Nov 242012

I have repeatedly lambasted Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Connie Conway for being stupid and short-sighted.

I decided to start looking in to where the money came from and went in some depth. Charles Munger is not the only one out there that had an obsession about attacking Republicans he wants to exterminate from the party. My investigation has determined that Munger did indeed come up with about $1.5 million more than I previously detected.

However, people need to call the California Dental Association and the California Association of Realtors and thank them for aiding and abeting the California Democrat Supermajority as much as the stupidity of Connie Conway / Charles Munger.

First off – three Races, all of which should have been easy wins for the GOP were turned in to disasters because of the following:

1. Connie Conway was obsessed with defending Beth Gaines and directed IE money there.

2. In my opinion, Charles Munger ignored these three districts because the Republican Candidates were all Conservatives not named Beth Gaines.

3. The California Association of Realtors and the California Dental Association were up to their neck in supporting anyone running against a conservative – whether it meant supporting a RINO/Moderate or a Liberal Democrat.

In AD40 – Mike Morrell, a conservative did not get a dime of IE money. He scraped by with a 2,200 vote win. The local media there declared him the winner as of November 20th. It should not have been this close… but again, like a broken record I look at all the money wasted attacking conservatives in R vs R races.

In AD36 – Ron Smith is hanging on to a 2007 vote lead as of 11/21/2012. This is another supposedly safe R seat. Not a dime of IE money went in to Ron Smith. It is unlikely that the estimated number of provisional ballots will overturn Ron Smith’s win.

In AD32 – the Democrats recognized Connie Conway and Charles Munger’s obsession with RvsR races and they snuck in (aided and abetted by the Realtors) and contributed to a 3,000 vote loss by Pedro Rios.

A PAC called Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy came after Rios with $42,515.42. The major funders were PG&E and the Realtors and a smattering of corporate PAC’s.

The Dentists themselves attacked Rios with $56,130.00.

A variety of left-leaning PAC’s supported Rudy Salas with $215,791.48

Where was Charles Munger? Nowhere. Where was Connie Conway and Republican Leadership? Nowhere. Where was Howard Ahmundson and the California Taxpayer’s Advocate? Spending all their money in AD67, AD05 and AD06 attacking Republicans in R vs R races.

So, credit the Dems with recognizing the stupidity and jumping in for the bargain price of $215K and defeating Pedro Rios.

Then realize that the Dems could have swiped TWO more Assembly seats on top of everything else!

  6 Responses to “Update on the Wasted Money on R vs R Races – Part One – Losing AD32 + AD36 / AD40 Way too close”

  1. Aaron-

    You live in a dream world, bro. I can care less if you approve this comment. You think Republicans lost because major donors were “obsessed” with RvR races? How much did you contribute? Would there be any Reoublican funding at all in CA if it weren’t for Munger? Very little.

    I could name race after race where Munger gave tons of money and we lost… And these are competitive races. And yes, conservatives!

    The reason we lost is because the CRP, which is run by people of your fabric, is completely inept. Corporate donors don’t want to give to them. Why would they? The party can’t be trusted.

  2. The standard, its’ all conservatives’ fault isn’t going to work. It is a team effort. Stay tuned.

  3. I appreciate all the facts exposed so We the People can begin strategizing with other true conservatives to oust these narcissistic, money/power hungry RINOs. We see the horrific failures these “consultants” have been across the country, all the way up to the presidential race. We know that “consultants” get their paycheck whether the candidate wins or loses! Always follow the money!!The reason good candidates lose is NOT because of conservatism, they lose because of the RINO traitors that muddy the waters of information. We are keeping lists, we know NOT to donate to the R party EVER, and we are ready to vote 2014!!!

  4. California screwed themselves when they approved non-partisan primaries.

    Blogger’s Note: This was one of Munger’s babies, just like the “Citizens” (code word for Unions) re-districting commission.

  5. This is a GREAT blog..authored by someone “in the know”.

    To try to compare Munger’s ‘donations’ to those of a dedicated conservative CRA member..(“How much did you contribute? Would there be any Republican funding at all in CA if it weren’t for Munger? Very little.”) is not only absurd..but reeks of a ‘tunnel-visioned’ approach to the entire election process…not just California’s.

    I am grateful for Aaron’s efforts and success in exposing the finances behind the systematic fall of our conservative candidates. It is information like this that can..and us in the future fight to elect REAL conservatives.

  6. If you are suggesting Connie and leadership abandoned Rios in the 32nd, you need to pull your head out of your ass. Take a look at contributions to his campaign this cycle and go eat some crow.

    Blogger’s Note:

    MR. Olson – the subject of the blog was the IE money and the attention of IE’s in to R vs R races.

    Please note that I did not talk about direct contributions.

    Secondly, I was more concerned with hammering Munger for his obsession with hunting conservatives vs helping in races where it was needed.

    I sincerely hope you guys can find a candidate and re-take that seat, maybe the scrutiny over the absurd IE decisions will aid in getting the IE money where it needs to go instead of being used to take out Conservatives in safe R districts.

    I hope this clarifies it for you.

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