Apr 212015

Today – I received the following email forward that was written by Celeste Greig:

Well, well, well….it was bound to happen, so now the suspense is getting bigger, until Saturday, May 30, 2015.
I guess in a way it took courage and determination from some members who decided to stop the hemorrhaging, not taking it any more,
not to be afraid of intimidations and vicious threats by calling for a special meeting and to get rid of the cancer that has spread so rapidly,
Are they going to prevail, and oust the evil, poison, vindictive, liars, fraudulent, mean spirited brothers,?
I know that many of you are wondering what took so long for the people to wake up and realize that they had for a vey long time a deadly disease
in the organization, that has spread and literate dismissed and ruined an organization that used to be great, whose endorsement was earned and not
bought, whose membership has shrink to the lowest levels, with no leadership at all.
Yes, karma is karma!
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Celeste – for old time’s sake let me give you a couple pieces of unsolicited advice… Alice Khosravy in my opinion is a Sociopath and would make you beg to have to deal with Karen England. As you recall Alice Khosravy and her friend Wendy Albright did all kinds of mean, nasty things to you before you lost your election. Second, the guy that wrote the blog you sent out  coined a nickname for you: “Charro”. (Don’t forget Tim Thiesen and David Gauny while you’re at it…)

I used to think you were cool at one point, Celeste. If you want to re-join a group of people (whose leadership) that still think you’re an idiot, be my guest.

Just sayin’

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