Mar 082015

I never thought I would see this day. This is the first time ever, since I have been dealing with the Tea Party in the North State that I have seen them back off of a baseless charge.

I am shocked in a very very good way. This is the kind of leadership I have prayed for from the Tea Party for years – especially since  they were used as proxies in a turf war in the north state that has caused turmoil in many areas of the GOP

The Text of their email follows:

To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible and to be credible we must be truthful. When I send out emails, I do try to be sure that all my information is accurate and complete. In almost all cases that is so, but not in this one.

I sent an email out that stated that we here in Placer County should brace for a tax increase. In making that statement, I realize that I was not complete with some information and misleading in another.

I singled out Kirk Uhler, when, in reality, there are 8 other individuals on that board that will decide if our taxes will or will not go up due to road improvements. By making that statement, Mr. Uhler felt attacked, and justifiably so. He shouldn’t be singled out, and for that I apologize. While my concern is for the taxpayers, it is not just Supervisor Uhler who may make that decision to put a measure on the 2016 ballot that would ask for a sales tax increase. Also, while others will benefit from this road expansion, there was no need to imply that there was wrong doing.

I have extended Supervisor Uhler a personal apology and an open invitation to come and speak to our group so that he can set the record straight to you all if he chooses to do so. I also apologize to you and will be more diligent with vetting information that I get before sending it out.


Ginny Rapini

NorCal Tea Party Coordinator

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