May 272015

In the words of the CRA’s head Bathroom Boy: “The Parks fabricated charges of fraud to defame the character of these board members and divert attention from their own misconduct.” – this is the spiritual basis for the lynching of George and I.

38 Verified Cases of Fraud in Alice Khosravy’s Home Unit.

4 Verified Cases of Fraud in Ventura (roster submitted by Alice)

Pasadena RA – founded by Alice – Did not meet for at least 15 months yet produced a roster in 2015 (roster submitted by Alice)

6 CRA Board Members elected via Fraud.

6 CRA Board Members Resigned due to the chaos within the organization – including John Briscoe, the last President.

The political insider community is ablaze with the meltdown of CRA

They lynch mob addressed the fraud issues with a series of complaints from the perpetrators of the fraud in an attempt to cover it up by rigging a process to throw us out of CRA.

Then the plan blew up because this blog no one reads started shining the light on the Cockroaches hiding in the weeds.

Then the Bathroom Boys jumped in with the Data Breech Lie.

When that did not work – out comes the FBI and DA Investigation Lie.

When that did not work – go for the old reliable, they stole money lie!

All of these interspersed with a healthy dose of THEY ARE LYING!

With the situation spiraling out of control – the lynch mob has expanded to threatening other CRA units and is now preparing to oust Immediate Past President John Briscoe as well.

Why are they doing all of this? It is really simple, the credibility of the CRA is spiraling down in to the abyss and they realize they will have nothing left to control on the other end.

Since they have all gone way too far in this endeavor – they can not back down. They have to continue responding.

Thus, they have to do the Karen England, accuse all of us of stealing money from CRA. This is the only means they have left to attempt to marginalize the proven fraud. The idea being if somehow they can scream loud enough and long enough that people will believe their charges versus the truth.

Karen England tried this and now she lives in Nevada in exile from California Politics because she was unable to handle the consequences of the fight she had picked.

Anyone outside CRA should draw the following conclusions:

1. The group taking over CRA at best are not leaders.

2. The group taking over CRA are unstable.

3. Anyone who donates to CRA in any form can and will become a target by the CRA’s leadership.

4. The CRA’s endorsements are suspect at best.

5. They think they are right, to the exclusion of everything else including themselves.

Don’t Worry – there is so much more fun to be had with CRA. Stay Tuned, maybe there will be a pivot #4 as they continue to double down in order to avoid humiliation!

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