Former CRA President Steve Frank / Current CRA President Celeste Greig Attempt Sabotage?

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Mar 262013

Many of you have had an unfortunate front seat to a full-blown meltdown by former CRA President Steve Frank over the reorganization of the Ventura RA.

I received an anxious inquiry from CRP chairman Jim Brulte after he received the following text message from someone else: “Not sure if you heard this, but Steve Frank lost control of the Simi Valley CRA Chapter, then resigned from State CRA board two hours later”.

That summed it up. In the course of flaming out in an email, Mr. Frank attacked CRP Treasurer and Ventura GOP Chairman Mike Osborn, three other local elected officials and CRA Membership Secretary George Park:

Instead of participating with CRA, I will continue to promote the conservative movement, doing radio shows and speeches from Imperial to Humboldt. My work with candidates who stand for CRA principles and values will continue, but CRA is no longer what I said it was when I founded the National Federation of Republican Assembly, “The Republican Wing of the Republican Party.”

With George Park proudly bringing in Osborn, Sojka, Becerra and their friends into CRA, it is no long the “Conscience or the Republican Party” or the Republican Wing of the Party. Enjoy the upcoming convention.

Steve Frank quit the CRA. He painted himself in the corner so that the CRA’s gain was his loss.

Of the above mentioned “RINO’s” only Mike Osborn joined the CRA unit. Mr. Osborn is the Chairman of the Ventura GOP and should join every volunteer group in his county.

Therefore, the main thrust of Steve Frank’s claim of a RINO explosion was a lie as none of the three local elected officials he attacked by name joined CRA.

But – the second and more disturbing point is that Mr. Frank was aided in his attempts to wedge the Ventura Tea Party against the CRA.

Look at the attached email (different from the above) and you will see that Celeste Greig was responsible for forwarding one of Steve Frank’s rants about a RINO explosion to the Ventura County Tea Party! The only conclusion you could draw from Celeste Greig’s actions was that she wanted to drive a wedge between the CRA and the Ventura Tea Party – just like Karen England did in Placer County and all over the North State.

It appears that once they “lost control” (who’s CRA is it anyway?) they both attempted to sabotage the Ventura RA reorganization. Mr. Frank was given a chance to join the effort multiple times and when his own meeting scheduled for his living room failed, he went on tilt – supported by Celeste Greig.

This election is about membership and growing the CRA.

George and I drove an 830 Mile Round Trip (with SDD’s Carl Brickey and Bill Tolson) on a perfectly good Saturday to aid in this, and we were joined by 5 other CRA Board Members (including Nancy Hinton who drove 350 miles one way herself, CRA VP Bill Schmidt, SDD’s Alice Khosravy, Benita Gagne, and John Briscoe) in this effort.

In all 35 (now 38 by the time I wrote this email) members now call the Ventura RA home versus the two that existed prior to this. The 38 Members the Ventura RA now has makes this unit larger than many attending the convention in April. (Don’t look now, but I was told that they could get to 45 easily by roster cut off on 3/28)

Celeste Greig and Steve Frank would have never let this happen had they gotten their way. The politics of division.

I expect more. You should, too.

P.S. Since his “resignation” Steve Frank has attempted to walk it back as he has not seen the handwriting on the wall regarding Celeste Greig’s re-election.

The Latest on the California Republican Assembly

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Mar 252013

For those of you not aware, we have an election coming up in the CRA for officers – in particular, President.

It is very simple. We support John Briscoe – he has a plan to clean up the mess and grow the CRA.

John Briscoe has a facebook page – here.

Some have tried to link the Stanhope V Dhillon Race to the CRA President’s race – while it is true that Celeste Greig supported Rodney Stanhope… the CRA’s membership has slid and Celeste has done nothing other than embarrass us in the media.

Google Celeste Greig Rape – and you will see stories like this one.

Last weekend, two CRA officers drove 830 miles (George and Aaron Park) to reorganize the Ventura CRA unit. It reorganized with 38 members, 35 of whom were new to the CRA. Celeste Greig stood in 100% opposition to it.

There will be more, soon.