Sep 162015

Former Auburn Council-Member Kevin Hanley moved to Rocklin. (Just like Team Gaines pick #1 Dave Titus)

I had received limited intel dating back 6 weeks that Hanley was playing with it. (Running for AD06)

Clay Sigg (Team Gaines Pick #2) has not been catching on anywhere with anyone. The flow of information on Sigg had gone cold.

Bill Halldin – the leading candidate in the race recently announced his 40th significant endorsement. (Popular Roseville Mayor Carol Garcia)

It appears then that the capetbag has been swung from longtime Roseville Resident Beth Gaines (who moved to Rocklin, back to Roseville and now rents in El Dorado County to set up her next government paycheck) – over to Kevin Hanley.

Is it too much to ask for someone with real, actual roots in South Placer County to become one of our local partisan electeds? (At least Ted Gaines’ family goes back 5+ generations in this area, until he squandered that legacy with his failure to lead and his ill-fated and insane campaign against lynched former Congressman John Doolittle)

Similarly, I am curious why Steve Davey seems to favor candidates that look like Ted Gaines in public. Kevin Hanley is indeed a “nice guy”, but is uninspiring in person. Similar to the routine purges of staff in their operation, I am left with the conclusion that Davey does not want anyone that will outshine Gaines. This is nearly impossible to do when juxtaposed with Beth.

I don’t dislike Hanley, but he does not inspire me. When you talk to Bill Halldin, who is also “mild mannered” you can see quickly that he is passionate, knowledgeable and has “it” for a leg candidate. Kevin Kiley is too young (age 30), Cristi Nelson has proven she is not viable (and has as thin a resume as Beth Gaines had before her run) and any other rumored candidates have demonstrated zero ability to raise money.

There is a chance that Clay Sigg is still the Team Gaines Candidate. My money is on him attempting to quietly drop out of the race in favor of Hanley as it appears Davey is no longer pushing him.

This would mean that the Emerson Drive express will have claimed its’ second AD06 candidate. (I have lost count of all the people the Gaines have used and discarded over the years as the stories find me unsolicited almost weekly)

While my interactions with Hanley have been limited, yet positive, I do sincerely question his judgement if indeed he becomes the Team Gaines candidate.

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