May 182015

Well, well, well – there goes the mantra of… “If we just get rid of the Parks, all of the CRA’s problems will go away”.

Let’s see – two units that I am aware of are now being scrutinized for various reasons that Wendy Albright has not disclosed even though she has told them to “have their minutes and records ready”. (sounds like a fishing expedition)

The Lynch Mob has apparently gone psycho over the convention financial report which came out right at the by-law mandated 60 day line after the March convention. I was made aware that some people, including CRA Black Widow Alice Khosravy and her accomplice Wendy Albright were threatening a DA investigation as they were attempting to intimidate members of the Placer RA (the host unit for the convention).

Why not? Gerbilhead and the Bathroom Boys have convinced themselves that special agent Beavis will be knocking at our door soon, so why not the DA?

As the nearly manic Alice Khosravy is trying to assert total control of CRA, she has others out threatening people as a counterweight to the scrutiny she is now facing. She has taken over the social media and has expelled people. She had attempted to get her hands on a complete copy of the CRA’s membership roster in unsecured electronic format – something her assistant Tim Thiesen has memorialized in a written complaint at her behest because they did not get it – and has regained her admin access to the CRA’s website that she is in the process of convincing people to move to a server she controls.

Meantime, almost every email being sent to threaten people or ask for records is being CC’ed to Mark Gardner. As you recall, Gardner is a bully and is the CRA Rhodes Scholar… he must be some sort of security blanket for Alice and crew.

About 1 1/2 weeks ago, Mr. Gardner started going after now former CRA President John Briscoe over his use of a debit card off of the CRA’s bank account because the 80-year-old CRA By-Laws don’t technically mention a debit card as a means of payment. The Treasurer of the CRA, Pat Garcia has gone equally as nuts now that he is treasurer and he seems to have as much to do with the expanding witch hunt as Alice does. Neither Gardner nor Garcia understand that a Debit Card is the equivalent of a check in the eyes of the law. Who cares when you have ropes to tie, right?

So onward to questioning clearly legitimate CRA units, threatening DA investigations, threatening the past CRA President over the debit card.

BTW – Past CRA Treasurers and Presidents used a debit card… these include Rohit Joy, John Fugatt, Celeste Greig, Ken Mettler and Mike Spence… do we tie ropes for them, too?

I feel sorry for units other than Placer that got a check written to them in the last two years for anything other than their dues portion. It looks like they will be getting calls from the lynch mob.

There was a part of me that felt like the sudden requests from various board members were an attempt to muck up the waters to try and dilute the fraud investigation in to Alice Khosravy. It seems, however, that the CRA’s black widow has bitten off quite a bit more than she can chew.

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