Jul 032015

I kept telling myself that I would not write about the CRA except in rare cases where their stupidity merited a response. Apparently, when nerds think they are right, almost everything they do is stupid.

The CRA’s 900 club is in to some serious damage control in between boxes of donuts. Makes you want to Join CRA, huh?

Witness CRA Interim President Tom Hudson’s response to a confused CRA unit. (You can pretty much tell what the unit asked by the response)

I am shocked to hear that you have not received any updates from the California Republican Assembly.  I have copied several local CRA officers on this e-mail to make sure that we can keep you and your unit in the loop.

Greg Marks is the new Senate District Director for District 4 and he was approved by the CRA Board of Directors.  His telephone number is (xxx).  (We do not presently have a Deputy Senate District Director in that district, due to a recent resignation, so I hope you will let me know if you have a good candidate in mind.  Perhaps someone from your unit would be willing to serve?)

Bill Cardoza is the closest Vice President.  His telephone number is (xxx).

Carl Brickey is the new CRA Membership Secretary.  His telephone number is (xxx).  I don’t want to speak for him, but I assume that he will be contacting you about membership information.

Ed Rowen is the Senate District Director for District 1 and the President of the Placer County Republican Assembly.  He does not represent your area, but I have copied him on this e-mail because he lives nearby in Lincoln and he might (possibly) be able to attend your meeting.  Ed’s telephone number is (xxx)

I am sorry that your former Senate District Director did not notify you when he suddenly resigned.  I am not very happy with him right now, for a wide variety of reasons, but there is probably no need to digress into that.  I certainly share your frustration with him!

Note that three “New” CRA officers – all of whom voted to expel us have done nothing for the CRA since taking their posts. IT Makes perfect sense as they all believe that people will flock to the CRA now that we are gone.

Also of near hysterical note is the first sentence in Mr. Hudson’s email. Apparently, it is dawning him that he is the interim president of a train wreck.

Of Final note is the new by-law that Mr. Hudson found about resigning board members. According to Hudson, it is the resigning board member’s fault – not the new board member (who ironically does not live in SD04 and hails from a fake unit). The things one must do to be the President of a fraud-based grassroots coalition.

Now off to the next member of the CRA’s 900-club, the former Bathroom Boy turned fraud protection agent. (aka membership secretary)

CRA has no records for your unit.  Former Membership Secretary George Park maliciously deleted all our membership and unit records from our online storage service and did it in a manner to prevent data recovery.  Mr. Park continues to ignore our demands to turnover the digital files he downloaded before the deletion.  Although Mr. Park mailed me a small number of paper records, none are from Sutter-Yuba RA.  President Tom Hudson sent an email three weeks ago updating the membership regarding the recent changes on the CRA Board of Directors using our email list, but we have found that some members and units, especially units such as yours that were recently chartered, are missing from the list.  I’ve been working with several board members to rebuild our contact list for unit presidents and secretaries and will email these unit leaders next week to provide my contact information, to clarify the procedures for dues and membership submissions, and to inform them of the status of our statewide membership and unit records.

Amazing things happen to someone when they think they are right.

It is all George’s fault. (Now we know how Bush feels) – George was just re-elected 82-55 in March, 10 weeks before being banned for life by the CRA’s board and now this.

The CRA’s By-Laws that they care about only when it suits them were complied with and they have no further recourse. The loss of control must be extremely difficult and may even require real work.

Based on anecdotal evidence, it looks like Alice had an old CRA email list and did not manage to update it when she was copying the CRA’s records.

Perhaps instead of appointing 15 new members to the CRA’s board to ensure the 2/3 needed to expel us from the organization – they should have attempted to find people who would be effective? (hint, they all resigned)

Finding real leaders for CRA might cause a loss of control of the fraud-based grassroots coalition. Makes you want to run out and join the CRA, huh?

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