May 112015

One “Member” of the Santa Clarita RA is dead, yet somehow renewed their dues. Two “Members” of the Santa Clarita RA live in Texas and renewed their dues whilst in Texas. (Btw, they said in a phone call that they did not pay their dues) 31 more “Members” of the Santa Clarita RA have said they are not members. They have said so in writing.

Here is a link to the files – The first batch. The second batch. The Third Batch.

And here is the “Roster” of the Santa Clarita RA.

So – the mantra handed down from Alice Khosravy is HOW DARE GEORGE give this stuff to Aaron to investigate. How Dare Aaron post this. This is a data breach!

And – like a bunch of autorantic moonbats, the CRA’s Bathroom Boys sprung in to action like Miss July was visiting their front doorstep and they lit the torches and tied the political ropes of a lynch mob!

Why? We burned Alice Khosravy bad. We stumbled across fraud in the Ventura and Pasadena RA before the March Convention and when it became clear to us that they were planning a coup – we started investigating the Santa Clarita Unit.

Alice Khosravy was chair of the CRA Credentials Committee as well. She knowingly credentialed 5 delegates from SCVRA who were ineligible to participate in the convention. Fully 5 of the 14 Delegates SCVRA sent were members less than the 90 days required within SCVRA’s rules. Add this to the list of reasons why their “President” and the CRA Black Widow want us tossed for so bad.

In the minds of people like the CRA’s resident Voter Registration Gurus we are wrong for exposing this info, because it is the conflict that matters more than the fraud.

In the minds of the CRA’s bathroom boys – they can hide behind the lie of a data breech to seek revenge for everything that has ever bruised their paper-thin ego.

And, of course, for the CRA’s Black Widow Alice Khosravy… she will get to (she thinks) hide her political felony forever. Future CRA President Tim Thiesen has a vested interest in hiding this fraud as well. The CRA’s image needs to be protected so he can be president of something that still matters.

If you read the complaint from SCVRA “President” Dana Schlumpberger – you will notice that it was written by Alice. Mr. Schlumpberger usually says little or nothing. He is also known to take all of his cues from Alice. You will see that the complaints from Alice’s puppets in Ventura and Pasadena have common construction and were cut from the same cookie cutter.

Alice Khosravy has to add SCVRA, Pasadena and Ventura to the complaint list – because in her mind if she smears us (with what, I still don’t know) and makes us look like liars that somehow people will ignore the fraud.

Maybe within CRA as the leadership are full of people that like to shoot the messenger because they can’t handle conflict. 28 CRA board members voted AGAINST investigating this fraud. Let that sink in – this is what the CRA is now.

Yup – 34 confirmed cases of Fraud in the SCVRA and the “President” of the SCVRA (whose election in 2013 was suspect) wants us tossed for revealing it! This one actually makes sense.

Oh, did I mention that Alice turned in the “Roster” for the Santa Clarita RA and has since 2011?

Remember my post about how the fraud in the Santa Clarita RA may well have affected the CRA Officer Elections in 2013?

Get the circular logic? If we say something without evidence, we are asked for evidence. We then show the evidence and some say how dare us bring up the problem and others run off on a psychotic “Data Breach” rampage.

If anyone takes the CRA seriously after this expose’ on their leadership – I’d be shocked.

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