May 242015

When I saw the CRA’s Bathroom Boys beating their flabby chests over the Texas couple being back together in LA County as some sort of evidence that the other 32 confirmed cases of fraud were somehow invalid… I knew the other shoe would drop.

The “Texas Couple” did indeed move to Texas and neither have paid dues in to the CRA since 2013 according to what they told our crack research staff on the phone. I guess we can leave them in the total… their dues were renewed at least once while they were out of state.

Another Couple by the last name of Malloy moved to Utah in 2012-2013. RUH-ROH! I guess I will see you a relocated to Texas and back to California Couple and raise you a Utah Couple… complete with three years of fraud!

Now – we have 7 CRA Members who were on the SCVRA roster in 2013 that should not have been – bolstering my claim that the CRA’s officer elections in 2013 were indeed affected by this fraud. These would be the “Texas Couple, the Utah Couple, former Assemblymember Cameron Smyth (+ wife) and Election Fraud Fighter Linda Paine (oh the irony).

Now have two more out of state members that are still out of state! Alice and the Bathroom Boys must think we are idiots to challenge and beat their chests over a Texas couple moving back to LA County… while Alice knew about the Mormon Couple that went back to Utah! If Alice did not know the Malloys moved back to Utah, then she needs an education in to how to commit fraud better. She won’t always have a cadre of people like the CRA Weed-Eater Tim Thiesen, the Rhodes Scholar Mark Gardner or the Bathroom Boys to cover her with their paper thin egos and the blind rage those breed…

Aided and abetted by the above, Alice Khosravy is poised to take over CRA by fraud and since the Bathroom Boys are too far in to be able to back out without being embarrassed, they will lie and equivocate right along with her until their credibility is ruined as well. This is what happens when you think you have God on your side… but I digress.

As an optional bonus – two more phone calls confirmed that:

Linda Savadian and Millie Jones are no longer active members and has let their dues lapse in 2014 – but Alice generously renewed them in 2015! I am sure the new CRA Board will accept this as standard practice!

For Those of you scoring at home – 38 out of 150 SCVRA Members are now verified fraud.


  One Response to “SCVRA Fraud Total up to 38 Confirmed – I’ll See Your Texas Couple and Raise You a Utah Couple!”

  1. This is the same kind of fraud I witnessed and reported several years ago when seeking the CRA’s endorsement of my candidacy for congress. But, when reported, no one seemed to care and no one took any action to investigate to ensure the endorsement process was not being compromised. Folks in charge only seemed interested in ensuring the outcome met their personal agenda. A damn good reason to resign my long-time membership with the CRA. So unfortunate the CRA has lost its credibility, fairness and honesty in the eyes of so many.

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