May 032015

The CRA Fraud Investigation is just a smokescreen, don’t you know. There is nothing to see within CRA. No dead members renewing their dues, no Texas residents, nope. Nothing.

I received my manifesto of execution from one of the CRA’s Bathroom Boys with the list of EVIL things I have done to warrant a lifetime ban from CRA.

Based on the evidence I have with me, I can conclude that Alice Khosravy got the Presidents of the fake CRA Units to pile on with complaints of their own – in an attempt to pre-empt any investigation into fraud. The Bathroom Boys on the other hand are obsessed with an alleged “data breach”, as they believe that they know the law better than lawyers or someone in the financial services industry for 18 years.

This is where we are at in CRA – if you annoy another officer, Alice will pounce on the disagreement and foment a lynch mob against you.

Let’s start Part one with the Nevada RA – this is an excerpt of Barry Pruett’s Complaint:

Over the past few months and in my opinion as a direct result of our unit choosing to endorse Tom McClintock and Doug LaMalfa in 2014, it is my firm belief that Aaron and George Park misused their positions within the CRA in order to wrongfully harass our unit due entirely to their personal motives or vendetta.   At first, we actually believed that the harassment came directly from the CRA itself, but after conversations with CRA board members, (See also Carl Brickey and Alice Khosravy) it became clear to us that our problem was created out of personal animus and not from a legitimate concern for our unit.  We considered leaving the CRA and creating our own local PAC, but we decided to stick with the CRA and continue fighting for change within the organization that we feel represents true conservative values. As most of you know, there was an attempt by the Parks to suspend our charter at your board meeting held on January 24, 2015, in Bakersfield, California which, as we were quite pleased, failed.  Subsequent to that failed action both Aaron and George Park continued to request documents from us which are not provided for in the CRA bylaws and not requested of other units which are also not on suspension.  It has also come to our attention that there was a failed attempt by the Parks to not provide for the credentialing of our delegates at the most recent convention held in Sacramento on March 14-15, 2015, once again we are quite pleased to know that that effort failed as well.

Note that emboldened sentence. That is the premise of the complaint.

Please also note that Mr. Pruett – who is a lawyer and the Husband of McClintock’s District Director has pulled the Congressman in to the middle of CRA matters. This is stupid beyond belief. I was not present at that meeting as I was home ill. (a fact Mr. Pruett deliberately omitted from the complaint)

Please also note that current CRA President Tom Hudson went nearly psycho when the CRA did not endorse McClintock in 2014. He sent emails to thousands of people and in my opinion, he fought to prop up the Nevada RA for the purpose of making sure the Placer RA could never block a McClintock endorsement again. In so doing, this was the ignition switch for the current state of affairs within CRA. The Nevada RA was the first time where Alice Khosravy, Carl Brickey and Tim Thiesen stopped going after by-law violations.

In my opinion, Mr Pruett’s anger and hostile arrogance is 100% due to Mr. Hudson going psycho over the McClintock non-endorsement.

The Nevada RA did not meet for at least three years. The Nevada RA had a meeting at 8:30AM on a Monday in 2015, 4 days before the CRA Convention in a vain attempt to paper over some by-law violations – at the behest of Alice Khosravy who called Barry to tip him off after then President John Briscoe told her he’d be handling the situation himself. Alice needed the votes from the Nevada RA for the 2015 convention for her plan to take out George.

Please also note – that Mr. Pruett and Ms Khosravy are asking for us to be banned for life because of an attempt to de-credential the Nevada RA’s delegates. There was no challenge at the convention – so the mere mention of issues before the convention apparently is what the lynch mob is lighting its’ torches over.

The minutes that they hastily assembled for 2014 have several inconsistencies – like 15 minute meetings, meetings on a Sunday and of course no officer elections in 2014 at all. None of these points have been addressed by Barry – it has been all about McClintock. I’d bet McClintock would prefer that Barry Pruett shut up.

As Pruett pounds his chest – he is asking for the CRA to throw me out because of McClintock. I’d invite him to come to my house and look at the McClintock yard sign in my garage – but since when did the facts matter.

20 CRA Board members voted to suspend the charter of the Nevada RA. Tom Hudson’s arguments managed to get 20 to vote no, causing the motion to fail. Should those 20 board members be expelled from CRA as well?

The Nevada RA has no website, no social media presence and does not publicly notice its’ meetings. But, we are to believe it is legitimate and should get three delegates to a convention?

I know Congressman McClintock well enough to know that he does not want to be involved in internal CRA politics… but Mr. Pruett has made it clear that the Nevada RA is his and it is all about Tom McClintock and anyone who questions its’ legitimacy should be expelled from CRA.

Mr. Pruett has never answered for any of the by-law violations that are present. He never will, because once Alice is in control of CRA, they will paper over their by-laws and go about their business the way they have flaunted the CRA’s by-laws for years.

P.S. – Note – none of Barry Pruett’s allegations, even if true and absent several lies, would constitute a violation of any CRA By-Laws. Hang on to that theme as well.

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