May 212015

She stole and – not The CRA Bathroom Boys attempted to cite this as a lie. I have however had the correct information the entire time. Sorry to disappoint them.

Alice took over the above domains when she was Scott Wilk’s Alternate and when she was replaced, she never returned them. Shortly thereafter, the registrations were changed to proxies.

The 38th AD Cent Com voted to have a legal demand letter sent to her after several attempts to reach her by email failed.

The Bathroom Boys could have saved themselves some embarrassment by calling Joe Messina who would have told them the above – I cited the correct action but had the wrong domain name.

Secondly – the Bathroom Boys posted an outright lie about the email accounts. Mr. Pat Garcia shut off the debit card. With no means of payment (as the email service operates off of plastic) there was no way to continue the email accounts.

The Bathroom Boys have used a form email return from MailChimp to assert that we shut the accounts down. I suppose they think George should have paid for them with his own credit card?

Then the Bathroom Boys took the termination of George’s Hightail Account that he was paying for out of his own pocket as some sign from God. George just emailed the Fraud Investigation Team a ton of files VIA DROPBOX! There goes that conspiracy.

These people are delusional. It is amazing how stupid people get when they think they are hearing from God himself.

It gets better – the Bathroom Boys claim that George is holding up the fraud investigation!!! Mr. Dale Tyler did not request records until three days ago for the first time and he received them via Dropbox within a day!

This is the CRA folks. These are the people in leadership of CRA. The conscience is dead.

  2 Responses to “Correction Regarding Stolen Domains by Alice Khosravy + Blasting Two Outright Lies by the Bathroom Boys”

  1. Email sent to the CRA Sgt At Arms on the above issue by Vice President Mark Gardner (it speaks for itself):

    From: Mark Gardner
    To: Charlie Schaupp
    Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2015 6:54 PM
    Subject: Hightail

    whats up, no rant about George shutting down the Cra hightail account and deleting all of our and your membership data and records? Or Aaron for shutting down our other Facebook page?

  2. Not like there is an original thought in any of their heads.

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