May 152015

As of the posting of this blog – CRA Sgt at Arms Charlie Schaupp, Myself a sitting CRA Vice President, and at least one other activist have been banned from the CRA’s Facebook Group. The Group was changed from Public to Private by Alice in an attempt to further conceal anything from public view.

The catalyst for this ban was CRA VP Alice Khosravy. Based on evidence I have assembled, Alice became disturbed over the scrutiny she is receiving for her role in the CRA’s endorsement of Indicted former LA County Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. It is already known that Alice has been unable to handle the constant scrutiny for her proven fraud which includes submitting rosters for three CRA units with serious issues including representing the renewals of 36 people who have confirmed they did not renew, being caught renewing the dues of a dead woman in her home unit, attempting to take control of the CRA’s website, and leading the charge to throw people out of CRA who dare question her.

Alice was able to manipulate former CRA President John Briscoe in to giving her admin rights to the CRA’s Facebook Group a while back and it appears she got Interim CRA President Tom Hudson to do the same exact thing. Mr. Hudson had John Briscoe go in and make Alice an admin shortly before she banned Charlie and I and closed the group to the public.

We have documented the issues with proof, and the CRA’s board of directors has responded with a “data breach” mantra because they apparently want fraud to be institutionalized in the organization. Alice is the proven leader of fraud in CRA and now what she does when in control of groups is becoming clear – supporting unvetted candidates with serious issues!

With the internal CRA witch hunt starting to spiral out of control – Alice is being forced to do her own dirty work, which is extremely rare for her.

As I have written before, Alice Khosravy has had a pattern of taking over Tea Parties, Women’s Fed Units, and was involved in the dubious takeover of the Santa Clarita RA. Her pattern is to take control of the electronic assets of the organization then to initiate purges until the organization is near dead, but under total control.

What is not common is that Alice has never been besieged for her bad behavior and it is causing her to act out. Yesterday’s blog about the Paul Tanaka indictment caused her to snap.

At about 4PM I was called by someone I will not name who told me that the CRA’s Facebook Group had been closed and that I had been tossed.

Shortly thereafter, I started to receive emails from people with the facebook update in them.

I then received contact from CRA Sgt at Arms Charlie Schaupp who was able to determine he was banned for posting a link to the blog that highlighted Alice’s role in supporting the indicted Tanaka and its effect on the CRA.

Alice was challenged publicly for what she did and her responses were that she was acting on the “orders” of Interim CRA President Tom Hudson. Here is a screen shot from since banned Allen J Wilson (which I removed at Allen’s request – but he will verify his conversations with Alice if asked).

Mr. Hudson was reached by Schaupp and he denied ordering her to close the group and start banning people.

This is the latest in a string of lies Alice is being caught in. The problem for CRA is that the people that understand the lies are all outside the organization. The current board of the CRA consist of the Lynch Mob and a bunch of conflict avoiders who are mad at the exposure of the issues and a group of about 25% of the board who are still thinking rationally. Many of the other rational thinkers have already resigned.

Then, in an attempt to cover up her lie, Alice Khosravy posted this statement from Tom Hudson. Note the statement does not absolve Alice’s lie about closing down the group and banning people under the direction of Tom Hudson.

Tom Hudson has demonstrated that he also knows Alice is in control of CRA as he refuses to directly tell her no as he really wants to be President of CRA. As a result, Alice is running wild.

It looks like Interim CRA President Tom Hudson has a colossal mess on his hands that will get worse once George and I are lynched on 5/30.

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