May 052014

Why would that fool remind everyone that he is a convicted felon? You also have to wonder what Jerry McNerney’s office thinks of all this publicity for his fellow democrats.

Councilmember Elbert Holman has a history of prosecuting criminals. Holman is an incumbent Stockton City Councilmember running against Rick Grewal for re-election. N. Allan Sawyer happens to be Rick Grewal’s campaign manager.

N Allan Sawyer was convicted of a felony related to bid-rigging, extortion and influence peddling relating to the construction of a power plant in San Joaquin County.

There recently was a legal fight over the first section of the Holman candidate statement which now reads:

Protecting the citizens of Stockton is our first and most important responsibility. As a retired investigator for both the Sheriffs Department and District Attorney’s office, I have spent my entire career fighting to keep murderers and violent criminals off our streets. My work contributed to the convictions of some of San Joaquin’s most notorious criminals, including Antonio Espinosa, Alfredo Reyes, Sheriff Baxter Dunn and his fellow conspirators, Monty McFall and N. Allan Sawyer.

The revised candidate statement sounds like a pretty strong statement about catching the “Bad Guys”. The amazing thing is that both Grewal and Sawyer are claiming victory over this final draft in their press releases.

N Allan Sawyer inexplicably decided to add attention to what Holman wrote and at his direction there was a lawsuit over the candidate statement.

The Bold Statements by Elbert Holman were affirmed as the above text is clear about what Holman participated in as a prosecutor. (Which included sending N Allan Saywer to federal prison)

Rick Grewal is now tied to the Felony Conviction of Allen Sawyer as a result of this case and we question the wisdom of the lawsuit and Grewal’s choice of campaign management.

One thing is clear, Allan Sawyer is attempting to re-assemble a political empire. Will it be used to commit the same felonies of the one that was crushed by the FBI?

We salute Elbert Holman for his courage and urge his re-election.

N Allen Sawyer and San Joaquin County Supervisor Carlos Vallapudua run a consulting firm called Wire-to-Wire, they are running several campaigns of liberal democrats for non-partisan office in San Joaquin County. Jerry McNerney must be proud of his team!

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