being forthright about purposely leaving the Redwood City to establish a peaceful, rural life for his family and his ailing mother. The site directed readers to a political blog which claimed Bekhet’s “actual source of income is a laundromat” in Roseville. Bekhet receives income from several entrepreneurial ventures, as any successful small business owner might do. He is a partner with his brothers, who primarily manage it. The document this blog posted publicly to prove its claim included Bekhet’s full birth date, a breach of privacy which now leaves him vulnerable to identity theft.

According to the CA Code of Fair Campaign Practices form (#20440) that candidates are expected to follow, we ask that all defamatory and racist publications, especially those posing as Bekhet and exposing his children to ridicule, be immediately removed. They are guilty of “character defamation, libel, slander…, attacks on any candidate or his…personal or family life.” They are also an “appeal to negative prejudice based on a candidate’s…race, religious creed, color, national origin, (or) ancestry.” We call upon Kirk Uhler to “immediate and publicly repudiate support deriving from any individual or group that resorts, on behalf of (his) candidacy or in opposition to that of (his) opponent, to the methods and tactics that (he) condemn(s).”

In Bekhet’s words, “The true criticisms against me are that I an immigrant, Christian, bilingual, have lived in the Bay Area before, and am registered ‘decline to state’ in a supposedly nonpartisan race. I have been open about all of this and would like to focus on the issues now.” Please see www.victorbekhet.com  if you really want to know “Who is this Victor Bekhet?” as Aaron F. Park asked in his condemning blog.

Victor is going to be so much fun to play with. Too bad I won’t be cleaning my laundry at his place anymore.

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