Dec 012015

Jim Frazier is the Democrat Assembly-Member from AD11.

He recently touted AB935 – a bill that creates a new Veteran Driver’s License! Frazier, like any self-promoting and self-serving politician had a nice press conference where he nominated himself for sainthood talking about how tough it was to get the bill passed… blah blah blah…

But wait, there’s more! AB935 amounts to a veteran tax!

Quoting Jim Frazier’s Republican Challenger, Dave Miller:

After a careful Legislative Analysis, the Designation was deemed “non-mandatory” in its current state, but what Assemblyman Frazier failed to mention in his Press Conference is the $ 5.00 FEE to receive the designation, with the Agency (CA DMV) reserving the right to raise that fee to a figure as high as $15.00. Meaning, “if you want the designation, which you deserve, you’ll need to pay for it!!!”.

In my estimation, the introductory program amounts to a “PROMO CODE” Time Period where the State DMV will access the success of the program. At that point, if successful, they will unleash Section 14901.1 of the Vehicle and Traffic Code to raise the Veterans’ designation fee, to the FEE they wanted to charge all along, which is $15.00/veteran.

Now, isn’t that special. The California Democrats used veterans as a smokescreen for a tax increase.

Jim Frazier is a loser.

Why not give that $15 or more to Dave Miller for Assembly?

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  1. I am so proud of Dave Miller for exposing this corrupt Democrat. Go Dave Go!

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