May 192015

Looks like the fabled draft comprehensive fiscal analysis (or CFA) has been delayed again… initially due out in March and then promised last week… the CFA when it comes out is going to demonstrate that incorporation of Olympic Valley is a complete waste of time. How do I know this?  Because those supporting Incorporating Olympic Valley (IOV) are already highly critical of LAFCO staff and the process.

Under public comments on the informational item at last week’s LAFCO meeting, Fred Ilfeld and IOV supporters (six in all) began commenting on specifics of the draft CFA before it was even in public— or given to the commissioners! Not only is that odd, but only days before, the incorporation people requested that the Draft CFA be delayed until after revenue neutrality negotiations were completed with the county.

As usual, on IOV, Ron Treabess, employed by NLTRA, recused himself but his alternate Brian Sheehan was seated as the alternate. Brian Sheehan is not unbiased in this effort and really should recuse himself.  He is a member of the Squaw Valley PUD and a big fan of incorporation.

The next LAFCO meeting is June 10, up at the Lake. This is a 4pm meeting followed by a workshop to gather public comments on the draft CFA at 6pm.


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