Mar 152016

Well – leave it to the young Kevin Kiley to feature this cycle’s first legitimately BAD endorsement.

When you are a young first-time candidate, these are the sorts of mistakes you make.

Kiley lists “Former US Attorney McGregor Scott” in his campaign communication. I also take note that almost all of his endorsements are attorneys. (in fact, four of the candidates for AD06 have legal backgrounds)

Back in 1996, when Mr Kiley was in grade school, McGregor Scott was the appointed Shasta County DA by the Shasta Board of Supervisors.

At that time, Dick Dickerson, a moderate Republican with a history of supporting Gray Davis’ budgets / tax increases when he later became an assembly-member, was chair of the Shasta Board of Supes. Dickerson and Scott were close allies.

Mr. Scott was using heavy-handed tactics to prosecute hunters for minor or non-existent violations of codes. One such case included prosecuting a hunter who hit a turkey with his car for hunting out of season. Scott knew that most could not afford an attorney and would get them to settle out of court for fines.

McGregor Scott was also able to prosecute Dan Dellinger, then a political consultant working with John Feliz (of Tom McClintock fame) in 1996 after Dellinger worked for the primary challenger to, you guessed it, Dick Dickerson. (the late Dick Dickerson went to the Assembly in 1998 and was defeated in 2002 in a primary for State Senate)

The Siskiyou DA refused to prosecute Dellinger over a minor issue with hunting law, so Scott, took up the case under a nebulous state program. After Dellinger’s name was in the paper (think 1996, no blogs, no twitter, etc) several hunters came forward to Mr. Dellinger to say they had been victimized in a similar manner.

This incident was later used to attack another of Dellinger’s clients  (and later boss) – Rico Oller in campaign mail. Whether you like Oller or not, he was the conservative and Dickerson/Richter and crew were not.

I am sure young Mr. Kiley would have no institutional knowledge of the apparent abuse of office by the then Shasta County DA or the history as in 1996, I was still a resident of Arizona and he was in grade school. But, there is a concept in politics called vetting.

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