Apr 172015

Why the Push to Oust the Park Brothers at a 5/30 Board Meeting? 3 Invalid Senate District Caucuses!

These three caucuses total 6 board members, or 10% of the board’s votes.

Why do they need to have a “Fill Vacancies” item on their agenda for the 5/30 lynching of the Park Brothers? They tried to beat George at the ballot box and lost terribly 82-55. This is why they also needed to rig three Senate District Caucuses to control 10% of the board’s votes.

The SD27 Caucus was invalid. Alice Khosravy bald-faced lied to Aaron Park regarding the SD27 Caucus, in addition, Dana Schlumpberger and Wendy Albright outright lied to Aaron Park, stating that they live in SD27. According to PDI, the LA County Registrar and the Official State Senate website – they live in SD21. This means only Alice lives in SD27 – making the caucus that elected Dana Schlumpberger and John Rogers invalid.

As you know Albright, Gauny, Khosravy, Schlumpberger and Rogers are part of the board minority that support the lynching of the Park Brothers.

The SD19 Caucus was also invalid. The Ventura RA, (which should have never been credentialed) never notified the membership secretary of their desire to switch districts per the by-laws. This would have left Robert Mercado and David Gauny as the only participants. This caucus elected Eric Smith – the “President” of the Ventura RA and Robert Mercado in SD19. Eric Smith supports the lynching of Aaron and George.

The SD12 Caucus was invalid. CRA VP Mark Gardner, whose complaint is being used to convene the kangaroo court, claimed to George that he lives in SD12. He does not, he lives in SD08 according to PDI, and the California State Senate Website. Mark Gardner lied to George Park about his senate district.

The SD12 Caucus elected Joanna Bothelo who lives in SD12 and Mylinda Mason (who lives in SD05). Both have voted against John’s motion to move the board meeting and may also support lynching the Park Brothers.

This means that the SD12 Caucus only had one member who actually lived in SD12, rendering it invalid.

Dallas Thiesen ran the SD12 Caucus. Alice Khosravy ran the SD19 and SD27 Caucus. Both were involved in overriding John Briscoe to call the Santa Barbara lynching. Whether or not we did anything wrong is irrelevant. The outcome has been pre-determined by a string of fraudulent activities and rigging the board elections.

If the Santa Barbara Board meeting happens – there will be nothing to stop the fraud in SD12, 19 and 27 from being challenged.

This is why Tim Thiesen, Mark Gardner, Carl Brickey, Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and others are calling people trying to convince them to leave the call to a board meeting in Santa Barbara at 9am in place. Unlike Steve Sarkis and Baron Night whose hearings were in Stanton near their home, they have set up a “hearing” for a location 7 hours away from Roseville, CA at a time that forces people from the North State to get up at 2am. This is also why they agendized “filling vacancies” before the hearings – to ensure that they can load the board with enough more “members” to make sure they have a bullet-proof 2/3 majority.

If you believe in Fairness, if you want to see the fraud dealt with – then vote Yes on the motion to move the board meeting from Santa Barbara to Fresno. If you support the fraud and you are interested in the lynching of the Park Brothers then join Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and their crew and vote no.


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