May 162014

I had written previously that I am a fan of Tim Palmer for Supervisor. I hope he does well and makes it in to November.

I am not sure if Mr. Palmer had any idea about the Dead Fish Society in El Dorado County before he ran. It is fodder for a crime novel with a twist of deliverance (including the Ned Beatty Scene).

One member of the Dead Fish Society, Ken Steers was pickled herring one night. Fortunately for justice, the Sheriff of El Dorado County is not part of the Dead Fish Society. It appears that Steers received some sort of penalty for his DUI from looking at follow-up records. However, had it been someone outside the dead fish society or on their enemies list… you can bet they would have been filleted.

One big piece of news is that the deputy DA is also a lackey member of the dead fish society. Mr. Deputy Deadfish, Psycho himself and the Father of ElDorado County’s Abuse policies are going to take a run at Ray Nutting on Tuesday at the board of Sups meeting.

You see, the dead fish society has members on the board of sups as well. It remains to be seen if they are as gutless as the nimrod running against Joe Harn who was afraid of his own shadow and hired a carnival sideshow to run his campaign versus Cris Alarcon or Dan Dellinger. Maybe they are as big of a trainwreck as the “opponent” to Vern Pierson who folded like a cheap lawnchair at the first sign of trouble.

Why am I wondering if some of El Dorado’s Supervisors are gutless? You see, the Dead Fish Society have to cover up their humiliation.

Nutting was found guilty of asking for help for the absurd bail one of Vern Pierson’s buddies set for him when the staged arrest occurred. (Yes – I am exercising my first amendment right to call BS on the Judge. Most Judges are so stupid and feckless I wouldn’t trust them to hold my jock let alone make important decisions)

In addition, you’d have to be a complete idiot to see the prosecution of Ray Nutting for anything other than Psychotic Vern Pierson’s personal rampage.

Like many gutless lawyers, Pierson hides behind his desk and position to make up for what he lacks as a man (including a handshake), like a gutless bully, Joe Harn lives his life through intimidation.

How dare Ray Nutting stand up to them.

Nutting is as detail challenged as anyone I have ever met in office and Vern Pierson took advantage of it. By the way – the FPPC lit Vern Pierson up for screwing up his own paperwork.

… now back to what Vern has to cover up. Ray Nutting beat the rap. This is embarrassing for their whole crew.

In order to save face – the Dead Fish Society, which is Vern Pierson, Joe Harn and the Deputy DA that prosecuted Ray Nutting… will be showing up to the Tuesday board of sups meeting to try to get them to vote to remove Ray Nutting.

Mind you. The Misdemeanor convictions are because Ray Nutting asked people for help with his bail money.

When the doodoo hits the fan on Tuesday – will the Allies of the Dead Fish Society vote to remove or will they wuss out?

You read it here first…

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