Sep 102014

Pictured here – Andy Sheehy, James “Brian” Vlahos, Richard Rocucci, Todd Stenhouse and Rene Aggielairuh.

For those of you unaware – Todd Stenhouse is the top Democrat operative in Placer County. Richard Rocucci is an on-again-off-again “Republican”.

Vlahos is a good dude, but a union leftie. Andy Sheehy was run out of the democrat Party by the extremism of people like Aguilera and Obama.

This picture was taken at the Northern California Carpenters Political Gathering during Richard Pan’s first run for Assembly when the caucus spent $6 million getting him elected.

The aforementioned Pan is in this picture with Aggielairuh, Rocucci and Big Daddy Jack Duran.

You see – Placer County’s democrats have to go elsewhere to meet democrat candidates for partisan office.

Here is Rene Aguilera again, highlighted on the SEIU 1000 site flogging a Cesar Chavez Day event.

Next is a link to the California Labor Federation endorsing Rene Aguilera in 2010 for whatever office he was running for them.

So – we have the SEIU, the Carpenters and the California Labor Federation… and not to be left out, the progressive alliance.

Wecome to the PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE. We are a multi-racial, multi-issue “rainbow coalition” dedicated to the struggle for social justice and peace. Our key priorities include economic justice for working families; equal rights and equal opportunities for all of God’s children regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation; international solidarity; humanitarian service; eradicating poverty at home and abroad; environmental protection and sustainable development; and electing progressives to public office and then holding them accountable.

Got all that? They are socialists and they like Rene Aguilera, which makes sense given that it looks like Aguilera does not have a job (none listed on his form 700) and the last “job” he had was for an expired corporation for failure to pay.

I’d suggest that the progressive alliance look more closely in to Rene Aguilera’s “record” of Humanitarian Service.

This site also has a link to everyone’s favorite communist Van Jones (the dude that called Republicans assholes) and Occupy Sacramento (they of the defacating on the American Flag).

Rene Aguilera keeps some damn interesting company when he thinks no one is watching.

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