Aug 272013

We Helped take out a sitting CRA President. The Placer CRA endorsed John W Briscoe because of the #epicfail of Celeste Greig’s leadership.

Occasionally, we receive nuggets of wisdom from the deposed former President of CRA. (Who apparently still hates Harmeet Dhillon, the Vice Chair of the CAGOP – who the Placer CRA also endorsed.)

From: Ted and Celeste Greig <>
Date: August 26, 2013, 1:02:12 PM PDT
Subject: FW: The Munger Games: Harmeet’s Free-Speech Hypocrisy

Actually, it was forward to me six times, by six different people, plus the original.

So my question is, would I be a subject to a lawsuit by ” Ms. Dhillon”Emojiby forwarding the message below,no of course NOT, she is such a strong defender of the Second Amendment, so is the ACLU!!!!!

My apologies if you have seen it already,


Allow us to point out to Celeste that it is the First Amendment that covers speech – in this case the anonymous attacks by the Munger Games against Harmeet Dhillon. The second amendment is about guns.

Secondly, we did not edit out Celeste’s artwork or her typos either.

Politics, Art and being under the influence of Narcotics sometimes looks and feels the same.


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