Jun 032015

Why would anyone want to join CRA?

I’d like to observe that Mr. Hudson’s assertion that the PCRA’s final board meeting was invalid vindicates our assertions that the Nevada RA was a bogus unit. He states that we did not notify our Senate District Directors of the final meeting.

The Nevada RA never notified their Senate District Directors of any meetings in 2014 or before. Thank you Tom Hudson for admitting that the CRA’s board covered up fraud on the same day we were thrown out of CRA for challenging the legitimacy of the Nevada RA.

The Placer RA did – SD04 Director Tracy Mendonsa was present as was DSD01 Director Ed Rowen. Oops.

It gets worse – many units have multiple Senate Districts within their borders. Under Tom Hudson’s argument, the State Board (which just papered over the fraud in Pasadena, Ventura and Nevada RA – rather than sanctioning them for violations) could selectively attack units with this poorly written CRA By-Law. Now, the State CRA, consumed with rage and a desire to seek revenge has exposed itself to unlimited legal trouble because of the antiquated by-laws and the selective application of them.

In Hudson’s email, it appears that he makes Legal threats alleging commission of a felony in order to gain advantage in a Civil Case. This would be a violation of Bar Rule RPC 5-100.

Mr. Hudson can complain about the by-laws that the State Board selectively enforces all he wants. The Placer CRA quit and the embarrassed state CRA, like an abusive husband is threatening the club with lawsuits for leaving. Again, why would anyone want to freely subject themselves to this?

P.S. In order for Embezzlement to occur, someone has to end up with the money in their pocket. No one did. It sounds like the CRA’s board of directors has been watching too many crime shows.

Dear Kirk,

I need to clear up a few facts that seem to be causing confusion:

PCRA Charter Still Exists: Three individuals cannot vote to disband, dissolve, resign, leave CRA, or surrender the charter for the Placer County Republican Assembly.  As you know, Section 5.06 of the CRA Bylaws requires the approval of two-thirds of the members of the Placer County Republican Assembly for the unit to leave the California Republican Assembly.  A copy of the current CRA Bylaws is attached.

The PCRA Board Meeting Was Invalid: The alleged meeting of the Placer County Republican Assembly Board of Directors appears to have been invalid because proper notice was not provided.  In particular, the local Senate District Director did not receive notice in accordance with Section 7.13 of the CRA Bylaws.  (“The Senate District Director shall be an ex-officio member of all Boards of Directors of Republican Assemblies within his Senate District, but shall not have the right to vote on such local Boards unless that right is granted by the local bylaws.  Senate District Directors shall be notified prior to all meetings. . .”)  I am not necessarily seeking to become the enforcer of the local bylaws even though I am an active member of this club, but I want you to know about this concern, particularly because notice is so important to the proper functioning of CRA.

Embezzlement: Please be aware that the CRA Bylaws require all funds from units that are “seeking to leave” CRA to be forwarded to the CRA Treasurer.  The specific language of Section 5.07 says, “Any chartered Republican Assembly that has ceased to be part of the CRA for any reason, or that is seeking to leave CRA, shall relinquish the name Republican Assembly, surrender its charter certificate to the Membership Secretary, and transfer all of its funds to the CRA Treasurer.”  The Placer County Republican Assembly has ratified and agreed to be bound by the CRA Bylaws.  Failure to forward the unit funds to the CRA Treasurer as required may constitute embezzlement and the persons involved may be subject to very serious civil and criminal sanctions.

Arguments Against CRA: In your note, you repeated several silly and unproven arguments against CRA, many of which involve allegations against unrelated chartered Republican Assemblies that are hundreds of miles away from Placer County.  You have no idea what action the CRA is taking, or has taken, to enforce the CRA Bylaws, so the “selective enforcement” argument is too ridiculous to warrant a response.

The Park Brothers: As you know, the CRA Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly to remove my friends George Park, Jr. and Aaron Park from their CRA offices and to ban them from CRA for life, in punishment for a long list of offenses that is too lengthy for me to repeat in this note.  I did not vote for those sanctions and I am not enthusiastic about any State Board disciplinary actions (which I see as a distraction from CRA’s political efforts), but I am not writing this note to discuss those issues.  I am bringing up this subject because you need to realize that George Park, Jr. and Aaron Park are seeking to destroy the Placer County Republican Assembly and squander its hard-earned funds because they are upset that they were removed from their offices.  That may be understandable, even if reprehensible, but it is no excuse for illegal actions or a breach of fiduciary duties on your part.

P.S. Mr. Hudson and the CRA appear to be on tilt.

P.P.S. Mr. Hudson works as an attorney for the State Government and sent the email during business hours, (and makes over $130k a year) is this another case of our tax dollars at work?

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