Oct 082014

People that read this blog know I have been in a ton of campaigns, paid and not paid.

Usually, dirty tricks on the order of what I have seen in Murrieta are reserved for Congressional Level Campaigns.

In the Ingram for Murrieta City Council Campaign the level of collusion is astounding. This resembles politics on the east coast… blatant and in your face. One such example is “Sign-gate” where local code enforcement went berzerk, taking all the candidates’ signs, including signs that were in people’s front yards and off of Commercial Property where the owner had granted permission.

While Jonathan Ingram said in the article that there was no conspiracy, Code enforcement did give at least one of the incumbent council-members their signs back a few days before others. This allowed them to take all the prime locations that had been occupied by other candidates before the code enforcement rampage.

As a bonus, the CRA has been attacked repeatedly by the other candidates by name as the CRA in Murrieta is where Jonathan came from to run for office. Sound Familiar?

His life story is amazing.

Ingram re-located to Murrieta four years ago and got deeply involved in the community. He saw a virulently anti-growth City Government and the complaints of citizens about it and decided to run for City Council.

Jonathan is running on a simple platform of “Why Not Murrieta”. This seems to be more than the local establishment can handle.

Since Jonathan can self-fund, the establishment in Murrieta is in a near total meltdown. This can be seen in an article about a candidate forum where an extremely arrogant Rick Gibbs (an incumbent) attacked Jonathan for receiving an Assembly proclamation from Assembly-Member Melissa Melendez for his service to Veterans. You can see that article here and read the comments from outraged veterans – many of whom were directly aided by Jonathan.

There has been a ton of ugliness and insider plays that I will write about later. However, a young man was arrested for at least one Felony (Cyber-Stalking) and several misdemeanor harassment charges related to stalking and harrassing Jonathan Ingram.

I have seen the facebook threats. I was told about several phone calls made over a week long period. The perpetrator is someone from the CYRF who was on the losing end of a political fight with Ashley, Jonathan’s daughter a few years ago.

This individual appears to have contacted one or more of Jonathan’s opponents. This individual had the same false information that the opponents have been spreading via whisper around town about other people named Jon Ingram.

The Young man named Jeff Benson, bonded out somehow today and within a short time several facebook pages that were attacking various Murrieta City Council candidates were removed. Jonathan had been getting blamed for their presence.

I can not prove that Benson made the pages. I can only prove circumstantially based on the hard evidence I have that Benson was in contact with one of the other candidates. However, take a look at someone dumb enough to leave a trail behind himself a mile wide who got himself arrested on a felony beef over a psychotic obsession for revenge. You’d certainly draw the same conclusions I did.

What I saw from Jeff Benson were vile comments left on Facebook. Apparently, he threatened the Ingram family in several voicemails, including telling them they would pay in blood for the campaign.

Jeff Benson did not get the false information about Jonathan Ingram on his own. Given the other crap that has gone on in this campaign – nothing is accidental at all.

I can’t wait to write more on this race, but it may have to wait until after the election…

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